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  1. Husker free throw shooting coaches taking a much deserved break... Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles - Living for the city (live) - YouTube Sorry. Can't figure out the new way to post videos...
  2. This one is fitting. GBR! The Pretenders My city was gone - YouTube
  3. Fear not. The Huskers will win by one. Three Dog Night "One" - YouTube
  4. Basketball or football? We're gonna win this bitch tonight!
  5. Three Dog Night - Old Fashion Love Song (Live TV 72) - YouTube
  6. Boy, was I wrong about this game. I wish I could be there to walk you down the aisle. But I'll check in on you from time to time. GBR!
  7. silverbacked, how many more people can I offend? You're one of the all-time best! Forgive me for not mentioning you. Remember Barry's? You, Royal, jimmy, uneblinstudent, hhcscott, I know there were others, we had a good time. Everyone on this board is phenominal!
  8. We do win tonight! That's why I came back. We'll see about tomorrow....
  9. Nebraska is in the middle of a 20-0 run. Hey tcp, how ya been?
  10. colhusker, I knew when I started naming names, I would forget some of the most important ones. Huskers do win tonight!
  11. 50 years ago, Tapestry was the number 1 album for 17 weeks. When NU beats Wisky tonight, the earth will move. :) Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move (BBC In Concert, February 10, 1971) - YouTube
  12. Hey everyone, My apology for not saying goodbye last summer. I love you guys! I made the decision last summer sports wasn't all that important in my life anymore. So, let this be my goodbye. Jimmy, HB, 49r, royalfan,the guydowninantlata, dimes,bugeaters. Thanks for an enjoyable last 10 plus years of my life. Here's my guaranteed breaking of the conference losing streak. GBR! George Harrison - Here Comes the Sun - 05.06.1987, Prince Trust, Wembley, - YouTube
  13. You're absolutely right, Dean. Thanks for opening the window. Don't you dare delete this post, Dimes....
  14. I was only referencing the pledge he made his followers sign in the early sixties. Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for not disappointing me with your response.
  15. It would have been impressive had they read out loud and asked people of all color to follow the principals of Martin Luther King. Maybe too much to ask that people actually are taught American history today.... http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Talks2/King/King-630000.htm
  16. WARNING: If you are offended by the movie Gone With the Wind, do not watch this video.
  17. I bet not everywhere she doesn't.....
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