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  1. Not advocating for anything. Just responding to the comment about how many current recruits a new coach could retain. Sounds like you would agree it doesn't really matter if we keep any of them. We'll be starting over, most likely a multiyear project to look forward to, no matter how many recruits are retained is all I was trying to say.
  2. Rinse, repeat about every 5, 6, 7 years. Never get used to it really.
  3. We've gone down this road before. If we want the recruits coming in to stay, retain coach Miles. Move on from coach Miles, the kids need to do whats best for them and their life. The new coach will get his recruits. It will be a rebuild. By year 4 we should be really good, right? pff
  4. Huskerone

    Marc Boehm

    Not going to disagree. I think all of the basketball program needs a look if we're blowing this thing up.
  5. Huskerone


    I'll say it again, feel fortunate that the BIG allowed us in the conference. We haven't done much for the brand since joining, other than Volleyball.
  6. Hey, now for the BIG post game, more Nebraska sympathy comments. Yeah!
  7. worse free throw shooter, Thor, Brady, or Tanner. Yikes.
  8. Sure feel fortunate that the BIG allowed us into their conference. We haven't done much for their brand other than Volleyball.
  9. We've blown a lot of chances to beat teams this year.
  10. Off to the "who should be our coach next year" thread. Fun.
  11. Hey at least we have a nice arena and practice facility. pff.
  12. Yep, so much promise, most want to just blow it up and start over. Rinse, repeat every 6-7 years. Such is Nebrasketball life.