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  1. In the case of Penn, revenge is a dish best served cold and 26.5 years later
  2. Old news, but James Palmer Jr. dropped 40 points to earn a 121-120 victory for the Agua Caliente Clippers against the Northern Arizona Suns. Shot an ultra-efficient 15-19 FG. Only took two 3-pointers and made one (transition pull-up from elbow). Palmer is currently ranked fourth in the G League in PPG and is tied for fifth in Efficiency. Link to box score and full game: https://gleague.nba.com/games/20191109/ACCNAS/ I believe Palmer is free to sign with any team. Wouldn't be surprised if a couple Huskers log their first NBA minutes soon. He's playing tonight at 5PM CST if anyone wants to watch the action online.
  3. Take away the TOs and he had a very efficient night. Two of those turnovers came on back-to-back possessions where he was trying to do way too much. One the first one he basically went isolation from half court and lost the ball on the dribble. The next possession he caught the ball in the post, quickly got double-teamed, and had his outlet pass deflected and stolen. Once they set his role, he's going to shine on this team.
  4. https://gleague.nba.com/games/20191108/TEXMHU/ You can stream via this link in case you wanna watch the Texas Legends' opening night game.
  5. For anyone in need of a G League primer on Affiliate Players: https://gleague.nba.com/affiliate-players/ Essentially, JPJ is one of six players (two two-way, four affiliate) the Clippers have chosen to retain under contract from pre-season play. JPJ has decided to sign a G League contract so he is automatically assigned to the Clippers' G League affiliate, but he still has the flexibility of being a free agent able to sign an NBA contract with any team that offers.
  6. Cope needs to chill on the texting and driving
  7. Also, Roby was inactive again for tonight's game against the Blazers. He was at the arena but did not dress.
  8. JPJ is starting the 4th quarter for the Clippers against the Nuggets and again getting his shot at running the offense. Sharing the ball with another former B1G star in Amir Coffey.
  9. The LA Clippers are taking-on the Yao Ming-owned Shanghai Sharks in a preseason game from Honolulu. Being televised on NBATV right now. JPJ got 5 minutes of playing time (and 3 points) in their first preseason game against the Rockets, so you may have a better chance of catching a glimpse of Ty Lue in his Hawaiian shirt.
  10. [sarcasm] Psssh...that Laettner loser could only manage a 13-year NBA career, eight of which he scored in double-figures. What a bust! [/sarcasm] I didn't really understand this post either, but I'm also not one to stop someone from hating on Duke? I just hope that Pervis Ellison, Greg Oden, Anthony Bennett...and possibly Markelle Fultz aren't reading this post. Would not be good for their mental health.
  11. CBS Sports - 2019 NBA Draft Combine takeaways
  12. Was pretty impressed by Roby yesterday. Wish he would've shot that final three with confidence and drained it, but oh well. His performance metrics also looked good...his top 10 lane agility numbers ranked with the guards and I believe he also had a top 10 stationary vertical. And 3.9% body fat? I'm thinking he's going somewhere in the 30-40 range, but there's a chance he could end up in the late first round. Bulls have the #7 pick, so if they really want him...?
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