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  1. Sorry the kid could have signed, didn't, the coaches kept recruiting and he decided there wasn't enough me my I in it for him and HE chose to move on. Could it come back to bite the staff in the ass if the kid lights it up some place else, yep, but he comes across as very needy with the they needed to show me more love.
  2. Bucky Badger 75 Nebraska 68 4 Bonus question should have been how many times will Davison flop orr punch a Nebraska player in the man parts.
  3. Given our history, Arop would have gone up to dunk it and jammed it into the bottom of the rim. :)
  4. Great second half. Really need to hope the guys coming back work on shooting the 3. We struggle sooooooo bad with that.
  5. Hell the Chubbies won a title for the first time in 100 years. The Twins have a chance.
  6. Well he seems, based on photo, to understand that if you put your body between the ball and the other guy your chances improve a lot for getting the rebound.
  7. Well hopefully by next year, we realize we need to cover him. He has to be averaging like 22 against us this year.
  8. To bad HE refused to sign on the dotted line when asked to.
  9. Green was the only bright spot today less two air ball 3s
  10. Green - Best game easily as a Husker. Yvan - just a poor game for him Thor - really looked like the Thor of years past today. Just added very little. Cross - Looked over matched today Mack - better than last game but still not one of his better games Burke - played well for the most part, forced things a few times but far from our issues today. Cheatham - AWOL today and hopefully the calf injury is not serious but it sure looks like it. Arop - Raw but liked the hustle and effort. Kavas - Who would have guessed how poorly he would be offensively when he signed. He really struggles on defense but really figured he would give us some points along the way. Easley - Love the effort on defense, is a liability on offense when the game is not out of hand. Came out flat to start the game and again at half time. Not sure what happens at half but we HAVE to be better in the first 5 minutes of the second half.
  11. Sorry Scott, it's called sportsmanship. Something lost on today's youth.
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