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  1. He gone. Not a good sign losing your best and only proven offensive threat going in to a potential make or break year. Frost continuing to take serious L’s on and off the field.
  2. Priority #1 should be keeping Trey happy. I doubt this is what he envisioned when signing at Nebraska. We will likely be looking at 30+ straight conference losing streak. Amazing we got a 5 star to sign up for that. And, it will be open season again for those that want to transfer.
  3. 22 straight Big Ten losses. Doesn’t get much worse than the combination of Nebraska football/basketball. Arguably the worst in the power 5 conferences.
  4. Even *if* that’s the strategy I highly doubt the goal is to be giving up wide open threes. Our rotations are absolutely terrible and have been all year.
  5. If Doc is not going to put out an even semi decent defense get rid of him(again) and at the very least bring in an assistant who is willing to recruit.
  6. On the verge of losing our best offensive player based on reports from 247. Sinking ship
  7. Id imagine our ability to finish at the rim would dramatically improve if we even had a semi serviceable big. Right now the passes to Yvan are more of “whoops why did I do that” and then it turns in to a hot potato. Just look at all the doubling we have to do on defense. Would be nice if teams had to do the same vs us.
  8. That may or may not be true...I have no idea on how the +- looked tonight but I can tell you I’m going to go ahead and say the guy averaging 13/7/5 is having a better year than the guy averaging 3/3/1.
  9. How much Krona is Thor paying you per post? Thor has out played Banton this year? Yes, I do think you are delusional when you are evaluating his play. Stats don’t lie. And he may be the only option we have. So again, that says a heck of a lot about our depth.
  10. At that point Stevenson was more productive than Thor with less minutes. And again, it had zero to do with Stevenson and everything to do with how poorly Thor was playing. And that hasn’t changed. But Stevenson has done nothing to show he deserves minutes as well. The fact that we have to argue that a guard shooting less than 30% from the field, with lackluster defense, who has made it to the line 6 times in 270 minutes is needed within the lineup just goes to show we have a long ways to go with the roster.
  11. Look, I’m really not trying to dog Thor because I think he gives 110% but I guess we aren’t seeing the same player. If he has the IQ, cutting/passing ability everybody says he does I don’t see how his stats are all around terrible.
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