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  1. These situations are always fluid and subject to change, but as of a month ago, he was telling folks associated with the program that he was leaving. It's possible he's changed his mind.
  2. No one should expect Nana to be back next year. He's gone as far as I've heard.
  3. This is Moos buying a year to find his guy. There's certainly a downside to this approach. The uncertainty of Miles' contract and the improbability that he'd get a lengthy extension may have been a major factor in Kenya Hunter leaving for UConn. I haven't heard anything, but it seems logical that it would have been a factor. Hunter's departure created a domino effect that resulted in the loss of Xavier Johnson, which is a huge blow to this team. If this is a cost-benefit type of situation, then I'd say the costs are mounting if the contract situation led to Hunter leaving. Again, though, I can't say definitively that Hunter wouldn't have bolted for UConn even if Miles had gotten a big extension. I just hope the benefit is sufficient to give fans something to get excited about again, because the loss of Hunter and Johnson is enormous from a personnel standpoint.
  4. I'm not an AD or someone who's very knowledgeable about coaches out there and who's realistic. I'd start with Greg Popovich and Jay Wright and go from there.
  5. Well, Altman was a special case due to being a native Nebraskan and having familiarity with the program. As I posted before, a one-year extension for Miles would buy Moos another year to work on other possibilities. Of course he has a list handy, but that doesn't imply that any reciprocal interest will exist. I just don't believe we're going to see Miles replaced with another mid-major roll of the dice. They've got big money to throw at this problem and are targeting proven winners. When you're Nebraska, that's a tough plan to execute, but I know the willingness and financial commitment are there. Now that football is "fixed," basketball is next. It may take some time though.
  6. I really don't believe some folks here appreciate what's been going on behind the scenes with our basketball program. Let's start with the aggressive pursuit of Dana Altman, which our AD has denied, and many here believed him. Sorry, but that's nonsense. As I posted when this was going on a couple of weeks ago, Nebraska fans are not entitled to full disclosure from the AD about what's going on behind the scenes with the basketball program. He was asked about Altman, flat denied it (lying in the process), and I have no problem with that. It's not the type of information that needs to be admitted publicly. Altman turned us down, so it ended there. The AD is not going to admit that publicly. If you took his denial at face value, you may not understand how the game is played. If you believe Nebraska didn't make a very lucrative offer to Dana Altman, you've bought into a lie. Tim Miles and his staff were very aware of the offer to Altman. They're very well aware that the relationship between Nebraska and Miles is not a long-term partnership, but rather a temporary alliance out of convenience and, in reality, only set to continue for a while longer because the AD hasn't found "his guy" yet. Tim knows this because the AD has been more than honest with him in this regard. Tim knows the score and his assistants know the score. He understands that this entails the possibility that some will seek greener pastures. How could they not be expected to do so? He likely has encouraged them to take care of their business and do what they have to do. If you like Tim Miles and believe he's the future of this basketball program, you're entitled, but just know that the AD doesn't share your perspective. Tim's on borrowed time and is only still here because the home run hire the AD seeks has not been secured. Nebraska under Bill Moos is not prepared to accept a future in which the program continues to be a doormat in college basketball. I understand we just came off a very successful year by Nebraska standards, but the old standards that many here seem to accept as the appropriate reference are not considered to be acceptable by the people currently in charge of this athletic department. They've set their sights much higher and are no longer prepared to accept sustained mediocrity. Tim is a .500 coach at Nebraska who has not built anything sustainable from year to year. Some people believe that Miles and his staff are somehow "in limbo" as a result of the slow pace of Moos' progress in extending a new contract to Miles. While this may be true to an extent, there is very little uncertainty among the parties involved about the fact that the AD is not a Tim Miles fan and does not consider him to be the future of this program. So, there's no "in limbo" situation here. Kenya Hunter knew he was on a path that will soon hit a dead end, so he chose a different path. That's called being smart and taking care of your family. Anyone who has resentment toward Kenya has not correctly assessed the situation in my opinion.
