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  1. trickey

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    I am courtside as well...let's look each other up.
  2. Fake Sports Network reported quotes: Reporter: Coach, what did you think of the atmosphere during the game tonight? Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard: Even if they would let you bring in your own refs that could promise you to take out one of the NU stars, it is going to be tough to win in this place!
  3. trickey

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Does that put them ahead of Roby? Or are they sitting at tip-off? Are they in the starting 5? That is what I think they may have feared.
  4. trickey

    Miles has surgery

    Well then, we both forgot about the section of the town we were in!
  5. trickey

    Miles has surgery

    The title made me afraid Tim Miles may be out for the year!
  6. trickey

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Well, the nation's opinion of a "better program" may not match-up with insider's information. They aren't mid major talent...they're just not equal to Palmer and Copeland. As a GM would you give up Palmer and Copeland to get them back?
  7. trickey

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    I have absolutely no insider info, but sensed MJ and Ed were full of fear. They had been practicing with Copeland and Palmer all year. With knowledge their playing times were going down if they stayed here, They both felt it's better to disappear.
  8. NU 89 mv 58 Non Con wins 10 Reg season wins 21
  9. trickey

    GAME DAY is here !!

    If you could make it lager...you would be everyone's' drinking buddy!
  10. trickey

    GAME DAY is here !!

    P.S. Could you please use a larger font?
  11. trickey

    GAME DAY is here !!

    Bug, I nominate you for the longest post I have ever read!