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  1. Does anybody think that there is chance that door reopens to bring Williams in?
  2. Murrell's touches in 4th qtr were limited and not sure why. He finished with 11 point on 5-5 fg's.
  3. Vedral with 13:13 to go in 1st half after Easley and Thorir collide and both have to leave game.
  4. Huskers were 5-8 on ft's at one point in the game. So they made 3 of their last 22?!?! For those scoring at home that's a whopping 13.63%. I may try to shoot 30 tomorrow and report my results.
  5. Very impressive group of talent. And to think many of them are just juniors and sophomores.
  6. Agree with kick out but don't blame Cam one bit. Thor broke to basket but a kick to him for corner 3 to win also possible.
  7. That's what I thought but they wouldn't show a decent replay. Is that reviewable? They missed the call on Ayala's lay up where he was out of bounds also. The baseline must be tough to watch.
  8. Seems like teams are figuring out how to play defense against us. Chase shooters off the 3 pt line and have a big to defend the rim.
  9. It didn't seem slow down Grayson Allen. And with so many camera's and angles it is pretty tough to get away with stuff like that. The threat of being caught should be a deterrent but he just keeps doing it. The one where he tries to slide his foot under Jordan Murphy coming down with a rebound, is the worst, I think. That could've been a severe injury situation.
  10. Sure most if not all have seen the clip of Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach John McKay when asked about his teams execution. His reply was somewhere along the lines of he was all for it.
  11. And he is playing 23-24 minutes a game.
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