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  1. That's what see said! (that ought to bring Norm out of his self imposed isolation)
  2. Doesn't really fit here but a tribute to one of the great American song writers who passed away yesterday from Covid-19 - RIP John Prine.
  3. Why not have this get crazier, fits in with the big ole goofy world we're living in now.
  4. Colour me surprised it was that one. Is it to early for a pint of ale?
  5. Has he been in the locker room with either?
  6. Yes he could have helped us win. HE chose NOT to sign on the dotted line so the fact that he is NOT in the locker room is on HIM. (Cue the gov that I despise the kid).
  7. Hoping with a year in weight room the two bigs from this year get stronger and with at least with two of the sit out transfers and Allen we add bulk (much needed) which will help with boxing out. Far to many really skinny dudes this year.
  8. I love Thor's effort, did even when he got spot minutes under Miles. But if he starts next year, unless he elevates his game as much between this year and next as he did before this year, we are in trouble. Not saying he should be buried way down the bench but I would hope we've "over recruited" him.
  9. Hope he finds a place where being things like on time to team meetings, making curfew and whatever team rule he thought he was above are not enforced.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxOJ7hh3H-I Sorry won't let me embed it
  11. Guess I will not worry about attrition until year 3. If we are still seeing this kind of of roster turnover, all thought given what college basketball has become with regard to leaving it may not change, I will be worried.
  12. REDitus he ran his system with players he had to piece meal together, at least that is what I keep telling myself to make 7 and the season seem better. With a year to evaluate the kids coming in I think we will see the shooting get better. I think going forward the roster will look more like what he would like as a make up and you will see roles defined. Granted, we have been told the kids coming in could shoot the rock in the past and well, as we all know, they struggled.
  13. Do we kick the tires with Trey Jackson who has left Missouri? 6-8 and only a freshman but I think was a 4 star coming out of high school.
  14. Guess it wasn't, just went that way since it was based on a true story.
  15. Okay I will play Wizard of Oz Slapshot The Shawshank Redemption The Longest Yard (orignal) Forrest Gump Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Green Mile The Outlaw Josey Wales Grumpy Old Men The Notebook Blindside A league of their own Dances with Wolves Radio It's a wonderful life Sound of Music Blazing Saddles Terms of Endearment Hidden Figues Red Dawn The Breakfast Club Animal House
  16. Anyone with Slap Shot in their list is okay with me. Bring on the Hansen brothers.
  17. Many here are saying Wes who and clicking the Google button.
  18. He may have gone even if he had not gotten into trouble in Minnesota, but makes me wonder what the heck those two did to get suspended like that. Oh well, as was said, he was so hit and miss, hopefully we will find more consistent.
  19. Now if he goes to Texass I MIGHT start to disdain him :)
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