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  1. And the home schedule isn't going to help get fans to come to games, at least for the non-conference games. I'm guessing it will be even worse than last year when it was like a morgue at games and you had to whisper to talk or people 4 sections away could hear you talk.
  2. No, they each just play one game that day and your ticket allows you to watch all 3 games. Here is link to the schedule https://huskers.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule
  3. Yep, that is what is being reported on Twitter today
  4. I'll do you one better and call my shot that we finish 9th. Can't see us much higher than that but think that is doable.
  5. I'm pretty sure they are doing everything they can to make that happen. Pretty hard to land kids like this when he has his pick of any school in the country and Fred has only won 15% of Big 10 conference games and 26% of all games he has coached at Nebraska.
  6. If the Big 10 really wanted to make a splash and strengthen the conference, they should have went after Texas and OU instead of the west coast teams. The SEC is being way smarter about what they are doing from a geographical standpoint. That was a "home run" get for the SEC to bring in Texas and OU and it still fits geographically (which they would have for the most part with the Big 10 as well). The Big 10 is absolutely crazy to have teams in east and west coast. All this revenue money these schools are making is going to be used for fuel costs flying back and forth across the country. It's going to suck having to stay up late watching games on the west coast. Horrible move by Big 10. As much as I agree with you that I'd much rather have schools like KU and Iowa State join the Big 10, they just don't move the needle as far as football TV markets so won't happen.
  7. Why would The Big 10 have any love for Colorado just because Nebraska used to play in a conference with them? You make it sound like Nebraska is the one making all the decisions about who should be added to the Big 10. Nebraska is just lucky the made the move when they did or else we'd be like every other school hoping someone will take us and we are not that attractive of product.
  8. This might be the worst home non-conference schedule ever!!! And to make it worse, Queens isn't even part of the season ticket package.
  9. At the end of the day, the world needs more great people than it does basketball players......
  10. You will get an email with your day and time you are eligible to pick different seats. You can log in ahead of that time and see what is available but can't make any changes until your selected day/time. It does goes off donor priority points so those who make the largest donations get to go first.
  11. Really makes you wonder what Bryce could have done at Nebraska if we had a PG that didn't try to showcase his talents and let Bryce be the focal point of the offense instead of himself. The world will never know.....
  12. This makes it even more sad that we had a kid with this kind of talent and still couldn't win games. Does not speak well for Fred
  13. OU is the only old Big 8 team that is appealing. Texas was the cash cow of the Big 12 so there are no other appealing schools that would be attractive. Trust me, if Nebraska hadn't already made the move to the Big 10, we might be one of those teams left out and scrambling right now. There is nothing appealing about Nebraska anymore (besides volleyball)
  14. The home schedule not great at all but overall the schedule is very solid
  15. It's "Lighten Up Francis" and not "calm down Francis"
  16. Pretty strange to say but after losing an NBA 2nd round pick, I think we will be much improved next year and a much more enjoyable team to watch. We might start out a little rough but don't sleep on Nebraska next year.
  17. That is correct. This one is in KC at T-Mobile center. I have my hotel room booked already but that is same night that NU volleyball could play for National Championship in Omaha as well and already have tickets for that also. So not sure which I'm going to yet.
  18. The schedule so far as we know: Nov 7th - Maine Nov 10th - Omaha Nov 24th - ESPN invite Nov 30th - Boston College Dec 4th - at Creighton Dec 17th - Kansas State TBD - Queens Univ. of Charlotte TBD - Arkansas Pine Bluff TBD - at St. Johns
  19. 1) Ramel Lloyd Jr, 6'6 G 2) Blaise Keita, 6'11 F 3) Sam Griesel, 6'6 G 4) Juwan Gary, 6'6 F 5) Denim Dawson, 6'6 G/F If Lloyd, Keita, and Griesel are as good as advertised, they will be vital to this teams success
  20. Very true and that is what makes it so frustrating when we have had 2 kids with NBA talent in the past few years and still can't win games.
  21. That is correct. They are just very close friends
  22. I must be even more of an idiot as I sit through every game in person and don't ever leave early and even flew to Atlanta to sit through them getting killed by Auburn.
  23. Don't know the exact year but it was about 6 years ago or so
  24. Hard to argue with that as coaching was and has been less than impressive the past 4 seasons.
  25. That is absolutely not true about forcing boosters or more likely companies to buy extra tickets. This streak is only kept around for NU football fans to feel good about themselves and pump their fist against their chest and be able to "self proclaim" they are the greatest college football fans. UNL knows that once the streak ends, the demand for football tickets will drop off as I remember during the Riley era when you couldn't even give tickets away. So it's to their benefit to keep it going which is fine. You are right, it doesn't hurt to continue it but just don't see the point anymore. Let it die with the balloons.
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