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  1. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    I can see arguments both ways... I have always had the belief that you need to hire a coach at Nebraska and close your eyes for about 7 years on results (I'd do the same thing if I was the AD at Kansas for their football team)...and really start judgin them from year 8, 9 and 10.... Now, i have probably said contradictory things in the past(haven't we all)...but I think you have to realize that at Nebraska basketball or Kansas football, that you have to allow a coach to figure it out..and it just takes time and you will make mistakes along the way.
  2. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    in the scenario, is Laying up...firing the coach or is laying up...keeping the coach. It is is hard for to figure out which is going for it...and which is playing it safe. laying up could be not firing a coach and keeping the same roster, being conservative and let the thing play out..... Going for it, could be firing a coach, blowing up the roster and finding a replacement that sticks in on the green in year one or two...
  3. I live in the MPLS area and would be surprised if Ryan Saunders isn't given the full time head coaching gig. The fans really love him and the positivity of having him around. However, the pioneer press had a note in the paper this weekend that they expect (speculation) Hoiberg to be the next GM
  4. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    In this game, were they going for two regardless...or trying to tie the game at a particular time. To me it is different, if your strategy is to always go for two or you are actively trying to tie a game or catch up in a game.
  5. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    An example I have seen so many times and never understood why coaches wouldn't do it. regardless of time of the game, a team is down by 8...they score a touchdown to make it a 2 point game and kick the XP...so as an example, it is 14-6 and then after the XP is 14-13.... the game goes on and neither team scores again...and the final score is 14-13...why wouldn't you always tie a game when you have the chance...even if it is in the first quarter...you never know, that might be the last time either team has a chance to score.
  6. Blindcheck

    Truly Astounding Stat Line (TB)

    Moses Malone is one of my favorite players of all time.
  7. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Based ont the 2 point conversion talk: Also, in basketball, I think coaches wait too long before implementing the fouling technique and are forced to foul generally the best foul shooters on the opposing team. If you start selectively fouling (once you are in the bonus) players that are below average FT shooters, I think you can make more progress and hurt the other teams rhytmn more than doing it with less than minute to go. Also, I would teach my players that player x and player Y are to be blitzed when they catch it...we are trying for a steal, but if we get a foul, we don't care.... I would start this at the 4 minute Mark in a 10-15 point game,,,,
  8. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    As for my answer...I think you play to win...so i would go for it... You might play for "points" if you are 13th and you know a birdie gets you into the top ten..but if you have a chance to win, I think you go for the win.
  9. Blindcheck

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Yes, it is. In football, I think you should go for two as early as possible...when you know you eventually need to go for 2...IE down 15 or down 18 or Down 22 before a score....because if you miss the 2 pointer, you know what you need to do to catch up....if you wait until the last seconds, there is no chance to recover.
  10. Northwestern 68 Nebraska 63
  11. Blindcheck

    Enjoy The Last Month Of The Miles Era

    I believe Moe Iba's Last year was the first year the tournament expanded to 64 teams...I do think we may overrate nee because he made the Dance and Underrate Iba and Cip because they didn't make the dance (except the last year of Iba). I believe we had 17 straight winning seasons from Cip through Iba and it ended the second year of Nee.
  12. Minnesota 72 Nebraska 59 2 guys
  13. Blindcheck

    HHCC Game #24 - at Purdue (Feb. 9, 7:30 PM CST)

    Nebraska 48 Purdue 65
  14. Blindcheck

    Super Bowl

    I thought the Super Bowl was a good game...it is actually nice to watch a game where each play seems more important than the next...because you have this feeling that nobody is going to break a long TD play....