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Nebraska (7-1) vs. Minnesota (5-3) Game Thread


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Fred's post-Tuesday-practice, pre-flight-to-Minny press conf notes:

  • Obviously we didn’t play very well and they (CU) played great
  • Certainly a growing and learning opportunity for our team (Sunday). We’ve had good energy since and responded well like we thought we would. Now we have to carry it over to tomorrow night.
  • They (Minny) are one of the more physical teams in our league – we have to be much better denying offensive rebounds.
  • I just want to see a competitive group – no reason to believe that won’t happen. It was a lengthy film session after CU – then we really got after it the past couple of days.
  • We did not play a smart basketball game vs CU. We were 2-18 on contested rim attempts, can’t do that vs. Kalkbrenner.
  • It's our first opportunity playing in a true road game, and we’ll see how we respond. If it’s anything like the last couple of days, we’ll play with great effort.
  • It's been everybody leading the effort and setting the tone in practice with their voices – it’s been all of them. I told them anybody that’s not going to talk is not going to be on the floor. No one got pulled off the floor. Now must take it from the practice court to the game – if we can communicate for 40 minutes and execute the game plan, going to give ourselves a chance. We didn’t do that Sunday.
  • Garcia has to be guarded (i.e., helped) with the whole team when he has the ball – have to do everything you can to contest him – try not to let him get easy ones. He’s a heckuva player.
  • Prepared to use Mast-Allick-Gary together on the floor – as we see larger opponents, we’ll need them playing together some. We still have some lineup combos we haven’t seen as much of & that's one of them – we’ll use those 3 when we need more physicality. We’ll see how we play with that lineup.
  • We’re the oldest team in the big ten – have seen leadership from this group. That’s why we had such good effort this week – veteran guys setting the tone in practice and putting Sunday behind us. Now must carry over what we worked on in practice to the game at Minny. That's been (leadership) the makeup of this team all season.
  • First game with late time start – want to set the tone early. But there’s so many runs in the game these days with the 3pt shot, have to ride the waves. Vs Mizzou, Minny was up 20 and they had a run that went the wrong way. Vs Ohio St they had a run that nearly went the right way when they were down 20. Gotta keep playing hard, don’t worry about runs. Stay in the moment.


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3 hours ago, throwback said:

Garcia has to be guarded (i.e., helped) with the whole team when he has the ball – have to do everything you can to contest him – try not to let him get easy ones. He’s a heckuva player.


Garcia is going to score. I'm more worried about Cam Christie and his mid-range getting going.

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3 hours ago, cipsucks said:

I can still recall, the wheat fields of St. Paul.  I was 12 when this song came out.  I thought he was singing about St. Paul, Nebraska.  Probably not.  I've since learned there is no wheat in that part of Nebraska.  Mrs. cip and I actually saw Lobo at Pershing.  He was good!



Where is Stonewall Jackson’s version?😉

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On 12/4/2023 at 12:44 PM, hskr4life said:

Minny has one of the better boards out there at Gopher Hole and I wandered over there this morning.  They aren't too confident, but also see this as a must win if they want to make anything of this season.  They've already played their first game and are 0-1.  They don't expect a large crowd, so jumping on them early would be fantastic.




They're in the part of the Ben Johnson era where there is a thread called "Midseason termination is not a bad thing"

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Hey, I like Celine but it seems like there are far better choices for pump up music before the game.  Unless of course, this is a brilliant troll job by Minnesota over our Creighton loss. Now, if Keisei goes out and drops 30, I expect a petition to be circulated that mandates Celine be played before all games.



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