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  1. Thanks....it would be huge if we could get him eligible to play this year IMO.
  2. I've been out of the game for awhile. Any word on Stevenson getting a waiver to play this season? Or is that just wishful thinking? I think he is going to be a very important piece of the puzzle. He can provide some help on the boards for a team that will be needing it.
  3. Sounds like Bolt is a done deal. And Jeff Christy should be joining the staff.
  4. And I would gladly take him. Not sure if we could do better than Childress.
  5. Maybe not the Supers...even though I have seen that stat thrown out multiple times to discredit Big Ten baseball. But, you have to get to the supers to have a chance at the CWS. Having more Big Ten baseball programs make the CWS would definitely be good for the conference.
  6. Disagree. 1. Never Creighton. 2. It only helps Nebraska to have other Big Ten schools make it to the CWS and Supers. With that said, maybe a Creighton run will add some pressure on Darin showing that it can be done in this state. And Creighton is far more difficult job.
  7. Yeah I didn’t say we there was no talent at all. The young talent remains to be seen. We have been down this road before and “young talent” end up having marginal careers. Remains to be seen if Erstad/Silva can develop guys like Gomes, Chick, Schwellenbach.
  8. Team didn’t show up today. Hard to complain about the season considering we made a regional with a roster that isn’t exactly loaded with talent. With that said, after 8 years...zero Big Ten tournament titles, and 2-8 in regional play. The question marks around Darin Erstad still linger.
  9. Gomes was living in the mid 90’s to start the year. For whatever reason tonight he was hitting 90-92 and throwing nothing but fastballs which of course one of the better hitting teams in D-1 was going to tee off on. Talks of him becoming a starter next year. If so, hopefully the staff handles him better than they did Luensmann. Luensman went from being a freshman all American to someone who is now relegated to mop up duty.
  10. If I’m Erstad, I would be really pissed at Silva right about now. Just really questionable pitch selection in the 9th.
  11. Hoping to see a lot of pitchers used by Ohio St-Minne today. We have some options. We have some options. Would not surprise me to see Eddins get a few innings today.
  12. Have to think our pitching staff is in the best position going forward compared to other teams. We have not had to burn any of our top arms. I guess i wasnt aware we would play the winner of Maryland/Mich now. I figured it would be Iowa/Minnesota.
  13. Looking doubtful the game will be finished tonight, or started. That will make the Iowa game very important. I’m not sure we have the pitching depth or offensive firepower to win 4 games in two days.
  14. Likely saved Mich season. Lose that game and no way they are getting in. Now they have a chance.
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