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  1. Got picked up as a 9th-10th man a few times. Got to waller around on the skins team against some of the younger post players and push around Vinson Hamilton a bit on help D. Couldnt guard Troy Piatkowski very well so guess I was a liability on D so the couple times I eventually got moved to the young post guys (Brant Harriman maybe?) Since I was the shortest guy on the skins team T Lue got the assignment to guard me so I tried to post him a lot. Scored a little face up jumper on him from the right block. Belcher knew where to find the mismatch!! Was more fun to watch Cookie and Larry Florence go at it and marvel at Belchers length and Larry’s calves. Got walk on Andy Scheindt to sneak into a residence hall tourney semifinal with us. Too many football player encounters to remember. Anyone ever play with high jumper Shane Lavy? He was fun to throw 3/4 court oops to and had a Shawn Marion jump shot. I pretty much lived at the rec so got lots of action. Shevin Wiggins and Eric Warfield played all the time. Tommie Frazier was good passer and John Cook had a good midrange game. Boyd Eppley was rather aggressive and intense. Wish I would have written all the encounters down in a notebook or something because it was actually quite amazing looking back. Bet if you go in on Thursday at 1130 you can pry still get in a game with coach cook.....and 1/4 of the history professors. Anyone on the ‘noonball’ Facebook group?
  2. You don’t have to score a ton of points to win. You have to be efficient. If we play a 65 possession (130 total) game and score 65 we will win. PPG is rubbish. Quality decisions and quality shots will suffice as long as we don’t shoot awful % like some of the guys have done recently. Even from the FT line. Get out of our own heads.
  3. I saw the last 6 minutes. I was shocked and giddy to see he had 21 on 10 shot attempts when i tuned in. I thought it was a typo. Efficient types of performance we are going to need from multiple players going forward. Team EFG is vitally important.
  4. Or maybe it’s we are who we are. Option 1. Get disciplined 3 star talent that will do everything right and finish 18-14 and we hate the recruiting option 2. Get lower 4 star talent and transfers that have a lot of upside but fail to do the little things and we finish 18-14 and we blame execution. Nebrasketball. It’s FANtastic. And gives a guy grey hair, an ulcer, and a drinking problem
  5. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRAVEL ON A BASELINE OUT OF BOUNDS PLAY This was egregiously called in the 2003 Final 4 with Kansas vs Syracuse. Don’t remember situation. Know I got into a big argument about it though. They were talking about it tonight on the BTN postgame and maybe Hummel and Katz need to actually know the rules before they call out Glenn on that throw in. You can do the Tommy Boy maniac dance on the baseline if you want on a stationary throw in. As long as you don’t leave the throw in ‘box’ there is no such thing as a travel on a throw in. Other misunderstood rules miscalls. 1. Offense throws a pass during live play that gets deflected and gets called for a foul trying to recover a loose ball. This is a team control foul therefore no FT awarded unless the defense gains possession prior to the foul . 2. Catch. Hop. Jump shot. It’s a travel. 3. Rebounding your own airball is NOT a travel. 4. Recovering a loose ball and sliding across the floor is NOT a travel (rules changed recently so I’ll give a pass to some)
  6. You have 5 guys that can space the floor, can handle the ball, and have good vision. No need to run stuff to ‘get s guy going’. The balm will find you. Why would you run a play for your 4th best shooter on the team. Maybe run a play to get him an iso but with the defense rules in college basketball that doesn’t help much unless he’s a willing passer
  7. Hard to step up when either the system expects forced dribble drives or what is more likely....the system allows poor shot selection to continuously happen by one player
  8. Nobody wants to talk about the white elephant standing in the corner of the room. It’s been hinted at but nobody wants to blame players. Rather they blame the coach (which it is in part his fault) Palmer kills ball movement, takes bad shots, on a good night plays slightly below average defense, and doesn’t rebound. The comparison to Petteway shouldn’t even exist because the supporting cast that TP had doesn’t hold a candle to what JPJ has. Get JPJ right and the team will be good. Continue with the low efficiency and being the worst player on the team in every other area then we won’t go far. Miles and JPJ aren’t stupid. You either adjust or you lose. Whether that means JPJ adapts or Miles starts cutting his minutes will be the telling sign. The 3 game stretch culminating with the Creighton game was the abberation, not the norm.
