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  1. 6' 8" 195 lb SF haililng from Newport, ME (3,000 people). Have a feeling he won't be finishing his high school career here Duke, Iowa, and Michigan have already offered.
  2. Regarding Beilein, the UM booster's reasoning for his collegiate success are what most quote as the reason he failed so swiftly in the NBA. Immediately started nitpicking fundamentals and demanding longer practice/film time to correct it. In that case, Beilein was the (NBA) culture killer: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/john-beilein-out-as-cavaliers-head-coach-a-timeline-of-what-went-wrong-in-cleveland-for-former-michigan-coach/ Coach Hoiberg definitely seems like he will always be more of a "player's coach" than a taskmaster. And I don't think we'll ever get any Self/Izzo/McCaffery-level outbursts from him...honestly don't want any out of him given his heart health. Hopefully more continuity and stronger leadership from upperclassmen will allow the team to hold itself accountable to some degree.
  3. The New Yorker's cover art "View of the World from 9th Avenue" is as accurate today as it was in 1976: I just think we would benefit from dropping the "victim mentality" schtick, accept our reality, focus on what's working, and improve what's not. It seems like our talent evaluation and player development is on par or better than our peers. Maybe we have issues with pre-game preparation, in-game/situational coaching, training/recovery, sports psychology, etc. that need to be resolved so that we can make the next step forward.
  4. My life experiences have taught me that 90% of Americans could not locate Nebraska on a map if their lives depended on it. I work with highly educated folks on both coasts who could not possibly place a name to most Midwestern states. The site I work at has existed in Nebraska for 70 years and many of my colleagues have worked with us for over a decade, yet they have no desire to learn anything about us. You cannot be the laughingstock of college basketball when people don't even know or care who you are. At the national level, most fans have no idea about our NCAA tournament failures. Even most B1G fans that I've encountered aren't aware of it.
  5. I'm definitely not sure what is going on in your head. Iowa hasn't been a bastion of NCAA Tournament success either. Alford at best had an NIT/First Round contender, Lickliter was a dumpster fire, and McCaffery hasn't ever advanced past the Second Round. My point was that most fanbases don't consider this to be a high level of success. My apologies for quoting your comment while making a generalized statement about Nebraskans. In my defense, you had quoted my comment about the Huskers having more players in the NBA than East Omaha U and then responded to it making zero mention of Iowa
  6. They almost always won the Missouri Valley. Their endowment was probably 3-7x larger than any other school in the conference the last decade. Marquette cycles through head coaches pretty frequently. If high standards don't result in a firing, then on-court success equates promotion to a bigger school. Rick Majerus, Tom Crean, and Buzz Williams are recent examples of this. Blue School's Big East involvement coincides perfectly with the replacement of Buzz Williams with Steve Wojciechowski. Wojo was a Coach K disciple with lots of high hopes, but he flopped and is now unemployed. I'm long on Shaka. UNL will never be one of the large fish in the B1G fish bowl in terms of endowment size. Long-term success for us will not be the same as it was in the Big 8/XII.
  7. Birdschool tends to get much more highly-touted recruits than Nebraska does as well. Last year's class with four Top-100 guys was insane. Kaluma and Alexander probably get to the NBA, Nembhard is a G-Leaguer with his small stature. So really no surprise that they have had more on-court success. They get predominantly 3 and 4-star talent. Zegarowski was a Top-100 4-star. Even Ty-Shon Alexander, their most recent NBA washout was a Top-100 4-star. But they can't seem to get guys to the next level. They definitely did not prepare Justin Patton for success, physically or mentally. The only players that really seemed to make development leaps were Khyri Thomas and the Coach's Kid. Khyri was already incredibly efficient his freshman year, so I'm not really sure how much the staff is even responsible for his improvement? They essentially doubled his minutes his sophomore and junior years and his stats responded accordingly. Thus, it would appear that the only way to achieve proper instruction and development at C-word is to have once dripped from the shriveled ballsack of McDermott the elder. I don't think it's any secret that McDermott is a massive douche bag. It's like having a micro-managing boss...maybe the current task at hand gets done a little better and more efficiently, but the employees' personal development is stunted in the long-run.
  8. We need to kill off this sort of thinking. The only people that care about the blue school's accomplishments are Nebraskans. I realize a lot of Husker fans pine for any modicum of success, but on a national level no one cares about them. They like to act like they are an elite basketball school. They have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen one time since 1975. They played UC Santa Barbara (who they beat by one damn point) and Ohio to get there. The Sweet Sixteen is essentially the football equivalent of playing in the Citrus Bowl. Marquette is a private Catholic-Jesuit institution of similar size in the same conference. The pedigree isn't even close.
  9. There will be THREE TIMES as many former Nebrasketballers (Zay, Dalano, and Bryce) on NBA rosters next year as there will be C-word (heir to the plantation) and Iowa (Keegan) players.
  10. We all wish that Bryce had shot that 42.9% 3FG% when he was here at Nebraska. Never would've guessed that Bryce would've shot the deep ball better than Ochai Agbaji. NBA scouts are probably more surprised than we are.
  11. Bryce jacking-up 18FG attempts with 7 of them 3FG attempts tonight. He's been wearing Kobes since he got into the league...I guess tonight he felt like Kobe! I've always heard that the thing coaches/executives are really watching at SL is how easy can a guy flow into the offense and find their shots. SL is like going to a JC where everyone is competing for shine, only some of the SL guys are 4-5 years more mature than their rookie counterparts. If a guy shies away from the spotlight and doesn't grab it, that's more of an indictment than a poor shooting percentage.
  12. He then dribbles the ball prior to picking up this foot: Why do you think this is traveling?
  13. He catches the ball off the screen. From the triple-threat position, his left foot is established as his pivot foot:
  14. Bryce v. Bennedict thumbnail! Our guy looking a lot better than the Duke guy at this point Was good to see Bryce hit some early 3FGs because the team was coooold. Footnote: Thursday during practice, the Hornets watched one of their young players (Scottie Lewis) go down with a very gruesome leg injury that required surgery today. They discussed a couple times during the broadcast how the Hornets were likely looking a little timid because of it.
  15. And if you look at the transaction history, most the time he was getting assigned to the G League the day of their game and then getting recalled back to the NBA the very next day. Gotta be difficult -- especially for a guard -- to build chemistry with the team when doing that.
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