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  1. I'm all in favor of getting rid of the block call...
  2. Here is how I would rank them NCAA Champion NCAA runner up Big Ten regular season Title Final Four appearance Big Ten Tournament Title Elite 8 Appearance 15 Big ten wins 30 win season 25 win season Sweet Sixteen appearance Round of 32 appearance 12 Big Ten Wins NIT Championship NCAA Bid, but lose first game. NIT Final Four .500 in Big ten regular season 20 win Season
  3. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine of where accomplishments rank. Using the NCAA tournament as a gauge for a Big ten team. We both talked about what would we rather have a Big Ten title or a sweet 16, elite 8, Final four and how we put so much emphasis on the NCAA tournament but a Big Ten championship banner would be pretty awesome hanging in the Rafters. Where do these accomplishments rank in terms in comparing them to NCAA tournament finishes Big Ten regular season Title Big Ten Tournament Title 15 Big ten wins 12 Big Ten Wins .500 in Big ten regular season 30 win season 25 win season 20 win Season NIT Championship NIT Final Four As an example a 30 win season is equal to an Elite 8 appearance in terms of how you value it....not saying that is the right answer, but an example of how to answer the question. Comparing to: NCAA Champion NCAA runner up Final Four appearance Elite 8 Appearance Sweet Sixtenn appearance Round of 32 appearance NCAA Bid, but lose first game.
  4. I live in Minnesota currently and I will tell you that those that coach in the state and follow the gophers, this was a hire that was loved by the basketball community up here. The average fan probably didn't like it, but the basketball community up here loved hire a basketball guy instead of trying to win the initial press conference.
  5. Regarding the officiating, I think there were many calls that were questionable. 1. I am surprised that only 1 NC State player got tossed as the entire bench was on the floor, I know it was a timeout at the start, but they didn't go back to their bench, they got into the mix. 2. Walker got away with at least 4 travels in overtime alone...His footwork is a disaster. 3. Definitely a foul on the layup, especially after a call on the other end...I'm ok if you allow some hacks in the last minute if you allow it both ways.
  6. my thoughts on last nights game. I haven't seen it mentioned much yet, but the three point shots we took were in most cases absolute horrible looks. Too many shots off of a dribble instead of inside out 3 pointers....5-20 from 3 kind of illustrates that. I liked the aggressiveness of Verge and Bryce in penetrating the lane, but like many have said they forced too many contested shots at the rim...they need to realize that when driving to the rim, this is where we can get the open three pointers when help collapses on them. 23-7 in offensive rebounds...that is the equivalend of 16 extra possessions. If you have guys that drive the lane like Verge and Bryce, as an offensive rebounder, you have to know that you need to be a secondary driver and kind of follow them if you are not a spot of shooter...it is a great way to pick up garbage buckets as the lane opens up behind them and you can be in great position to get a miss. (you can't do it too early or you bring your defender with you, but timed right, it is a great way to grab a offensive board....too much watching these guys drive) This team is dripping with athleticism, but if you don't rebound the ball, you will consistently get beat by less talented teams...
  7. Generally the team that is ahead doesn't foul as much as the team that is behind, so it should help the team that is behind more....
  8. Unless you mean all fouls even before you reach the bonus. I meant all fouls after you reach the Bonus.
  9. why would it make it harder? if i am behind and I foul you...and you have to earn the second free throw instead of getting it automatically.
  10. I also would offer a coach the opportunity to advance the ball using a timeout...but he forfeits the time spent on the bench...so he calls timeout..advances the ball but they don't get time to discuss strategy...This would help with pacing at the end of games as I think many coaches would take the advancing of the ball in the last 20 seconds or so and probably save timeouts just in case he needs this option in the last seconds of a game.
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