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  1. That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George has sex with the cleaning lady. "Is that frowned upon?"
  2. Working on his jumper? That shot may work in Milwaukee 40+ rec league but that ball is 4 rows deep versus a division 1 player taller than 6'3".
  3. Ask Pollard if he won't renew a basketball rivalry maybe some future home and homes on the baseball diamond would suffice?
  4. Beilein's culture seemed to be doing quite well. Jay in another motorcycle wreck and in a coma for last decade?
  5. Beilein is/was one of the best college basketball coaches around. If he fails in NBA he won't be unemployed long as others have mentioned. I was going to say that I hope Michigan slips a little and Huskers overtake them but to heck with that. Hope they remain at same level they are at and Huskers overtake them.
  6. After what was brought up today about Arizona not sure NCAA can turn a blind eye.
  7. It just made me hungry. I like ketchup and mustard.
  8. 1st and 2nd round games in Albany, Tampa, St. Louis, Spokane, Greensboro, OMAHA, Cleveland and Sacramento. Regional semi's and finals in Houston, Indianapolis, New York and Los Angeles.
  9. Decided to peruse some other (Iowa, Michigan and MSU) B10 boards and 99% on Iowa board said no way would Hoiberg show up because it's Nebraska. But since hire was announced most of them are sure Fred will best Fran since he already has a 4-1 record versus Fran. As for the other 2 boards the consensus is it is a waste of money as Hoiberg is just here to collect the check. Also it is impossible to recruit to Lincoln and basketball at Nebraska will never be any good. I guess I didn't realize East Lansing and Ann Arbor were vacation get aways like Blacksburg, VA and Lubbock, TX.
  10. Didn't go back and search it up but I posted back in "Possible replacements if Miles fired" thread that Hoiberg would not consider coaching at Nebraska per a relative of his. I'm here to take my punishment but will do so with a smile on my face knowing that he is now our coach. Dilly, Dilly...Go Big Red
  11. Definitely some bigs on that list that should be considered. LaMont West from West Virginia averaged 11 points and 4 rebounds and 33% from 3 point range. Made 154 3's while at WVU.
  12. Stolen from another board..."Go Big Fred"!
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