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  1. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-09-18/college-basketball-25-seniors-who-could-make-impact-season The one that may most interest us: 7. James Palmer Jr., Nebraska (17.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg): Palmer came back to lead the Huskers to the NCAA tournament. He has the goods and the help. Palmer could also be in contention for Big Ten player of the year. The Big Ten senior class is loaded, and Palmer is one of the many who can compete for the top honor.
  2. Back then and for quite a while it standhardinger...but not as much any more!
  3. Ever since high school...I've rather preferred eating pies!
  4. trickey


    Try a little Viagra.
  5. trickey

    Post game call-in radio show

    Yeah! They end the radio show just as 13,000 potential listeners are getting in their cars to drive home. Well, except for us lowlifes that may enter a bar. I also wish Kent & whoever would give the stats at the end of their show as they do them right after the game is over and nobody that was at the game gets to hear them.
  6. trickey

    2019 PF Kadin Shedrick -> Virginia

    How many times have your teams won? Me Neither!
  7. trickey

    2020 Zaire Wade

    Back in the day...I always enjoyed it!
  8. trickey

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin

    It is pretty close to that in the rest of the universe as well!
  9. trickey

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    Enhanced it for you.
  10. trickey

    Jordy Gone

    Well, until Tanner gets his scholarship renewed.
  11. trickey

    Jordy Gone

    Of course it could be The Open being televised live as well.
  12. trickey

    Jordy Gone

    Here is Robin's take on the subject. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/three-takeaways-from-jordy-tshimanga-s-transfer While I am a night owl; I rarely see others around in the wee hours. Clearly, jordy has kept a few of you up tonight!
  13. trickey

    Jordy Gone

    jordy, how very aw3 of thee!
  14. trickey

    College hoops corruption case

    They don't!
  15. trickey

    2018 Husker Baseball

    You got that right. Or if Bill Byrne would have named Rob Childress our head coach instead of stashing him for his move to TA&M.
  16. trickey

    2018 College World Series

    Game 2 was one of the best games I have attended in some time. The 9th inning single to tie and the following homer were exciting...then add in the Arkansas screw-up on the foul ball failure that could have won the championship and you have a real swing of emotions that makes for a great game. Unfortunately, I scheduled our vacation to start the day after the series should be over. While I will enjoy the vacation with the grandkids in Olympic National Park and then off to Willamette Valley for wine with our fun in-laws...I am going to miss my first final game in more than 50 years! DAMN rain.
  17. trickey

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    Maybe they will make a 33.3% rule and apply it retroactively...kinda like football % wise. If it is good in the future, it should be good in the past.
  18. trickey

    18-19 depth

    If they would let players play in 10 games and redshirt, which is about the same % as they are allowing in football, last season Nana, Johnny, Malcolm and Thor would have redshirted.
  19. trickey

    18-19 depth

    The question will be: How many games of bball can you play in and redshirt?
  20. trickey

    Luke McCaffery QB commits to Nebraska

    Wow! that is some lineup of coaches. How does a high school get 18 football coaches? Much less have 10 that played in the NFL?
  21. ESPN reports that Luke McCaffery (#149 in ESPN 300; 4*) committed to NU. He is the brother of Panthers RB Christian McCaffery! GBR
  22. Wow! That's tricky!
  23. trickey

    Luke McCaffery QB commits to Nebraska

    Well, if you are a fan of genetics, his father Ed, who is now the head coach at Valor Christian, played at Stanford and won Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos. His brother Christian played at Stanford, was 2nd in the 2015 Heisman voting, and now is in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers, and his older brother Max played at Duke and ended up with the San Francisco 49ers. His brother Dylan is a quarterback at Michigan. If you are a fan of what other schools wanted him, he chose the Huskers over scholarship offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Colorado, Washington, UCLA, North Carolina and Ole Miss among others. Seems like a great get!