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  1. Not sure what we had in place before as far as strength and conditioning, Hoiberg must have identified it as an area for improvement. Good luck Mr. Joseph and welcome to the Nebrasketball family.
  2. Saint Thomas announcing tomorrow.
  3. Good luck coach Miles! You were fun to root for as a Husker coach, and will be again at San Jose State. You gave us a month+ of great basketball in 2014. 2017, beat Kansas or maybe Creighton in non-con, and we're probably dancing again in 2018. I wish you would have been able to build on that success but it wasn't to be.
  4. Did I see right, he's only 215 lbs? Hopefully while Andre and Walker continue to get the big minutes, "Nets" can hit Chipotle and the weight room for a year. Anyone know if he can make free throws? Looks like a great find, and a freshman to boot, hopefully he sticks around. Welcome to the Husker family "Nets"!
  5. The simple question I ask myself is did the program get better with this hire? I'm no expert, with the little I read, I think for sure, yes. So another step closer to getting where we need to be. Doc still on staff is huge too, his knowledge base will still be leveraged for game prep/planning.
  6. My thoughts exactly . Someday, maybe Nebraska can start getting top instate kids in men's hoops. Life isn't as black and white as I once thought, so each kid has to make the best decision for himself and family. I just hope Nebraska hoops starts to be that "best decision" for future recruits (maybe starts with the GI kid Traudt). Good luck to Sallis, what a great opportunity for this young man.
  7. I like this most recent recruiting class, and think of it as probably the first class Hoiberg and Co. has not had to rush, or take some chances on kids. I think we'll see better classes from here on out. I don't think we'll have to worry about high quality basketball players saying yes to coach H. I'd show the Rutgers game as a great example to a recruit of how he wants the team to play. Hard to say no to that style of play. Oh, and I totally agree the NBA pedigree on this staff is an advantage for us.
  8. Who would have thought that a freshman on the Iowa State team that following season would be the coach to finally get us that first tourney win
  9. Ah, the year I became a Nebrasketball fan. My stepdad told me early that season he thought the basketball team might be pretty good this year. First time I ever thought of following any team other than Husker football. "You mean the Huskers play other sports than football?" Then going to my first game, I remember walking into Devaney and seeing the court come into view as I walked through my section entrance, and seeing the crowd all around, hearing the band, the electricity in that building was real, it was packed, and I was hooked for life. It was also my first frozen malt with the wood
  10. I'd just like to feel like we are starting to build something. I'm not sure I've felt that after the past 3 years. I know what Hoiberg started with, basically Thor, so an epic build for sure, thus I've given him a pretty liberal amount of grace. I'm sure Hoiberg hoped for more out of his first class, but was an epic bust. Maybe now longer relationships with recruits, means more of the type of players he wants, less reaches, maybe translates into less transfers? I just hope the foundation is finally starting to be built. Hopefully the players that decide to stay are bricks of that foundat
  11. By no means am I a Creighton Blue Jay fan, and the suspension timing, and resignation offer can certainly be debated. With that said, this cancel culture thing has gone off the rails. He made a mistake, and has apologized. Why not use it as a learning opportunity to grow and become better. If done right, both he and his players can grow from this. Isn't that what college is all about? Maybe instead of offering to resign, have one on one meetings with his black players and ask them how the comment effected them, let them know what he's learned from it, and committing to continue to suppor
  12. Didn't watch the second half, but skimming the game thread and seeing the final score sounds like the mental, and effort, issues drug out into the second half. Its like we didn't think we had a chance when we stepped on the court. This program needs to get to a point where we believe we can beat anyone. A ways to go apparently. Learn from it, move on. Fred knows whats up, we'll get there.
  13. Wow 12 turnovers in a half . 14 assists for Iowa in the first half! Wow, we had 19 for the game against Rutgers. Sheesh, Putting Iowa in the final 4 in my bracket this year.
  14. Banton playing very "awkward" tonight. Need to value the basketball. Some clumsy AF turn overs in the first half. With that said, Iowa is good. Hard to defend the 3 out by the center court logo.
  15. So, full disclosure, I haven't watched many Nebrasketball games this year from tip to final buzzer, usually turn it off at some point in the second half (its been some rough basketball this year, I ask for grace). With that said, I watched all of this game and was floored at the passing, 19 assists! We share the ball like that going forward and wow. I'm hoping something "clicked" not only for this team, but program going forward. Better late than never. Fingers crossed.
  16. Good luck to Teddy, we are all trying to live our best life, hope this works out for the best for him. I'm wondering though what quitting with not much more than a week left in the season really accomplishes? Maybe the injury is worse than we think? I know nothing behind the big red basketball curtain, so I'll not speculate beyond that. What a tough year for all, hope springs eternal for next year.
  17. We lose a lot, so makes it easier to complain, i guess is my theory. Reverse our record and the narrative changes a bunch, is my hunch.
  18. I actually thought we moved the ball pretty good to start the game. Then it kind of went away. Fatigue factored in I'm sure. Like with football, not a year I'm getting too upset, with the pandemic I'm just happy all are healthy again. I'm able to watch some live Husker sports which is a good reprieve from our real world problems right now. Hope the GA mentioned above gets better soon, such a scary virus.
  19. I should find some YouTube games of Hoiberg's Iowa State teams, might make me feel better on what Hoiberg wants to see on offense. I have re-watched UCF's bowl game win against Auburn to feel better about Frost's offense a few times in the last 3 season . It worked there, it can work here, right?
  20. Still behind Hoiberg to turn this around. He had to start from scratch, at a program that hasn't had any sustained success since the 90's. We have some pieces, they just aren't fitting together. Hoiberg sees it too, he knows. Trust the process. Looking micro I can get pretty upset. Choosing to look macro right now. It wasn't that long ago I was at PBA cheering when we were picked for the dance. It will happen again.
  21. Scanning the thread here and didn't see anything on the two new eligible players Lakes and Andre. Full disclosure I only watched the first half and didn't see Andre play. Lakes, looked a bit slow on Defense, maybe still getting up to game speed?
  22. UNO? That would be 3 games in 4 days for them.
  23. I thought it was good for the team to play a game early in the season with foul trouble. I think when it happens again this season they will be more comfortable with the rotation and rolls. Hoping the team learned a lot and got better, the most you can ask for these early season games.
  24. I was just about to make a similar post regarding the Kavas comparison. I remember telling friends, "wasn't Kavas supposed to be a 3 point specialist"? I'm hoping Hoiberg has had more time to evaluate this go round, and Lakes>Kavas.
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