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  1. Live look at OSU Coach Mike Boynton promising Donovan Williams more playing time next year...
  2. In a few years, perhaps "Brandin Podziemski" will be the title of a hot new rap track charting on the Hot 100...
  3. This kid wants to be Tyler Herro so badly it almost hurts to watch.
  4. Roby is one rebound shy of a double-double at the start of the 4th quarter. In only 21 minutes of play. Here's a free stream link if anyone wants to view: http://liveonscore.tv/nba-stream/los-angeles-clippers-vs-oklahoma-city-thunder/
  5. When OKC signed Al Horford, I thought they were going to make him the offensive feature in hopes of increasing his trade value. The guy is approaching 35 years old, makes a team-high $27.5MM this season, and has $69MM/3 years guaranteed remaining. Over the past few years, he's tried to add a 3-point shot to his arsenal with limited success. But this year, his quickness has slowed so much that OKC is forced to use him in a floor-spacing role. Which means all he does is set screens and pop-out for catch-and-shoot jumpers which he just so happens to be horrible at. Defensively, he
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91NEcwALbgw Live stream link for Sunrise Christian Academy vs. Legacy Early College. Starts at 2:30PM CT
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91NEcwALbgw Live stream link for Sunrise Christian Academy vs. Legacy Early College
  8. Hard to hold a grudge against anyone that's just trying to maximize their exposure during a very narrow window of opportunity. I personally want the best for any former Husker and the existence of this thread would seem to indicate most others do, as well. Sallis, like any other recruit with one-and-done ambitions wants to play in nationally-televised games. He can't achieve that here, but I hope he does elsewhere and that his success leads to increased exposure for other local players in the future.
  9. https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/3672564 Full game link for those that missed it (requires cable provider login)
  10. Video highlights just went up on YouTube. Not the most exciting highlights, but here are some timestamps of Breidenbach's action and my commentary : 0:38 - Announcers talk up Breidenbach in the pregame before the tip 2:05 - Breidenbach cleans-up a rebound off a missed layup but bricks his follow-up 3:05 - Breidenbach fakes hand-off to guard and drives ball into paint, turns over right shoulder and leaves left-handed hook shot short 3:32 - Breidenbach steps back and misses a deeeeep baseline 2-pointer 4:22 - Breidenbach playing defense 30-feet from the hoop, con
  11. My unreasonably optimistic take on his recruiting video footage... If you squint, this kid looks like a young KD out there...both in his game and shooting form. So similar with that high release point and slight follow-through with the thumb of the guide hand. Sadly, also in lack of upper body strength.
  12. Tyronn flew down to Houston yesterday, interviewing with the Rockets today. JVG supposedly has an interview scheduled later this week, as well.
  13. As a whole, was really impressed with how many younger players shined in the bubble. Incredible to see rookies like Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn playing the minutes they did in the Finals. And was really cool to see a little older guys like Jimmy Butler, Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell, etc. really show that they are superstars. The league is going to be in good hands when LeBron turns 65 and finally retires.
  14. No ex-Nebraska players involved? 2020 Finals not exactly an anomaly... No interesting storylines? The league and players spent the last three months amidst a massively risky logistical nightmare and came out on top. During a summer of intense political unrest, no less. The NBA has done more to instill confidence in the populace with regard to our ability to contain and limit spread of the virus than the federal government has. And that isn't even up for debate lol You could've just given us the abridged version and owned-up to your true feelings. But maybe you're
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