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  1. 26 D Reb on 43 misses from the field isn’t good enough. Roby only drew 2 fouls.... very efficient from the field and keep getting to the line. 5 less TO and we win by 20+ Sort of the nature of the beast when you play a high pressure D team.
  2. I thought our offensive flow really struggled with Harris in the game. Think Nana fits better at the moment. We seemed to get 'bored' or careless at times with our offensive decision making, defensive rebounding, and rotations. That was not fun to watch but at least we have something to work on in practice now!
  3. TZAHL

    Jordy Gone

    Yes. My take of your post was Miles messed up by not getting rid of him, but since he didn’t we are stuck with two big men that aren’t D1 ready players. So We could have had a grad transfer or we should still have Jordy. Comparing what those two bring us to what grad transfer big men have brought us I’ll take two guys that fill their roles and help the team.
  4. TZAHL

    Jordy Gone

    Scott Frost has a lot of guys leave too. Basketball is different but still if a player’s main priority isn’t winning then the team will be better off without them. It’s ok to want to be successful, but self above team usually doesn’t work.
  5. TZAHL

    Jordy Gone

    Would you like to still have Jordy on the team?
  6. Or like the desire to do non self serving things that actually help the team succeed
  7. I forgot to add successfully complete 1/3 defensive rotations. Wasn’t that the meatloaf song? The whole thing irritates me more as I watch Borchardt and Heiman play their roles to perfection. . Bend over backwards for a kid to help him be successful.....No good deed goes unpunished.
  8. TZAHL

    Is it time to start Brady?

    Let’s put an inferior offensive player in the post and try to force feed him the ball in hopes we can get him not to transfer. It won’t hurt our team chemistry and it will only cost us 4-5 games while he tries to figure it out before he quits and rejoins the team. He would definitely get a couple of double doubles. Just spitballin here. Sounds like a great idea.... PS I think Brady is gonna be a great player for us! Let him and Tanner play to their strengths. In no way is he ready for more than 10 minutes a game but I like his how he plays and think he’ll be a GOOD ONE.
  9. I thought Tanner and Brady were ok. I mean they aren’t big name recruits with high upside... They didn’t miss 5 layups and have 4 turnovers on 10 touches. So I guess there is that. Addition by subtraction.
  10. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    I’m assuming a loss at MSU won’t hurt it and a win would make it go up. So we do pretty much have the same beef as usc just with a different metric.
  11. TZAHL

    NIT bracket announcement

    Do you bet the skers??? and, asking for a friend, which conference do you put your money on in Vegas to cover spreads. Me thinks, I mean my friend thinks, the ACC and the top of the big 12 and big east.
  12. TZAHL

    Scheduling is everything

    We had plenty of chances. Purdue, Michigan st and Ohio st on the road. if we had 15 chances do you think we are 22-10 13-5 or would our record look more like 17-15 9-9? And would that have gotten us in if we go 6-9 in those 15 games?
  13. TZAHL

    knee jerk reaction

    Syracuse. Really!?!? That was my actual on real reaction after being let down we weren’t in. I thought we had a 10% chance of getting in before the day started and about an 8%!chance after Rhose island
  14. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    Some conferences should be devalued. That’s why there are 1 bid leagues. But USC and Nebraska didn’t finish 10-8 or 9-7 and get passed over by 8-10 teams. The whole end of season arguement is maddening as well. Obviously it matters if Notre Dame was so close. You can’t pick and choose when how teams finish up matter in some cases and doesn’t matter in other cases.
  15. TZAHL

    USC Coach nails it

    What’s the highest SOR to never make the tournament?