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  1. I just saw a post on Reddit that was comparing Coach K to all the coaches hired in 1980. Coach K was hired in 1980 and so was Moe Iba at Nebraska (became head coach) and Danny Nee at Ohio. Link To me that is Crazy
  2. The ELAM ending can have some interesting unintended consequences....If you are up 15 with a couple minutes to go...I can see teams starting to hold the ball to reduce the number of possessions before the Elam ending begins....
  3. I actually hate the double bonus...I wish all fouls after the bonus were 1 and 1...this might lead to more fouls in the final minutes, but back when this was the rule, Nebraska had some great comebacks against Kansas and Missouri as the pressure begins to mount when teams start missing charity shots....
  4. The other thing I would change, if ever adopted...is just run the clock to zero and then add the Elam ending...counting down a clock to 4 minutes seems dumb. If you have to ...go to 18 minute halves and then the elam ending.
  5. My favorite part of the game is the last two minutes when a team is trying to get back in the game using strategy. I do think this ending would provide drama as well, but I think we would miss out on the buzzer beaters, etc. This could be an option for Overtime, though...
  6. The second round is where teams that have great scouting can build depth and find Potential all stars. It also allows salary cap flexibility and you see smart teams accumulate second round picks. In fact, I think a second round pick is more valuable than a late First round pick to the teams...because of the rookie contracts given to first rounders.
  7. Unless the superstar plays for a small market team and then you will see them get their six foul on some skechy calls....(IE Giannis in Milwaukee has fouled out twice in the last two years in the post season on a ball that should have been ruled a jump ball and an offensive foul that was probably a 50/50 call....if it was KD or Lebron, never would he been called for either foul)
  8. The West is going to be a dog fight...my guess is the #1 seed in the West will be closer to 50 wins than 60 wins.
  9. I totally agree...For some reason, regular season accomplishments aren't as lauded as post season accomplishments. I do think regular season championships in every sport should be deemed more important. I am a Milwaukee Brewers fan and winning the NL Central last year was awesome and I consider a huge accomplisment...Yes, I want a NLCS title and and World Series title, but playoffs, there are elements of randomness that can affect who wins any individual game or series.
  10. My guess is somebody is turning Pro...If Roby were to come back, I would not be surprised to see Thor take his talents to Icelandia.
  11. If Fred is letting guys know that they aren't in his plans...much better to do it now than have them figure it our next year without much chance to play.
  12. That would be interesting to see. I feel people root for Laundry...so I think it would affect it some, might not be as much as we expect. If quality of play was the primary reason people watched, I think you would see people leaving the NCAA game for the G-League or oveseas premier leagues....but they don't.
  13. Sadly, I doubt anything much comes from this...unless the NCAA completely changes how they investigate and penalize.
  14. I have always viewed the teams that win the NIT as equivalent to a sweet 16 team... Most call them 69th place team, but to go on a run against teams that are often as good or better than most teams (higher seeded teams) First round match up in the NCAA...is pretty significant.
  15. That NIT run was so unexpected, it probably was one of the most fun runs Nebraska had during the Nee era. Nee had better teams, but that NIT run was a blast.
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