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  1. We had some starters in the game up until 1:48. Never reached the far end of the bench. Miles must've had some money riding on the game and wanted to beat the spread
  2. Great game for Glynn! Rest of the guys had some shooting struggles. Wish we could've increased the lead to 35+ at the start of the 2nd half and cleared the bench early. We could've used the extra rest. Tired legs and an unknown court could mean more shooting struggles against Clemson.
  3. 71-49. Nebraska calls timeout with 1:48 left to clear the bench.
  4. Gilbeck fouls Copeland (again) but gets called for it this time. He's out with 3:07 left.
  5. It's a Husker basketball holiday tradition to drop a home game to a sub-150 RPI team.
  6. Isaac Johnson (#35) for WIU put up a contested 3-pointer and missed the rim by about 4 feet.
  7. 54-31 at the under 12 timeout. Huskers getting sloppy again over the last 5 minutes. Hope we get these mistakes out of our system today so that we're ready to go Monday!
  8. Is Brandon Gilbeck eligible/looking to graduate transfer anywhere next season? Asking for a friend (named Tim Miles).
  9. Methinks we will attempt more than 5 3-pointers in the second half.
  10. Webster (not Tai) for WIU hits a deep 3 to end a 19-0 Husker run.
  11. Watson hits our first 3-pointer of the game with a minute left in the half
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