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  1. Very unimpressed, expectations were low to begin with. With that said, effort should be a given, and saw too many times Rutgers out work us, on our own court! I feel pretty distanced from this team, I guess been through 1 too many rebuilds in my day. A few other observations... Cross, yikes Kavas, yikes Burke Jr, very slim, skinny legs Team shot selection, blah Team defense, seems to be optional, blah Team/program has a long way to go, another long cold winter in Lincoln.
  2. I think coach Sadler coming back to NU says a lot about how special a place Nebraska and Lincoln is. What kind of a leader coach Hoiberg is. Also speaks to the character of coach Sadler. Welcome back to the family coach Sadler, I know you're going to give it your all to DONU (for a second time ?). Make sure the vending machines have plenty of Mt. Dew at Hendricks. ?
  3. I remember folks saying that if Doc had the facilities to recruit to like Miles, he would have been more successful here. We might get to find out if that is true.
  4. Took the leap. While I'm a little concerned that I just jinxed our chances with Roby by getting rid of my Roby dunk avatar. I saw the elevator door before Hoiberg came out I told myself, there is my new avatar. Nice touch by the Athletic Dept. tricking out the elevator door.
  5. Good luck and best wishes young man. Appreciate your time here.
  6. Join the club, fellow Tech Dinosaur here. My wife has an Twitter account however and will be voting, so we discussed, and landed on #3. She likes how it has "Nebraska" at the ends and "Huskers" in the middle. Makes sense. If its going to be a block "N" rather it be smaller, and we like the state outline, so we also have #4 as option B. I can't wait to watch the future Husker teams that will grace this new floor, and hope they take this program to levels never seen here before. GBR!
  7. Its a message board, no one is perfect, emotions can run high (reason 1 I stay away from posting during a game ?). I had some choice words for Moos after his statement, or lack there of, after the BIG 10 tourney. Moos has handled this situation very well, especially the end result. I look forward to the press conference Tuesday.
  8. I like the current floor, the state outline with the star on Lincoln. Reminds me of the Danny Nee years when we were rolling. I'm not sure a court design is good for any wins. Its the team that uses the court that is most important, am'i'right?
  9. Happy dance time ? Here's to a future of happy dances for results on the court and not off. Good luck coach Hoiberg!!
  10. https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/status/1112034581849522176 Twitter blowin up. Looks like its happening. Welcome to the family coach!
  11. Can't say anything better than whats already been said in this thread. Very reflective, pensive evening for me. Good luck coach Miles, and thanks for all your hard work the last 7 years. Nothing but best wishes for your future.
  12. Had to log in at work real quick just to up vote this. ?
  13. I'm still in the camp that regardless of coach, the whole Nebraska basketball support and operations from top to bottom needs reviewed, and upgrades, process improvements implemented as needed. This try a new coach every 7, 8 years, rinse, repeat, rebuild, is tiresome. The administration needs to figure out a way to do things as good, or better, than the top programs in the country, and strive for that every day. If Marc Boehm can help the administration do that, then great!
  14. While this seems to point to Moos doing his due diligence, as he should. This makes me a bit uncomfortable, since we still have a coach preparing players for a game Wednesday. If we make a run in the NIT, this speculation may go on for a few weeks. Not sure its right.
  15. Wow, listing it all out like that really hits it home for me. Great post. This tells me Miles is the least of our problems. How can an athletic administration be so lacking. And folks think we're going to get a top coach to come here?
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