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Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer


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Guys, I've been hearing some buzz from a few people so I'm going to run with it today.

If it's not happening, then no worries; being an internet dummy is nothing new.

If it is happening, it's not because of this post.


Hearing that Jordy is transferring mid-semester.  Not sure of the specifics but I'm hoping this isn't true, that I'm dumb, and he's on a flight to Happy Valley today.  I hope he isn't under the mistaken premise that he doesn't fit in on this team because he's easily the best guy on the roster to defend Mike Watkins.

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1 minute ago, hskr4life said:

What the..... what!?!?


I guess for all those that want Isiah to start....


This is sadly disappointing if true though.


How can he transfer!?!?  Isn't semester already started?

Isn't there a period where you can transfer after the semester starts?


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Just now, huskerbaseball13 said:

And the PBA rims and backboard rejoice. Bad basketball player but will certainly hurt our depth going forward. 


Wow, if he transfers, comments like this sure as hell don't help. Don't forget guys like Tai Webster and Frank Kaminsky didn't exactly light it up their first two seasons.

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