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Huskers in the Pros Thread

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8 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:

Andrew White getting some playing time in Detroit right now against the surprisingly not injured Blake Griffin right now.


Turned it on 2 minutes after you posted and had already missed him.  But checked the box score and saw he managed to get 4 FGAs in the 5 minutes he was on the court.  And 2 fouls lol


I'm happy for any player that is able to realize their dreams of playing in the NBA.  Even more happy for AWIII.

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3 hours ago, hhcdimes said:

Been thinking about AW3. Obviously he left us in a lurch but him doing so meant we had to scramble for Evan Taylor. It's possible we aren't at 20 wins right now without him. 




I'll take the hardnosed guy on this very talented 2017-18 squad. It seems to have worked out well for ET & Nebrasketball.

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