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  1. At this point last year, this year we were going to be a shoe in for the NCAA tournament. A top 4 Big Ten team. That hasn't worked out so well. I have a hard time believing that in year 8 we will all of a sudden become a fundamentally sound team on the offensive end. A team that can put the ball in the hole. I would suspect Miles will still get his chance if he can finish strong but it must start tonight with PSU.
  2. huskerbaseball13

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Its the easiest hole on the course. I’m going for it and not thinking twice about it.
  3. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    Probably a long shot...8-12 gets us in contention if we can win out at home and win @PSU. Again, long shot but let’s see what we can do now that we broke the streak.
  4. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    Kevin Kugler. Usually money but that was a screw up
  5. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    If I was a Gopher fan I’d be angry. But, we’ve been on the other end of that type of call so many times. We deserved one to go our way.
  6. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    Glad to see Glynn have a good game. He deserves a strong finish
  7. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    Is zone just not a thing for us anymore? They are killing us down low
  8. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    We have Amir playing the post now. Not sure what’s worse...Miles inability to recruit a bench or his ability to coach offense.
  9. huskerbaseball13

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

    Getting the Tim Miles offensive slump out of the way early tonight. I’m convinced that we just don’t practice on that side of the ball.
  10. huskerbaseball13

    HHCC Game #25 - vs. Minnesota (Feb. 13, 8:00 PM CST)

    Minnesota-72 Huskers-66
  11. huskerbaseball13

    When it rains it pours

    Since Cope's injury Nana is not even averaging double digits in minutes. I don't think it's going to sway the outcome tonight one way or the other unless we get in major foul trouble.
  12. We could do a lot worse, winning is all that matters but it would be nice to have someone that actually plays an exciting brand of basketball. Weber does not fit that mold IMO.
  13. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska football 2019-2020

    I will actually be very surprised if he is released of his scholarship over this.
  14. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    Dont know if the Husker fanbase is the greatest or not but I think we can all agree that the fanbase has zero to do with Miles inability to put together a consistent offense. People can bash on the fanbase all they want...no matter how great they could be it was not going to turn Miles into some great X’s and O’s coach.