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  1. Sometimes a complete tear down is easier than a tweak.
  2. It would be interesting had Miles been at Nebraska during Doc's timeline and Doc during Mile's timeline. I do believe you would be saying that Doc could recruit circles around Tim.....I think we are underestimating the challenges that Doc was facing in terms of facilities and the transitioning to the big ten. I think Doc was devastated when he was let go, because he saw the opportunity with his coaching ability to be able to start attracting better talent.
  3. While that is true on paper...i would also not be surprised if Doc's best team beat Miles's best team..... Doc's team were often competitive with teams that that nobody expected.
  4. I actually think Doc is a good recruiter and has that reputation...his time at nebraska, he was saddled with some of the worst facilities and just has we were getting the new bells and whistles, he was let go. It is tough to compare Doc with Miles, because they were recruiting to totally different programs.
  5. I saw a mock draft Yesterday that had Roby going 51st.
  6. I think that was a common belief... After Hoiberg left Iowa State...I felt that there were only two jobs in college that he would come back to college....Iowa St and Nebraska... I have a lot of Iowa state friends and they all thought I was crazy...but it just seemed like a perfect fit for his family and his midwest roots.
  7. I had a conversation with a basketball coach and before the tournament, he asked me what teams I liked (style of play) that over achieved based on the recruits that they have attracted. I gave him Texas Tech and Virginia....but of course, when I filled out the brackets, I didn't have either past the sweet 16.
  8. I was talking with my nephew and he said they count by ones and twos because it is easier to keep track of...I said, if you can't count by 2s and 3s then you should probably attend more classes and play less basketball. I think old school pickup was all by 1s and when the three was first introduced, it morphed into 1s and 2s even though it makes absolutely no sense to do so...
  9. On Friday, I went over to the mall of america and watched about 6 games of the 3X3U tournament...to me the scoring of 2s and 1s really distorts the game and the shooting was so bad...as everyone was cranking 3s (2s) and it was pretty bad... There were a few guys that could shoot, but overall, it was one on one ball where whoever could hit a couple of shots was going to win...
  10. My dad was on the board of Directors at kemper in the early 1980's and (relating to another post), we listened the 1982 Missouri game in Columbia on the way back from one of those meetings...(i used to run around the campus while Dad would do his business). I went to the campus about 5 years ago and took pictures for My dad...they had turned part of it into a YMCA. Dad's Kemper roommate lived in Fulton and owned a funeral home in Fulton.
  11. I don't think so...I know of no relatives in Missouri....although my Dad did attend Kemper Military school in Booneville, MO.
  12. Has anyone attended the Final Four before or planning to go this year? My wife surprised me with Tickets since we live in the Minneapolis area and could attend cheaper than if we ever tried to attend when we would need to travel, hotel, etc. Other than the games, what are some of the can't miss events that you would recommend trying to see.
  13. In my lifetime, the 1982 win over #1 Missouri in Columbia is hard to beat. Winning on the road at the height of the Sit Down Norm era....makes it tough to beat.
  14. I may have misstated the Italy trips...if I remember correctly, you can only have these trips every four years. (I wasn't referring to the players)
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