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  1. My unreasonably optimistic take on his recruiting video footage... If you squint, this kid looks like a young KD out there...both in his game and shooting form. So similar with that high release point and slight follow-through with the thumb of the guide hand. Sadly, also in lack of upper body strength.
  2. Tyronn flew down to Houston yesterday, interviewing with the Rockets today. JVG supposedly has an interview scheduled later this week, as well.
  3. As a whole, was really impressed with how many younger players shined in the bubble. Incredible to see rookies like Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn playing the minutes they did in the Finals. And was really cool to see a little older guys like Jimmy Butler, Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell, etc. really show that they are superstars. The league is going to be in good hands when LeBron turns 65 and finally retires.
  4. No ex-Nebraska players involved? 2020 Finals not exactly an anomaly... No interesting storylines? The league and players spent the last three months amidst a massively risky logistical nightmare and came out on top. During a summer of intense political unrest, no less. The NBA has done more to instill confidence in the populace with regard to our ability to contain and limit spread of the virus than the federal government has. And that isn't even up for debate lol You could've just given us the abridged version and owned-up to your true feelings. But maybe you're
  5. Eric Bossi, Travis Branham, and Brian Snow all giving us a solid shot here. Trying not to get too emotionally invested
  6. Our man Fred catching a body on Twitter today
  7. It is difficult to shoot a 3-pointer when you're chuckling over the hesi that sent the defender into another zip code
  8. Also looks like he will be the perfect match for our top-200 3-pt defense Don't think I've ever seen a guy leap so recklessly at a gather. You should at least wait for the ball fake before making yourself look this foolish
  9. Sophomore Joe would've been a tough competitor in like...a hot dog eating contest? Freshman Joe shot a little higher volume and played with a little more pace than his sophomore self, but still not anywhere near the level of talent or athletic ability that Cam has currently. Only thing Joe could ever do efficiently was turn the ball over, whereas Cam has been in the Top 25 in assist-to-turnover ratio for most the season (fell off a bit near the end). The only real comparison between the two is the poor shot selection. But Cam is playing in an uptempo offense where ext
  10. Not sure if this is the big red you want to support...
  11. In the case of Penn, revenge is a dish best served cold and 26.5 years later
  12. Old news, but James Palmer Jr. dropped 40 points to earn a 121-120 victory for the Agua Caliente Clippers against the Northern Arizona Suns. Shot an ultra-efficient 15-19 FG. Only took two 3-pointers and made one (transition pull-up from elbow). Palmer is currently ranked fourth in the G League in PPG and is tied for fifth in Efficiency. Link to box score and full game: https://gleague.nba.com/games/20191109/ACCNAS/ I believe Palmer is free to sign with any team. Wouldn't be surprised if a couple Huskers log their first NBA minutes soon.
  13. Take away the TOs and he had a very efficient night. Two of those turnovers came on back-to-back possessions where he was trying to do way too much. One the first one he basically went isolation from half court and lost the ball on the dribble. The next possession he caught the ball in the post, quickly got double-teamed, and had his outlet pass deflected and stolen. Once they set his role, he's going to shine on this team.
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