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  1. Is superfluous the next covid? I think nil doesn't make M.A. superfluous, it makes him focus on what's important: focus on donors first, then go after athletes. Who this makes superfluous is the NCAA. Legally, they knew they were screwed. No way they could not allow athletes to be paid. get hundreds of millions from those same athletes and think this garbage wouldn't go to court. They also knew the Power 5/6 conferences would sooner, rather than later, tell them to pack sand so the revenue stream they've grafted on for years goes bye bye. My prediction is the Power Conferences still break free from the NCAA and they're relegated to ruling over DII, III and whatever.
  2. Why not? You can change your gender.
  3. Thanks for asking, royalfan. The bone marrow transplant worked. All his bloodwork numbers have gone up steadily since October when we brought him home. He got the transplant in June of last year, and there were some scary times in between. Two weeks ago, he went to the Buffett Cancer Center with a staph infection in his leg. The infection tanked his numbers, but they've been improving on their own. He's been home now for a week, and is improving. Long story short, we know God healed him long ago. Sometimes it takes time to be revealed in the natural. Kinda like Nebraska Basketball.
  4. royalfan, if Aurora Cooperative would just pitch in several hundred thousand, you'd have your wish. Pull some of those strings you have.
  5. The internet brings out the finest in grammatical prowess. One of my favorite all-time songs is Just One See. The song is so good, I can't pick my favorite version from the Doris Troy original, The Hollies or Linda Ronstadt.
  6. Sorry I'm really late on this thread...
  7. Also the same guy who took UNO to division one, added great facilities and made them fiscally sound. Hired a pretty good hockey coach, too. It's all good!
  8. What must happen, I think, depends on Scott Frost. If the football team wins 9 games or more, the pressure is a little bit less on Hoiberg to produce. I think he still has to be at the .500 mark. If the football team falls apart, all bets are off. Alberts might not want to clean house in both programs, but he might. What will happen? Huskers will be a game or two above/below .500.
  9. Did Bill Byrne ever hire a baseball coach before DVH? Don't know. I trust Alberts to make a sound decision in any move in the athletic department as I'm sure most people do.
  10. What is Trev Albert's track record?
  11. UnicamMan, after you thank dimes, pm me your info and I'll get wagyu ribeyes sent to your door. Have a great week!
  12. My apologies, Dimes. I took your post as adding 82 points to the 40 that was on the scoreboard. Meaning a total of either 122 or 162 points since he hadn't taken the shot yet. I'll give the two ribeyes to whomever you choose, including yourself. Just need you to confirm. Once again, I'm sorry I misread your prediction.
  13. Well, It appears this contest will carry over until next season, unless someone can come up with a creative contest for NU baseball and they continue winning. Dead Dog Alley, you have some jerky heading in your direction. Just pm your contact info and it will go out the door.
  14. The $1 bid route would also have worked...
  15. There still is a chance to win wagyu ribeyes. Can't win if you don't enter....
  16. I think you found it. Please excuse me. 1971 is calling... Okay, before I go, I know you guys are passionate about a sport I've never watched, but played a couple semesters in UNL intramural. Believe it or not, I wasn't bad. Actually scored a goal with my head, whatever it's called, in one of the games. Not knowing how to do it, didn't close my mouth and my tongue still hurts.... If you want to do a season ending contest, let me know what it is and I'll come up with a prize package. 49r will need to pm me what it is because I'm going back to 1971 hoping to avoid the group of death.
  17. Here's the contest and we can still do two in one. This is for all the row 6 seat 10 people. Hats off to you! Total score of the women's Championship game closest to, but not going over, wins the ribeyes. I grew up watching Bob Barker. Here's the catch, and the consolation prize: you have to post a video clip from a movie or song with your prediction. Whom ever gets the most likes on their post, gets the consolation prize. I'll start.... 154 total points
  18. I see this contest is headed for the 2022-23 season. That's cool!
  19. nm. She did marry the Goa I knew. Small frickin' world...
  20. To whom did she remarry? I once knew a Goa from Grand Island.
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