  7. You're just not looking at this from a realistic perspective. Tim Miles' job security is poor. Hanging by a thread is probably the best way to describe it right now. Tim knows it, his assistants know it and his players know it. What you're seeing are people trying to secure a stable future for themselves and their families, which they have every right to do, and which no reasonable person could challenge or dispute. If you know your boss isn't likely to survive for very much longer in his current role, would you not secure something more stable for you and your family? Making Nebraska great again doesn't pay college tuition or a mortgage.
  8. I continue to be baffled about why people believe there are only two viable scenarios here -- all in or all out on Miles. Again, I see three scenarios: 1) You believe Miles is the guy - Go all in and offer a major extension 2) You don't believe Miles is the guy and you have his replacement in the bag - Go all out, fire Miles and hire the new guy to a big contract worthy of his status in the profession 3) You don't believe Miles is the guy but you don't have your guy yet - Offer a small extension to buy time and be prepared to have recruiting affected for one year (but you'd better have your guy in the bag a year from now) As I've said, I believe option #3 is the one Moos will choose, and I see his logic.
  9. Sorry, I'm not deliberately trying to ignore your posts. I just didn't notice that you used the word "contract" instead of "extension," so, yes, we're talking about a two-year difference in contract duration. Sorry about that. I believe there's a lot of sensitivity among the AD, Regents and top boosters about how many coaches we're paying right now. We're currently paying three different football HCs. I don't think it's thriftiness, but rather a sense of prudence and fiscal responsibility that's driving these decisions. They're not looking to hand out free money, but I believe they'll pay top dollar to land the right guy.
  10. I don't see it that way. The reason why is that if another coach were hired next year to replace Miles, that coach and his staff would bring their own cultivated relationships with them, just as Frost and his staff did. These relationships are portable.
  11. No, I'm talking about a one-year extension (not a 3-year extension) and you're talking about a five-year extension. Your assumption that a one-year extension puts us right back in the same place a year from now isn't necessarily true. If you give him a one-year extension, you're doing so to buy yourself another year to find a replacement. We're not necessarily right back where we started. Granted, if we're having this same conversation a year from now and Moos doesn't have a replacement secured, then it will have been a failed gambit. There's a lot of short-term thinking going on here. People are very focused on one recruiting class. The AD is likely thinking much longer term than many fans are. I personally believe that Moos isn't a big fan of Tim Miles and that he's much more likely to buy himself another year to get this sorted out than he is to give a major extension to a coach he doesn't believe is the guy. I understand how Miles supporters would be very frustrated by a one-year extension, but if you're not sold on Miles, then a five-year extension (or even a 3-year extension) is a terrible move. I'm fairly certain in saying that Bill Moos is not overly concerned about the 2018-2019 recruiting class. He's focused on what this program needs to do in order to be a major contender in five years, 10 years, etc. and which path is going to be most conducive to getting the program where he wants it. If you like Miles and believe he's the guy to lead this program forward, then of course you'd want to offer him a big extension. I totally get that. I just don't believe Moos is in that camp.
  12. I really have to disagree with this reasoning. Consider the following scenario: imagine you're not really sold on Miles as the long-term leader of the program but you don't want to roll the dice on another mid-major type guy and are determined that you'll only replace Miles if you can find a coach you consider to be a home run hire. Given what I just outlined, what is the best course of action? In such a scenario, it would not be prudent to cut Miles loose without having secured the home run hire you want to replace him with. It also would not be prudent to give him a lengthy extension, as then you're just putting good money after bad, investing heavily in an asset you don't believe will pay dividends. This is why, in such a hypothetical scenario, the middle path seems logically to be the most prudent, which is to keep Miles for at least another year, buying you time to find a replacement. In this scenario, a short-term extension is the most prudent option. This is the scenario that I don't believe Bahe was considering in his tweet.
  13. Yes, in the realm of ADs, he's one of the most candid you'll find. That doesn't imply full candor in all matters, however. He's also human, not Vulcan, so... FYI, I believe Miles will be our coach next year too. I just don't believe he'll get anywhere near the length of extension he wants. I say 1-2 years max.
  14. Moos is not obligated to share his true thought process with Lee B, the fans or anyone else not relevant to the situation. He is under no obligation whatsoever to be candid.
  15. People really believe he was going to admit it? Come on...
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