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  1. Blindcheck

    Jordy Gone

    I'm worried about about all 5 seasons and looking out for the best interest of each Kid....just because he might help the team a little, i don't think you sacrifice his 5th year if he wants it, so you ight be 0.25 points a game better...
  2. Blindcheck

    Jordy Gone

    If Heiman decides not to redshirt and we use him instead of Tanner...we are not only trading Heiman for Borchardt this year...you are trading Heiman first year player for Heiman 5th year senior, 5 seasons from now.
  3. Blindcheck

    Jordy Gone

    Knowing your role is way more important than who is better etc. I would much rather have a guy that knows to get after boards, set screens and only shoot if wide open underneath the hoop than a player who thinks he needs to get his when he is the game.
  4. Blindcheck

    Morrow leaving

    I loved Jacobsen's game and think he is the type of player that always will find ways to get on the court.
  5. Blindcheck

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Give me two Richard Van Poelgeests and a David Ponce.
  6. Blindcheck

    Watson article from Lee

    Long twos...the scourge of basketball.
  7. Blindcheck

    Player Power Rankings

    Jay Wright is a believer in Universal Offensive Concepts...which means they have very few plays and his players read what the defense gives them and take advantage (imagine playing pickup ball with High IQ basketball players)...I do think that leads to players developing over time and learning and playing under those concepts is not something every first year player can accomplish. I do think his system develops players much better than an offense that is run this play, run that play....as it teaches players to adapt to what is shown by the defense....You still need the DNA, but if I was in the NBA and comparing two similar players, i would lean towards a guy who has learned the concepts not plays.
  8. Blindcheck

    Watson article from Lee

    One thing about basketball is that every team except a handful ( the champions of NCAA, NIT, CBI, CIT, Etc) lose their last game they play...and if they got beat in the first round of their tournament and didn't win their conference tourney end the season on a two game losing streak. It is the nature of the sport to finish the season with a loss or two.
  9. Blindcheck

    Why Recruiting Small Cities Pays Off

    I think this is as good a hypothesis as any...
  10. Blindcheck

    Successful Season

    When looking at the season... I think we put to much emphasis on the NCAA tourney and not enough on the regular season. The regular season is a grind and winning a conference title or finishing in the top 2 or 3 is to me far more impressive than getting to the sweet sixteen or elite 8....(those are just 2 and 3 game winning streaks in the grand scheme of things). i wish that college basketball pundits, fans, etc paid more attention to accomplishments in the regular season...
  11. Blindcheck

    18-19 depth

    I look at Redshirts as what would be best for both the team and the player...no redshirt this year and reserve minutes in 2018-2019 vs starter minutes in 2022-2023? No guarantees that Brady will be stud, but you give up that opportunity by playing him 8 minutes a game this year for possible 28 minutes a year as a 5th year senior if he becomes what we all want him to be.
  12. Blindcheck

    What do you think the NBA Scouts told ...

    They both need to work on their 3 point shot...I think Copeland has the better form right now...he just needs to stretch his range.
  13. Blindcheck

    Akoy Agau

    The funny thing is....we define wealth by what we see...but I would venture to bet that some the wealthiest person in your neighborhood is not the person you would pick if given a chance to determine who it is. Wealth is accumulated by saving and investing and those that make a lot of money, often spend a lot of money.....
  14. Blindcheck

    Akoy Agau

    On that long of time horizon, timing isn't going to be significant....as long as the market performs as it has throughout its history (now this is not guarantee, as past performance has no bearing on future performance)
  15. Blindcheck

    Akoy Agau

    I'll go you one better....if parent's had the forethought to invest $6250 on the their Child's first Birthday...(assuming market return of 10% over 70 years), you would also be giving your child approximately $6.4 million when they reach 71 years old. One thing I see is that many young people don't have much money to invest but I see many of them with tattoos...they must be giving those away. Saving/investing is boring...but my Dad always said....your weath is not what people see you spend, but what they don't see you save.