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  1. The Huskers play Minnesota @ 9 PM Wednesday. Here is the full schedule.
  2. I hate it when they tell you about an offer; but, they don't tell you how much it was? That must be behind a paywall.
  3. I had to pick the first year because every year I convince myself this is the year for our first tournament win. This year it's easier than most!
  4. Gosh, I wish this was the way it is in golf. I would be on the tour.
  5. Well, not if it is in volleyball or football.
  6. Be very careful when using that ellipsis here; as you could get in extreme trouble!
  7. That is why we can't; yet, not why we shouldn't.
  8. You mean...you can drink "too much"?!?!
  9. The older I get, the less I agree. I need to pee!
  10. First, I have not been. Less, I do not deign to be. Cornhusker I am. * * writing assistance credit to Mouton-Rothschild
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