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  1. And not sure how they got a tie up out of that? Law didn't get possession of the ball until the whistle had blown.
  2. Seemed like Huskers would get some momentum and have chance to put NW away but poor shot selection/bad turnover/questionable decision making would allow them to hang around. Holding Pardon under 20 was my hope and when he only had 2 at half but only led by 5 had me concerned. Watson took it to basket more than he has recently and Allen seems to be more aggressive with the ball in his hands as well. Not sure there has been much change to the offense but the cuts are harder which has opened up some back door chances. Roby played very good but does he have Mickey Joseph hands? He has trouble handling the ball on his dribble but boy howdy does go up and get rebounds. He had 2 highlight reel rejections. And not sure if anyone else heard it but a fan at the top of section 120 or 121 hollered "get Borchardt out of the game". A fan farther down hollered back, "Shut up". This happened after a pass intended for Tanner running the floor was tipped away by NW player. I give credit to both Tanner for hustling to get a possible lay up and whoever attempted the pass. Got to reward big guys when they run the floor.
  3. I agree. Some people over there think he's gone and others think he gets another year. Hmmm?
  4. Well I decided to peruse the Minnesota message board (Gopherhole) and someone started a thread on January 9th about Pitino getting fired and his possible replacements and it is 20 pages long. This thread started January 26th and is on its 21st page so we have that going for us. On a side note, one of the posters even said Miles would be a possible candidate if Gophers send Pitino packing and Nebraska does same with Miles.
  5. -Stull for Minny isn't very good. He had no chance guarding Palmer and Watson. Wished he would've played more. -Watson guarding Coffey was effective. Not sure why Slick Rick jr. didn't have him post Glynn up. -Murphy may be considered a beast but he has great touch around the basket for such a physical player. -Charge on Murphy was on other end of court so didn't get good look. Appeared to be good call. Not sure why Slick Rick jr. had him drive? -Last call was definitely questionable. However, did see a still photo that showed Coffey brought his arms down about 45 degrees. And how many times have we seen Borchardt and Roby get called for that very thing.
  6. They only had 6 players in uniform when they played in opening round of Crossroads conference tourney and started at least 2 freshmen and possibly a 3rd. Started year with 9 on roster and thought I heard best player injured his knee(?) and hasn't played for a while. Not sure what happened to other 2. So think it is just a down cycle right now as someone told me their numbers will go up in next few years.
  7. rr52


    And if a bball coach comes to NU and does what Snyder did for K-St. football they too will get a statue and probably the court named after them.
  8. rr52

    Rock Bottom!

    I blame it on Moos going to the Indiana game. Haven't won since.
  9. When I saw that Matta was 51 I was thinking oops, they hit a 5 instead of a 6 on the keyboard. I asked a few other friends how old they thought he was and they to guessed older than 51 as well. Regardless of that, if there is an opening he is a guy that I like.
  10. Triple threat position? And the option the Huskers usually go to is the dribble like you said.
  11. Bingo! I actually don't mind if a 3 is taken early in the shot clock as long as it is an open look. Unfortunately for this team, as my dad used say, "They can't hit the broad side of barn with a baseball bat".
  12. 3 of 23 on three pointers?!?!?!
  13. I'm getting same look/feel on Allen.
  14. Foul Feliz… a 75% ft shooter but won't foul Happ?