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  1. RealTimerpi had me at 10-1 start in conference and then sealed the deal with 20 point win over Iowa.
  2. Is that a 4 year program? Masters degree?
  3. Palmer didn't have a rebound. (And I'm not complaining) But wonder the last time a guy scored 30 points and didn't get rebound.
  4. Man, does my morning Pepsi taste good. Complete team effort. Didn't matter who Crayton directed there defense someone else made a play for the Huskers. And I know I'm stretching by saying "Crayton defense". And some of you will have to help me recalling this but there was sequence in the 1st half where Allen blocked a lay-up and NU scored off it and then I think Copeland blocked another lay-up and NU scored on that. It seemed like after that the team in blue decided to not attack the basket as much and began settling for jump shots. Because in 2nd half there appeared to be a few times there was a lane to the basket for them but they would pull up or back out and shoot the jumper.
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    Anyone know if there

    I'll take 2...extra cheese hold the ass.
  6. Copeland gets bumped on drive on drive and no call. I posted in other thread about refs waiting and wanting to call something on NU during Illinois game. Copeland technical was perfect example. Huskers have to play smart and I don't give a crap about playing with swagger or talking is part of the game. Scoreboard does the talking!!!
  7. Ref appeared to be ready to call a block but then realized it was Palmer and called charge.
  8. It was after a free throw so hardly a "dagger" moment. And with the incompetence of the officials that seem to find there way onto the PBA court no use giving them another reason to prove that incompetence.
  9. Mike Eades, Tom Eades or any Eades with a whistle is an incompetent fool. Palmer needs to let his game do the talking. The refs are watching him and a stupid technical because he is running his mouth could cost us a game. After one of his free throws in the 1st half he ran directly to the guy he was guarding and was talking to him all the way down the court, along the baseline and back up the sideline to where the NU coaches sit on the bench. The players need to realize that some of these officials are just watching and waiting for them to do something so that they can give them a "T". And speaking of the officiating? Has anyone else noticed that when the NU bench stands to cheer a nice play, the refs will motion for them to sit down? But yet yesterday the Illinois bench was standing and never got this signal? And I've also noticed this same thing several times over the past few years. The refs make our bench sit down but opposing teams aren't.
  10. Aurora had the chance to opt up to class B but their school board voted (3-3, needed 4-2 majority to opt up) to stay in C-1. This vote took place in November of 2017. And 1 reason they participate in C-1 in football and B in basketball is because some smaller schools co-op football but go back on their own for basketball. With the increase in teams for basketball, teams will get bumped in class. And unfortunately I heard that the Hampton boys basketball team is forfeiting their game tomorrow night because of low participation numbers.
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    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    If he wants to flop I go at him in first few minutes of a game and make him "earn" that charge. And by earn it, I mean flatten him and make him hit the floor hard. And then inform him that it won't be the only time he will get "charged" into all night.
  12. Had a meeting so only got to watch 1st half and last second inbound pass. Sounds like it saved me from cussing outbursts and getting worked up. But hey, I'm okay with that as long as it still ends up in the win column. This is when my lowkey superstitiousness takes over and I think Huskers do better when I don't watch. Then I realize I can't remember things walking from room to room so don't think I have the power to decide the outcomes of Nebraska basketball games.
  13. Look up the Little Johnny joke about potentially and realistically. It describes this situation pretty close.