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  1. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    I’m assuming a loss at MSU won’t hurt it and a win would make it go up. So we do pretty much have the same beef as usc just with a different metric.
  2. TZAHL

    NIT bracket announcement

    Do you bet the skers??? and, asking for a friend, which conference do you put your money on in Vegas to cover spreads. Me thinks, I mean my friend thinks, the ACC and the top of the big 12 and big east.
  3. TZAHL

    Scheduling is everything

    We had plenty of chances. Purdue, Michigan st and Ohio st on the road. if we had 15 chances do you think we are 22-10 13-5 or would our record look more like 17-15 9-9? And would that have gotten us in if we go 6-9 in those 15 games?
  4. TZAHL

    knee jerk reaction

    Syracuse. Really!?!? That was my actual on real reaction after being let down we weren’t in. I thought we had a 10% chance of getting in before the day started and about an 8%!chance after Rhose island
  5. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    Some conferences should be devalued. That’s why there are 1 bid leagues. But USC and Nebraska didn’t finish 10-8 or 9-7 and get passed over by 8-10 teams. The whole end of season arguement is maddening as well. Obviously it matters if Notre Dame was so close. You can’t pick and choose when how teams finish up matter in some cases and doesn’t matter in other cases.
  6. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    What’s the highest SOR to never make the tournament?
  7. TZAHL

    Scheduling is everything

    Can’t you just take the lowest 3 wins off or rpi ranking? They do it with d-2 opponents. Why not the Deleware States of the world.
  8. TZAHL

    knee jerk reaction

    MIZ-ERY pals rubbing my face in it. Guess when your best non con win is St. John’s On a neutral court and UCF on the road then you’re a hell of a team. Squeak by a d-2 school at home and lose to Illinois at neutral site.....super impressive. Those that are in the tourney should feel fortunate because there are more teams in this year with less impressive results than I can ever remember.
  9. TZAHL

    knee jerk reaction

    Agree that we didn’t deserve to be in. But about anyone that was a 7 seed or lower didn’t seem to deserve it in most cases. Lots of parity, lots of sub excellent basketball. What stinks most is that those 7-11 seeds are really not deserving either. Only have ourselves to blame though. Aggghhh!!!
  10. TZAHL

    How effective is AAU basketball

    Most teams meaning class A and B in Nebraska? I’d say most kids that are varsity contributors play on AAU teams. It isn’t a prerequisite though. If you’re good enough you’ll play for your HS and you’ll get noticed by colleges if you are good enough. Do they improve as a player as much as they would from working out on their own or with an individual coach or good high school coach? Up in the air. I’m guessing Marvin Bagley and Zion Williamson would still have been major recruits without playing AAU. This guy never played AAU. He worked his butt off and played with his high school team (smallest class in Missouri) every summer even leading up into his senior season. He turned out okay. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1728225
  11. TZAHL

    How effective is AAU basketball

    It is great that kids have an opportunity to play. Unfortunately many parents feel that athletic scholarships are the only way to help pay for the crazy cost of college. If people weren’t willing to pay, then it wouldn’t be so out of control. I think if a lot of families looked back at the cost and time put in to playing ‘travel ball’ for all sports across the board, the vast majority of times the investment far outweighs the reward of college athletic scholarship money.
  12. TZAHL

    How effective is AAU basketball

    So by paying a fee to be on a team that guarantees equal playing time instead of earning it ......while practicing 1-2 times a week while playing 4-9 games on the weekend..... doesn’t necessarily make you a better player? Color me shocked
  13. TZAHL

    Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    Very frustrating to watch. Coach Williams has some cool because there were many opportunities for her to lose her cool with blatantly missed calls
  14. TZAHL

    Michigan vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Maybe with games on back to days coach thought we didn’t need Rachel to beat Michigan and we’d need her in the semis so Washington was given minutes so RB has fresh knees today! Just a thought.