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  1. JPJ is starting the 4th quarter for the Clippers against the Nuggets and again getting his shot at running the offense. Sharing the ball with another former B1G star in Amir Coffey.
  2. The LA Clippers are taking-on the Yao Ming-owned Shanghai Sharks in a preseason game from Honolulu. Being televised on NBATV right now. JPJ got 5 minutes of playing time (and 3 points) in their first preseason game against the Rockets, so you may have a better chance of catching a glimpse of Ty Lue in his Hawaiian shirt.
  3. [sarcasm] Psssh...that Laettner loser could only manage a 13-year NBA career, eight of which he scored in double-figures. What a bust! [/sarcasm] I didn't really understand this post either, but I'm also not one to stop someone from hating on Duke? I just hope that Pervis Ellison, Greg Oden, Anthony Bennett...and possibly Markelle Fultz aren't reading this post. Would not be good for their mental health.
  4. CBS Sports - 2019 NBA Draft Combine takeaways
  5. Was pretty impressed by Roby yesterday. Wish he would've shot that final three with confidence and drained it, but oh well. His performance metrics also looked good...his top 10 lane agility numbers ranked with the guards and I believe he also had a top 10 stationary vertical. And 3.9% body fat? I'm thinking he's going somewhere in the 30-40 range, but there's a chance he could end up in the late first round. Bulls have the #7 pick, so if they really want him...?
  6. Lakers were also only offering $6MM/year. A championship-winning coach is getting $7-10MM/year on a 5 year deal in the NBA these days, especially in a major market. These are the same contract terms ($18MM/3 years) that the Bucks extended Jason Kidd on a couple years ago. Lue was getting $7MM/year from Cleveland and it's at least partially guaranteed.
  7. Adidas is probably the least critical of all the sneaker companies with regard to their ambassadors wearing other brands’ products. Nike stipulates in most contracts that spokespersons are not to wear other sneakers publicly. They actively review social media posts and request spokespersons scrub their posts of any other branding. Adidas should go after Texas Tech if they’re serious about partnering with Mahomes. TT’s deal with UA is terrible (I believe they are the second-lowest paid school in the UA portfolio) and the deal terminates next summer. UA is broke as a joke and won’t be able to deliver an impressive new offer.
  8. Cam Mack Not sure if this was posted already, but looks like he’s on record telling a reporter that he will not be going to Nebraska.
  9. We had some starters in the game up until 1:48. Never reached the far end of the bench. Miles must've had some money riding on the game and wanted to beat the spread?
  10. Great game for Glynn! Rest of the guys had some shooting struggles. Wish we could've increased the lead to 35+ at the start of the 2nd half and cleared the bench early. We could've used the extra rest. Tired legs and an unknown court could mean more shooting struggles against Clemson.
  11. 71-49. Nebraska calls timeout with 1:48 left to clear the bench.
  12. Gilbeck fouls Copeland (again) but gets called for it this time. He's out with 3:07 left.
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