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  1. I've never purchased flowear...
  2. Randy Meisner is on the far left of the screen. They don't show him often, those bastards.
  3. Looking for a particular poster. If you're gone, I have gone songs. FWIW, I'm right behind you.
  4. The Turtles were one of the most fun groups of the late sixties. Today, their drummer, John Barbata, passed at the age of 79. He was also drummer for Jefferson Starship. He played drums on "Miracles" which is one of my favorite Jefferson Starship songs. He was given songwriting credits for the Turtles hit "Elenore". Looks like he's having fun. RIP!
  5. One of the great saxophone players passed. David Sanborn. Here he is on the Dick Cavitt show playing with David Bowie and Luther Vandross as a backing vocalist. Wow! RIP all 3 of you!
  6. They were probably told they could either be part of the bull pen or the chicken pen.
  7. I just happened upon this episode of the Midnight Special. Most of these artists have moved on. This is well worth an hour or so of your time if you're an antique like I am.
  8. You have eclectic taste. First Mandisa and now an engineer from Nirvana. Who am I to talk. I like Bach and the Beatles.
  9. No new entries today, thankfully. However, this interview with Norman Greenbaum is really good.
  10. Way to go, Trev. You did good! I'm not mad he left. It looks we might be better off with the change of leadership. I have a feeling this event won't happen. I also know you reap what you sow. Good luck, A&M.
  11. Doubt you could buy it. However, paying for the naming rights to the Kevin Ross Reading Center has possibilities.
  12. If I had a dollar for every time I said those exact words when a certain soccer thread rears its ugly head...
  13. This is way too funny! @LincecumFan, if you can navigate your way through this, send me a personal message with your name and address and I'll get some jerky sent your way. You made my day!
  14. This just popped up on my news feed. I swear, big brother is watching.... Cam Christie is Not Returning to Minnesota; Gophers’ Dreadful NIL Budget Revealed (msn.com)
  15. No, never ban free speech. I like when idiots expose themselves. Trolls have been on this board as long as I have. After about 100 + posts, they leave. Just ignore them. The people you have to worry about are the one's who delete posts they disagree with.
  16. I can't answer that question. If he doesn't get NIL money as a PWO, he probably has a guarantee that dollars will be here after he goes on scholarship. I miss the days of Johnny Rogers robbing a liquor store....
  17. Maybe he wants a chance to prove himself. Maybe he has heard of NIL money. Maybe the game has changed. Maybe our thinking should as well.
  18. Justin Patton kicked his ass in a pick-up game in Omaha.
  19. Do you really follow Chatelain? I don't think anyone in Rising City does...
  20. He did a great job of not using a colon or semi-colon. I love him!
  21. Unfortunately, two more today. The first bums me out. Richard Tandy, keyboardist for ELO passed today at age 76. He and Jeff Lynne were close. ELO was planning a reunion tour later this year. Doubt it happens now. I would have travelled to see that one. RIP, Richard. Duane Eddy also went to Rock and Roll heaven today at age 86. One of the greatest guitarists of all time. Love this song!
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