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  1. I just noticed that Tulane recently (2017) reverted back to their old logo. Admittedly, most my experience with Tulane at this time was as the answer to a college sports trivia question (name the schools with a mascot that doesn't end in the letter "s") and when Nebraska beat them in the NIT Semifinals. But I do vaguely recall this lazily designed logo. Soon after they decided to up the logo effort and add-in their pelican mascot, Riptide. Much like the efforts of their New Orleans NBA counterparts, these efforts were poorly received. So a mere seven years later they again went back to form of the T-logo, but this time with a much more pronounced wave that did not look like a blue highlighter running out of ink. A decade later this logo was further refined to make the wave actually look green. But in 2017, some one at Tulane had an epiphany. They looked back into the archives and saw that the answer they'd been desperately searching for had been right their in front of their eyes the entire time, menacingly shaking an angry fist at them: This gem was used by Tulane from 1964-1986. And it is absolutely terrible. If it wasn't holding a pennant that generically displays the school's name, no one would have any idea what the hell this is. It looks more like a green starfish or snowcapped pine tree. But it is ironically bad. I'm not sure anyone could've devised a worse logo if they tried, and because of that it's actually kind of great. The other logos are the kind of bland bullshit that is derived from a university's cumbersome bureaucratic selection process. So in 2017, Tulane brought back the angry wave logo. Only this time they made the top of the wave blue, so that maybe someone would think it was water. And they removed the generic Tulane pennant and added a generic Tulane megaphone. Because shouting is more aggressive. And thankfully they left the shaking fist. Apologies for the long, off-topic post. Watching my Clippers lose by 20 to the T'wolves so really just trying to occupy my mind. This all does kinda reminds me of our love affair with the old Basketball Herbie and script Huskers logo sets.
  2. I will not stand for any Tulane slander when they produced this roundball legend:
  3. tl;dr Yeezy isn't giving Nebraska (or anyone else) anything Yeezy functions much more like an independent brand than Jordan. Yeezy has a very minimal marketing budget and it is largely Kanye's choice what it is spent on. He chose to spend the vast majority of last year's budget on his Sunday Service touring operations. He outfits those around them in the Yeezy brand and relies on their status as social media influencers for more grassroots promotion. Also at this point Yeezy is a lifestyle brand, not a sports brand. They've made one pair of football cleats that were absolutely terrible and have produced one model of basketball-focused sneaker but those have largely been ignored by the sports world and have minimal resell value. The latter was released during NBA ASW in Chicago but little has come of it since then. I would expect this to change very soon though given that Kanye has recently purchased the former Stoneridge Prep in Simi Valley, CA and opened-up The Donda Academy, a tuition-free school that is seeking to teach K-12. They've already signed several 3 and 4-star basketball recruits and they are of course outfitted by Yeezy. Currently, there is a dearth of Yeezy products on the bodies of student-athletes and coaches at Adidas schools. Back when he was still at Louisville, Rick Pitino would sometimes wear Yeezy 350s when scouting recruits. Immediately after signing-on as coach of Nebraska, Scott Frost was seen wearing some Copper Yeezy 350 V2s. These were clearly purchased by him personally to try to stunt at his press conference and I've never seen him wearing any other Yeezy products. His Lincoln home was robbed shortly afterwards and his sneaker collection was stolen so that may have contributed to his lower profile lol Similarly, if you ever see any of our basketball players in the real world you will rarely see them wearing Yeezy. Most actually wear Jordan sneakers, even at Husker sports events. The only player I've ever spotted rocking Yeezy was Thor once when I saw him show up to a football game at Memorial wearing some Blue Tint Yeezy 350 V2s. Everyone that has been at the football games this season have been wearing Jordans or Nikes. Trey McGowens has a pair of Off-White Nike Dunks he likes to wear, but so far the undisputed sneaker king of the team has been Lat Mayen who showed-up in some Off-White Sail Jordan 4 that resell for $3,000+ in larger sizes. NIL money, baby!
  4. As HHC's resident sneakerhead, I must say that we're a bit disadvantaged when UNC can gift a player a pair of kicks that bring $10k on the resell market https://www.stadiumgoods.com/en-us/shopping/air-jordan-1-high-unc-pe-16781948
  5. It seems like national media are discounting all the crap this team had to endure last season, being locked-down and not able to practice, then having to struggle through the compressed schedule. Last season's record is pretty meaningless. Going through something like that could break a lot of teams but it feels like our guys have been galvanized by it. In every interview, Bryce like the most humble 5-star player in the country. We have a lot of high-character guys and everyone sounds bought-in to a team-first mentality. I look forward to surprising a lot of people who've been on the outside looking in.
  6. I was going to end my post with something along those lines. I think our fanbase would be ecstatic if we made it to the tournament. If we win a game and get that monkey off our shoulder that would be the icing on the cake. But given the level of talent we've been attracting, I think we are going to have lots of opportunities to get that first tournament win.
  7. In five of six consecutive seasons, the Huskies had two players taken in the draft. https://basketball.realgm.com/ncaa/conferences/Pacific-12-Conference/7/Washington/163/nba-draft During this time they advanced to a single NCAA tournament and won a single tournament game, beating Utah State in a 9-8 match-up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Washington_Huskies_men's_basketball_team They've got a pretty bad reputation for squandering one-and-done talent.
  8. That's a whole lotta and-1 opportunities. Suffice to say he's physical enough for B1G play!
  9. His instagram story has photos of a countdown timer. Not sure if it was set correctly though because it would mean he's announcing at 3AM CST
  10. This article makes it sound like he's the one that's been recruiting Nebraska Family Ties Make NU Visit Special for 2023 SG Parker Friedrichsen
  11. I checked-out a couple of the UVA boards. I can see why he drifted over here. As a Cavalier, he's already established that he's a traitor. But honestly, I also expected a higher level of interest in their team from their fanbase. Maybe they just go to the games because they serve beer there? From the Wiki entry: "While there is no evidence that the nickname stems from the wahoo fish, it is often claimed by students that a "wahoo is a type of bass fish that is capable [of] drinking twice its weight" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahoos
  12. A treasonous Confederate stain should probably think twice before venturing into the Land of Lincoln...
  13. Live look at OSU Coach Mike Boynton promising Donovan Williams more playing time next year...
  14. In a few years, perhaps "Brandin Podziemski" will be the title of a hot new rap track charting on the Hot 100...
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