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  1. We lose a lot, so makes it easier to complain, i guess is my theory. Reverse our record and the narrative changes a bunch, is my hunch.
  2. I actually thought we moved the ball pretty good to start the game. Then it kind of went away. Fatigue factored in I'm sure. Like with football, not a year I'm getting too upset, with the pandemic I'm just happy all are healthy again. I'm able to watch some live Husker sports which is a good reprieve from our real world problems right now. Hope the GA mentioned above gets better soon, such a scary virus.
  3. I should find some YouTube games of Hoiberg's Iowa State teams, might make me feel better on what Hoiberg wants to see on offense. I have re-watched UCF's bowl game win against Auburn to feel better about Frost's offense a few times in the last 3 season . It worked there, it can work here, right?
  4. Still behind Hoiberg to turn this around. He had to start from scratch, at a program that hasn't had any sustained success since the 90's. We have some pieces, they just aren't fitting together. Hoiberg sees it too, he knows. Trust the process. Looking micro I can get pretty upset. Choosing to look macro right now. It wasn't that long ago I was at PBA cheering when we were picked for the dance. It will happen again.
  5. Scanning the thread here and didn't see anything on the two new eligible players Lakes and Andre. Full disclosure I only watched the first half and didn't see Andre play. Lakes, looked a bit slow on Defense, maybe still getting up to game speed?
  6. UNO? That would be 3 games in 4 days for them.
  7. I thought it was good for the team to play a game early in the season with foul trouble. I think when it happens again this season they will be more comfortable with the rotation and rolls. Hoping the team learned a lot and got better, the most you can ask for these early season games.
  8. I was just about to make a similar post regarding the Kavas comparison. I remember telling friends, "wasn't Kavas supposed to be a 3 point specialist"? I'm hoping Hoiberg has had more time to evaluate this go round, and Lakes>Kavas.
  9. Wow, no true freshman? I guess the rebuild is still in the early stages. Is the entire roster going to be 1 and 2 and done guys most years under Hoiberg? I guess it is what it is.
  10. As the dark ages of Husker sports continues tonight against Michigan. Fast forward a year: Yes please.
  11. I doubt Hoiberg's rules/expectations are very complicated. Life decisions are just harder for some kids. He's messing up such great opportunity, which unfortunately he wont realize until its probably too late. Good luck to the kid.
  12. An as expected season, nothing to get too upset about. I'm hoping Hoiberg can build a program, not just a team for a season or two. Relying on JUCO recruits, if that is what is going to happen, meh. Hoiberg knows best. It is what it is. Has any of the big three Husker men's sports exceeded anyone's expectations for the last 10-20 years? Maybe the month, basically, of good basketball we got from Tim Miles in 2014 to get us into the NCAA tourney? I'm just more disappointed in the athletic department as a whole. How did this once proud athletic department get to this point? T
  13. Jury is still out with me on Cam Mack. His defense is, not consistent, to be nice. Free throws, 3 pt shot (flat), finishing at the rim, and apparently time management, all need work. He can dish it though, and shoots a mean "air" arrow into the crowd when he makes a shot. He's got a long way to go. Hopefully he commits to doing so, he has a great opportunity and coaching staff to get him there. I'm glad Hoiberg is setting program expectations and following through.
  14. Very unimpressed, expectations were low to begin with. With that said, effort should be a given, and saw too many times Rutgers out work us, on our own court! I feel pretty distanced from this team, I guess been through 1 too many rebuilds in my day. A few other observations... Cross, yikes Kavas, yikes Burke Jr, very slim, skinny legs Team shot selection, blah Team defense, seems to be optional, blah Team/program has a long way to go, another long cold winter in Lincoln.
  15. I think coach Sadler coming back to NU says a lot about how special a place Nebraska and Lincoln is. What kind of a leader coach Hoiberg is. Also speaks to the character of coach Sadler. Welcome back to the family coach Sadler, I know you're going to give it your all to DONU (for a second time ?). Make sure the vending machines have plenty of Mt. Dew at Hendricks. ?
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