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  1. Creighton 76 Nebraska 72 6 threes
  2. Nebraska 78 Minnesota 68
  3. Blindcheck

    Morrow leaving

    I was listening to the Iowa State game on XM radio on a random drive across the city and the announcers for Iowa State mentioned that Jacobsen at that point (a couple of games ago) had eclipsed his high in scoring at Nebraska in every game so far. I expect he will have a very good year and the best thing that probably happened to him is not so much the transfer but sitting out a year as the transfer to work on his game and his body.
  4. Blindcheck

    Morrow leaving

    Update: Jacobsen's first 7 games at Iowa state 17 PPG 7.7 Rebounds 65% FG% 36% 3pt Morrow first 6 games 3.7 PPG 1.6 rebounds 52% FG% No 3 pt attempts
  5. Nebraska 81 illinois 71 12 wins
  6. Nebraska 74 Clemson 70
  7. Nebraska 86 Texas Tech 72 Number of players scoring 10....4
  8. One of the developments of AAU basketball and the current youth basketball programs is that they play a ton of games with not as much time to practice. In the practice time, you have to put in an offense, a defense, special plays, inbound plays, presses, press breakers, etc...because you need these strategies to be coherent as a team in a game.... when you had a game a week when I played youth basketball and had 3 or 4 practices for every game, instead of 2 practices to 5 game ratio...coaches could devote a lot more time to skill work and breaking down a shot. Summers used to be for working on skills, now they have more games in the summer than they have during basketball season. So kids have to really learn their shot on their own or be lucky and play for a coach that devotes time to building this skill.
  9. Blindcheck

    Is it time to start Brady?

    I think sometimes we make too much of who is starting and who is not...It is really about total minutes given to a player rather than who is starting...(although you have to make sure the egos on the team can handle not starting)... As an example if you started Borchart and gave him the same minutes he is getting now and Allen continued to get the same minutes but wasn't starting...Does it gain anything for you...it might mean more time for Allen without all the other 4 buys getting starter minutes on the court...which might help the team offensively if Allen is on the court at different times.
  10. Nebraska 89 Missouri st 61
  11. Blindcheck

    Glynn Watson jr

    Also the shot clock was introduced during Hoppen and Carr's career...that changed the game quite a bit (although 45 seconds really didn't help the defense as much as the 30 seconds does now)...but it did eliminate the four corners stall offense for the last 10 minutes of games.
  12. Blindcheck

    Glynn Watson jr

    Brian Carr played only one season with the 3 point line...I would loved to see him having the 3 point line his whole career how that would have made Dave Hoppen even more dominant. He shot 37% that first year making 58 on 157 attempts.... Brian Carr helped lead Moe Iba's last team to the NCAA tournament after losing Dave Hoppen to injury 19 games into that season....
  13. Nebraska 82 The Hall 74
  14. Blindcheck


    The shot clock can be one of the most effective defenders...anytime you can force a team to take a shot that they don't want (and most shots with less than 3 seconds on the shot clock are usually this) than you will boost your defensive effectiveness.