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  1. It's 20.5. So, Lucky Jerky will pay either 20 or 21. Good luck!
  2. Okay, it's time to announce the Bob Barker pick the spread contest for the rest of the season. Since we have fewer viewers than the soccer people, how is that possible?... This is manageable for me. Here's how it works. Whatever the point spread is for the Husker game each and every game day, whomever gets closest to predicting the final spread, closest to the spread on game day, without going over, gets 6 Lucky Jerky beef sticks. If you happen to be the first person who nails the point spread, you'll get 6 sticks and 6 bags of slab jerky. I'll check on the latest spread for tomorrow's game. Last I heard this morning it was 20.
  3. For you classic country music fans out there. I know you're out there. Something I learned just in the last few days. George Jones was supposed to be on the airplane that crashed killing Patsy Cline. She kicked him off because he ate her fried chicken. And T.O. gave up fried chicken because they told him it would be the death of him...
  4. September 21, /22 is the autumnal bullshit day. It used to be the 21st, but everything has changed. Anyway, I digress. It's now fall!
  5. I could be completely wrong on this, but my surviving brain cells, the strong ones, tell me Tim West was a lefty. Played one year, 79-80, Joe's last one, and was lights out from the corner.
  6. Food for thought... Iowa cares more about illegal gambling than any other state in the union, why? They brought casinos on all their borders years ago. Now, they have a panty up their ass to collectively prosecutive anyone who gambles on their lame sports teams. What a bunch of pussies.
  7. Had you only said a spot in the B1G championship game isn't completely out of the question, some Lucky Jerky would be headed your way. Our defense is playing well. By far, better than anything Riley or Frost put on the field. Better than most Pelini defenses, save Suh's senior year. A three loss West Division team, with tiebreakers, could win the division. Today's news notwithstanding, we adjust and we rely on our defense. Happens all the time.
  8. Was he spotted at the Nebraska Furniture Mart?
  9. After the initial arrest, Jim Rose suggested he might have similar issues as Scott Baldwin. He might be right.
  10. This Don Henley vocal probably best describes the 23-24 Huskers.
  11. Time, time ticking, ticking, ticking away...
  12. Back then, I worked for a corporation out of Texas, selling expensive ass maintenance products. A good friend had a lawn care business in Grand Island and we had a 7 am appointment. When we got done, I went to my car and the news was breaking about a plane flying into the WTC. We listened and both thought it was a small private plane. Long story short, there has not been a year where we haven't called each other up on 9-11. Talked earlier this afternoon. It's a bond...
  13. I'm guilty of this as much as anyone on this board. Very few people ever check out any forums other than the Devaney Dungeon. I want to do a contest to prove my point. I'm still celebrating the life of Bob Barker, so this contest is closest without going over. Nebraska wins tomorrow. That's a given. How many points do they win by? Winner gets 2 Nebraska Star Beef 12 oz. NY strips shipped to their door or delivered by me if I'm close to you. I'll make it 4 steaks if you get the number exactly right. Only one winner, so duplicate numbers are losers, just like CU. Good luck! I bet your odds are pretty good....
  14. Jim Rose talked about the 4 games Deion played against the Huskers while at Florida State. Very pedestrian stats compared to all his other games.
  15. Great find, jimmy! I've never seen the unplugged version.
  16. My level of nervousness for tomorrow's game on a scale from 1 to 10 is about a 1.5. Deion might not lead his team through the crowd beating on a drum. Outcome will be the same as 1995. Love the 11 am kickoffs! Bloody Mary's with clamato and Lucky Beef sticks instead of celery are the best! GBR!
  17. I don't know why they discontinued service....
  18. Colorado has been getting their heads pumped full of all kinds of "How Great Thou Art" these last few days. It'll continue for the rest of the week. We'll see how it pans out Saturday morning. BTW, I think Huskers win. This reminds me of 1981, when in the opener at Iowa, we had costly turnovers and lost 10-7 to those pricks. Next week, we came back and spanked Florida State. Colorado isn't that good. Nebraska isn't as bad as all the naysayers think.
  19. The music gods are smiling down on me. I'm actually going to be in Lincoln that weekend for the Michigan game. Some in our pledge class are having a reunion at a BnB relatively close to campus. I've been trying to see DDG for months, and now, you tell me I get to see him for free? What a country!
  20. Another passing. I wasn't a big fan, but I know many people were. Jimmy Buffett, RIP.
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