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  1. Hopefully we put up a nice big crooked number tonight. The guys at the plate could use a confidence boost. I'm starting to become concerned that the offensive slump is rearing its ugly head at the wrong time again. A big night vs UNO hopefully will bring the bats back to life.
  2. RPI jumped up 8 spots with that win. Any road win is a biggie. That by far was our toughest matchup of the weekend.
  3. Hoiberg just offered. Perfect fit for his offense.
  4. Yeah, the NCAA has been extra lenient these days. Would not surprise me one bit if Ntambwe and Tchtchoua got a waiver to play right away since there was a coaching change at UNLV. Add Green and Mack and throw in a guy like Ntambwe and we become a very interesting team next year. Still probably a big man short but man we will be fun to watch.
  5. I would be all for Doc returning. His issues at Nebraska were not due to defense. We were always very sound in that department The other end of the court was a different story.
  6. Ntambwe also recently visited UCONN and is given high praise from UNLV assistant coach saying he will be a pro in two years and would have eventually been Mountain West player of the year had he stayed with the Running Rebels. https://www.ctpost.com/uconn/article/UNLV-transfer-Joel-Ntambwe-who-visited-UConn-13736378.php
  7. To be fair, you are comparing apples to oranges right now when talking about freshman Johnny Dorn vs Freshman Kyle Perry. By years end, Dorn was in the starting rotation in place of a guy who has been years in the majors(Duensing.). And the other weekday guy was Tony Watson. But, I don’t expect us to have a Johnny Dorn every year but if people actually believe that our pitching depth now is equivalent to our haydays in the Big 12 they are dreaming. Again, I don’t see how that comment would upset some. As for the pitching staff this year it looks like we have solidified our starting rotation and they have been nails thus far in Big Ten play. But to my point, luckily thus far they have been able to go far into games because our bullpen is shaky right now. Our bullpens ERA is 5.2. Not horrible, but not good. Hopefully they can get Luensmann going because he will be a key cog down the stretch.
  8. Thanks. I have no doubt you have a source that may or may not have information and I welcome anyone on this board to share what they know have heard. But, you still haven’t really shared anything outside of saying you have heard rumors. What are those rumors specifically? But I guess I don’t really care at this point. Matt’s here to stay. And quite honestly as long as he’s not handing out bags of cash getting a bit dirty with the rest of the college basketball world will get us closer to being on an even playing field. It’s still the Wild West our there because the ncaa has no balls.
  9. Yeah and Creighton was a very good team in 2005. We also had a guy named Tony Watson that would eat up innings mid week. I don’t think it was a reach with me saying our pitching depth is not what it was but hey to each their own.
  10. Some people like you simply can’t handle the truth. And the truth may be negative. That’s fine that you choose to be delusional. More power to you. But, I will debate our midweek starters under Erstad vs our best of teams whenever you want if you actually want to get down to it. And I don’t even blame Erstad for that. It’s partly a product of moving to the Big Ten.
  11. Bump. Still curious as to what you have heard in the rumor mill since you are happy to share.
  12. I understand that you try to take offense to anything you perceive as negative but I was really referring to our talent level and not this particular loss. And that’s nothing against Perry who could end up a really good pitcher down the road but right now we don’t know what we will get out of our 4th starter come tourny time.
  13. +1. I watched a few Duquesne games last year and this kid can play. He would look very good in Husker red.
  14. Any idea if he had shoulder surgery? Sounds like that was his issue at FGCU. I read somewhere where the coach said he was injured the whole time because it would pop out of place every week.
  15. Midweek is one of the biggest differences between our program now vs when it was rolling. More often than not we have to trot out a young kid like Perry and you are just not sure what you are going to get from them. Hopefully the team can put it behind them. Penn St is another bad baseball team that we could potentially sweep and get to 10-2 in conference play.
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