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  1. Good for OU. If Nebraska backs out of this game just add it to the long growing list of embarrassments under Frost.
  2. Whew, like the football program we can now get to what we are best at. The offseason.
  3. This is such a Nebrasketball finish to the season. Just another game choked away with a nice scoring drought to round out the season.
  4. I can only assume you are talking about me considering I live rent free in your head 24/7. But it’s tough to decipher considering you are lucky to put together a coherent post. I’m looking forward to your next direct message to me about how much you hate me. You cry when I post. You cry when I don’t post. Have another beer
  5. As bad as Nebrasketball has been, last years winning record for Rutgers was their first in nearly 15 years. So by all means Rutgers, fire Pikiell and we will trade you spots in the current pecking order.
  6. Walker and Andre are both proving to be very good passers as big men. That is huge in this offense. Im really excited for Andre’s future here. If he can tack in 15-20 pounds in the offseason watch out. Ive been down on Thor all year but I have to give credit where credit is due. He has been nails the past few games. Not sure who is or who isn’t coming back but regardless of how the rest of the season plays out we have some momentum going in to next year.
  7. What a straight butt whoopin. We are building something for next year.
  8. Teddy will be turning 23 years old this offseason. With that in mind i would have been surprised if he was ever considering coming back. He’s never going to be a NBA draft pick so it makes sense to go pro ASAP Guessing he wanted to hang it up for the year due to his injury and Hoiberg told him to take a hike.
  9. Eeek, in all seriousness it sounds like Miles may be the front runner for the Lobos job. I’d like to see him get back in the game and that would be a good job for him. Back to the Skers...the season is a success if we win in Iowa City next week.
  10. Probably fat chance they would consider him at this point but Miles would give his left nut for that job.
  11. Each Senior(guess we are counting Walker today) arguably had their best game of the year. Glad to see Thor and Webster play with some confidence. Hopefully Teddy is alright...not sure if it was his wrist or if he just didn’t have it today. Chance to get 2 more down the stretch. Finish strong for next year.
  12. Great game by Teddy, he has really turned it on over the past couple weeks and even more importantly seems more engaged with the team. He needs some help though, he would be even better if he didn’t have to do it all on the offensive end. That was Banton’s worst game of his Husker career and it came at a bad time. Even an average game out of him and we win.
  13. Not sure what’s wrong with him but we eventually need to find a way for Walker to start giving us 25 minutes a game. Ideally the other 15 go to Andre. Offense flows much better with Walker in the game. The good news is Lat got back in to double digits. He’s starting to look like the player we thought he could be.
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