  9. What was the predictive for tonight?
  10. Were we actually the underdog? Vegas maybe. Kenpom? I’m tired of bad shot selection. We don’t need it with the depth of scoring we have on the floor. EVER. Shots will fall. Shots won’t fall. Can’t always control that. Still need ALL players locked in defensively at all times. You can control your effort and focus. Really liked some some of the things we did offensively. Maybe the tougher team we play the more crisp we are offensively. Or maybe just the fact they didn’t play zone. Loved the effort on some loose balls and at the end of the game. Have ability to be a 3 seed. Also have the possibility to be in the 11 seed play in game. Gotta keep getting better and be more consistent in ‘the system ‘
  11. Which is why I listened to the Indiana radio broadcast.......frustrating as hell sometimes
  12. TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, FROM HIM MUCH IS EXPECTED Reading some posts...... I don’t know if anyone ‘gave up’ on this team. Expectations are high and should be. As you saw tonight we can be awesome. So when we lose then I think people have the right to ask why (most of the last 20 years the answer has been that we aren’t as good as our opponent....not the case this year). Pretty ballsy effort by Miles’ crew after our last two games (although Iowa may actually be really good). GREAT WIN!!! It is a LONG season. Most of our games will be a dog fight. ‘We before me’ needs to be our motto every possession. We aren’t there yet. We can be. Matt Painter’s comments after Purdue miss to Norte Dame a few weeks ago https://twitter.com/andrewpogar/status/1074074179643760640?s=12 I want to have expectations of making a run in the tourney like back in the days of Derek Chandler and Tony Farmer. Not just making the dance and crossing my fingers at an outside shot at a W. I expect us to win win at home against Michigan St. We will shut hem down in transition and their big boy will be sitting on the bench in foul trouble early. We will guard the 3. That’s what should happen. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t because I expect it from these guys
  13. * I’m not upset about this game. We got outplayed for the majority of it and that will happen. People who were frustrated about the Minnesota and Maryland loss have a right to be. Because nights like this happen. We outplayed MN and MD for a majority of the game and didn’t get the W. So those games irritate me. * The Bohannon 3 before the half was awful on our part. 1. We could have subbed and set up D since it was off of a FT 2. Allen goes for steal. 3. Heiman isn’t in position to turn dribble. 4. Had another chance (maybe Thor?) to step up and force a pass which would have allowed the clock to run out. Turns out we did nothing right. Just poor on all accounts. If we don’t have a specific defense for this exact situation it is ineptness by the coaches. If we do then awful execution which sums up the game. *When your best player isn’t one of your top workers then it may be a tough year. Palmer has huge defensive lapses. Being our best player, his lack of urgency rubs off. * The decision to run man traps out of the full court (if that is even what we were doing late in the first half) led to some easy Iowa looks. Seemed we had some defensive traction with straight man late in the half rand tried to trap on the wing some. Sort of run and jump style. I don’t get it. * We didn’t get a favorable whistle. On the road you can’t expect it. But that didn’t help us much. * Ya we shot poorly from 3 but a lot of them were ‘bad’ 3s. Iowa had a bunch of slugs on the floor and in key times of the game we settled (BTN announcers almost threw up in their moths on the Palmer 2nd half launch from 25 feet) instead of attack gaps in zone and draw D for good looks or get to the line. We didnt play good enough to win. Sucks that our other two conference road games we did and went 0-2. That is where my real frustration still lies.
  14. 26 D Reb on 43 misses from the field isn’t good enough. Roby only drew 2 fouls.... very efficient from the field and keep getting to the line. 5 less TO and we win by 20+ Sort of the nature of the beast when you play a high pressure D team.
  15. I thought our offensive flow really struggled with Harris in the game. Think Nana fits better at the moment. We seemed to get 'bored' or careless at times with our offensive decision making, defensive rebounding, and rotations. That was not fun to watch but at least we have something to work on in practice now!
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