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  1. Perhaps a towel could be confused with a rag.
  2. I realize I don't follow NBA summer rules; so, I found it interesting when I read he had seven fouls. What is the rule there?
  3. A couple of my thoughts are in use above; however, the Kingsmen get a large shout-out as one hit wonders who spurred a two year FBI investigation into the lyrics of the song and the subversive message sent to us then youths. “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen (written by Richard Berry, originally performed by Rockin’ Robin Roberts and the Wailers)
  4. So, I guess you are saying the stars are aligned to go back to the future! A fine nice place where Huskers win big.
  5. Dimes, this is one of the few times I think you will be wrong.
  6. Here is Jacob P's article with Fred partially answering the whose in town question. https://hailvarsity.com/s/7064/its-time-to-get-to-work-for-fred-hoiberg-and-nebraska-basketball
  7. I think it is always fun when the villains don't see you coming!
  8. Dimes has a tutorial on this somewhere but I could not find it. I hope this is accurate. If it is Dimes latest tweet will appear I believe the short version is 1) you find the tweet you want 2) click on the time at the top of the tweet 3) the tweet is enlarged and a new address shows up 4) copy and paste the new address in your message content 5) then it will magically appear when you submit your reply.
  9. Maybe Kansas is not offering $ this recruiting cycle due to their FBI situation. .
  10. If you are "pretty sure what we will see will be great", you already have on your rose-colored glasses. You just need to either drink the kool-aid, get a beer and nyquil chaser (@ Conley's?) or sing a few verses of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
  11. So, how much do you think that means he is offering him?
  12. Perhaps we should let the AD know we will allow them to up the ticket prices $10 for every national championship and $5 for every runner-up finish. that would get us there.
  13. Unfortunately, that is what many people now choose to do. I was raised on the CWS while going to all but a handful of games in the last 40+ years. I am sorry their poor choice of set up makes the prospect of watching on TV more appealing to many. I can always look at the Omaha skyline when I walk to my car or while driving home. Why do you want to see the skyline? Were you involved in this in some way?
  14. I have gone to every CWS since being a young one in the 50's. I have been a season ticket holder since finishing college and returning to Omaha in 1976. My old seats in Rosenblatt were behind home and under the overhang. Protected from sun and rain. It was great. My new seats are behind third base dugout...brutal sun in the day games. GREAT seats at night. Luckily, I own a second set of seats a little past 3rd under the overhang. I sell the dugout seats for day games to the home team fans. Then sit further out in the shade. The one thing this summary got wrong is "They wanted fans to look out past the outfield bleachers and see Omaha's sprawling CenturyLink Center in the background, rather than looking out on the city where the fine people of Omaha actually live." In reality the home plate should be where the right field foul pole is and the park would face the river and Iowa. (Just like the Rosenblatt setup when every person who saw it on TV, a game or in person asked: What is that big nipple looking thing? Lied Jungle More people would have shade if they did it by tradition. And the article is right; the sun is brutal at times. The park is beautiful. On a day like today you can sit anywhere and have a wonderful experience. I sure did watching us 10 run iowa! When it gets to 80 degrees (or warmer) and no clouds, you better have seats in the shade. They committed an error that can't be fixed. Too bad.
  15. This is some Kool-Aid I choose not to drink!
  16. I notice that Thor does not appear on the poster. Hummm?
  17. The Huskers play Minnesota @ 9 PM Wednesday. Here is the full schedule.
  18. I hate it when they tell you about an offer; but, they don't tell you how much it was? That must be behind a paywall.
  19. I had to pick the first year because every year I convince myself this is the year for our first tournament win. This year it's easier than most!
  20. Gosh, I wish this was the way it is in golf. I would be on the tour.
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