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Duquesne (4-1) vs. Nebraska (5-0) Game Thread

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4 hours ago, 49r said:


Listening to this takes me back immediately to the movie "Blue Chips".  Which might be the second best hoops movie ever made?


making this post got me thinking.  What is the Mount Rushmore of hoops movies?  It's gotta be:



Blue Chips

Space Jam

Hoop Dreams


Sound about right?  What do you say?

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Hoiberg press conference notes from today (monday) before DU game:


  • Good physical practice today
  • DU is very talented, excellent guards, will pressure us
  • Opportunity to see where we stack up against a pressure team


  • Must put last game behind us, even though there were a lot of positives
  • Took care of ball, shared ball vs OSU – really imposed our will on them
  • A little disappointing that we traded baskets in the 2nd half, need to continue to keep dominating – we fouled too much too – they got into the bonus too quickly
  • Sam was a good factor on Pope defensively first half, but not as good 2nd half
  • The intensity has to continue, keep your foot on the gas when you have a big lead, certainly something we can learn from


  • Gary is really hunting his shot – when working his way back from injury he focused on balance – he shifted onto his left side when he first came here
  • He worked very hard and did one-handed shooting to improve his balance when he was rehabbing
  • I’m as proud of Gary as any player I’ve had here – so happy for his hard work to get himself where he is today
  • See the difference he makes for our team – he brings so many intangibles, we are a completely different team with him
  • 85% defensive blockouts for him vs OSU – big improvement for him from last year
  • Live body he has, offensive putbacks, attacking the rim, he makes so many key plays
  • With Gary, Mast, Allick, Brice, 90% offensive board crashing from that group vs OSU, that pays off


  • Need to get Keisei going, got a lot of guys who can step up, though
  • Mast has inside out presence – Allick putbacks – CJ coming off the bench – Brice with 25 points – great versatility on this team
  • But there’s going to be a game where Keisei makes 6 to 8 3s – he’s still working his way back into shape – really didn’t practice much before returning to lineup – looking forward to seeing him go off soon


  • Like Brice’s aggressiveness – had 16 pts in 2nd half vs Stony – hunted his shot – carried it over to OSU
  • He's getting more consistent with offensive rebounding – can post up – he’s playing with confidence, we’ll need that from him all year


  • Gary gives us a huge spark off the bench – our entire bench was great vs OSU, gave us a spark
  • My hardest job right now is figuring out the rotation – we may have guys that play a lot one night and not so much the next – matchups, flow of the game all affect it
  • We’re an unselfish group, so they all understand this and they’ll embrace it for the success we want at the end of the year


  • Do have to think about margin of victory and how NET works – always in the back of your mind – early losses last year that turned into blowouts killed us in the NET
  • More disappointed that we saw 31 pt lead drop to 21 quickly because of poor rebounding than because of how it affects NET
  • But you always have to think about NET and margin


  • Lloyd had a good practice today – still working himself into shape – go day by day with him – proud of him


  • Bandoumel is working out at our facility right now - one of greatest culture guys I’ve ever been around, great on-ball defender, can make shots, great to see him back – he was talking to some of our guys today - want to see that kid have a great career somewhere



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1 hour ago, Dead Dog Alley said:

Let us not forget that November 22 is a date of great historical significance.


On November 22, 1978, the greatest five minutes of sitcom history was aired.



This is amazing! I agree, this is the funniest moment in sitcom history.  But, November 22 is also the saddest day in our generation's lives. I choose to laugh at the turkeys! 

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