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  1. And he is playing 23-24 minutes a game.
  2. Shooting elbow or left elbow? Defender was on Burke's left side.
  3. So I went to to a couple Io_a message boards just seeing how bad it was. (Not sure why I put myself through it.) You actually are being somewhat kind in your assessment.
  4. Green and Kavas went to check in during second half and were sitting at scorers table with about 8 minutes left (7:56). Think that is when Easley grabbed loose ball on the floor and called timeout and evidently HCFH thought the extra length of time out gave the guys on the floor a good enough rest. Hopefully someone can clarify but think the time out was longer because it coincided with the "under 8" timeout?
  5. Not sure if it had anything to do with being down 13 to Rutgers at halftime but Jervay seemed less than interested while warming up for 2nd half. I seen him shoot 2 times while lazily dribbling at 3 point line and take couple steps in and shoot 17 footer off of 1 foot. He spent last minute of warm up holding basketball underneath basket talking to other players. I have no issue with his minutes being cut back. And got to talking with friends beside me and things will be much different and better next year with Blanton, Walker, Stephenson and Allen coming in. Or least that is the eternal Nebraska basketball optimist coming out in me.
  6. Wasn't this guy on Seinfeld? Oh my bad that was Pat Mayo.
  7. There was a video clip of Sallis making the rounds on Twitter from his game last night. He puts a move on a guy in the backcourt and the defender looks like he hit a patch of ice and goes down. It happened right in front of the Millard North student section and they go crazy. Sallis then continues down court and makes great pass to a teammate who finishes with a dunk. So hoping he wants to continue his basketball career for the Huskers.
  8. Allen averaged 7 points, 2.7 rebounds and .5 assists per game for a West Virginia team that got beat 90-78 in the Sweet 16 by eventual national champ Villanova. He averaged 11.9 minutes per game. I have no issues with him being a Husker but would believe he would be on a short leash for off court issues if they arose.
  9. John Gaffney was the ref that made the call. So picking on an esteemed Loper alum will get overlooked at this time. ;)
  10. That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George has sex with the cleaning lady. "Is that frowned upon?"
  11. Working on his jumper? That shot may work in Milwaukee 40+ rec league but that ball is 4 rows deep versus a division 1 player taller than 6'3".
  12. Ask Pollard if he won't renew a basketball rivalry maybe some future home and homes on the baseball diamond would suffice?
  13. Beilein's culture seemed to be doing quite well. Jay in another motorcycle wreck and in a coma for last decade?
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