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  1. Not what I heard....I’ve heard he told coaches he lost interest in playing basketball and wants to focus on the BLM movement. Could be BS. Guess we will see if he ends up anywhere. Unfortunate because he would have helped out quite a bit
  2. I don’t think football is a high priority for JD. Seems like he was burned out. At this point it sounds pretty doubtful he will be returning. Hopefully we now have enough quality depth where Wandale can strictly play WR. Between him and Manning we should be fine at WR as long as they stay healthy.
  3. He can really run the floor. That alone may get him playing time
  4. Was looking forward to watching him vs the Huskers the next two years. I’ve always liked Okie St. Not a believer in the coach but they won’t be short on talent.
  5. This is a pretty huge get. As I posted previously, I watched quite a few Pitt games last year and Trey is a A+ athlete who imo has a stroke that will really flourish under Hoiberg. He will be a very good fit in Hoiberg’s spaced offense.
  6. Solely? No...probably not. Are you saying Hoiberg continuing to recruit other guards, more specifically...other guards that as of right now have more experience than Donovan...wasn’t a factor in his decision? If so, I can only assume you believe Donovan is a liar. So yes, based on his comments and the roster Hoiberg was wanting to assemble he was afraid of competition. Donovan basically said so himself...again, unless you think he is lying for some odd reason. Again, I’m not going to sit here and say Donovan is not some team player because I doubt that to be true. But to place all the blame on Hoiberg for his decommitment is pretty laughable considering Donovan’s words and actions after the fact.
  7. I have no idea if Donovan is poor team player, Miles probably wouldn’t have recruited him if so. With that said, I do know what he said after he decommited. Multiple times bringing up how Nebraska is only wanting to go after JUCO’s and transfers going forward. To say that all Hoiberg had to do was show him a little attention doesnt sound to be the case. Now, had you said all Hoiberg had to do was stop recruiting other guards....then maybe you would have been on to something.
  8. Please don’t mention this, Creighton fans would prefer to bash Hoiberg and Nebraska for throwing Williams to “the trash.” But when you ask why Mcdermott didn’t offer....silence.
  9. Having bet many of Pitt games this past year I will say McGowens has a lot of potential. Pitt’s offense in general was just out of funk most games it seemed. I would be very happy with landing Trey.
  10. Not sure how much stock you can put in to Kobe’s stats. He was obviously unhappy...to the point that his teammates said they would find him crying at halftime. That’s certainly going to effect your play. No offense to Burke who I think could be a very solid player under a different system but he doesn’t have the natural talent that King does IMO.
  11. Just guessing off the limited tape I’ve seen of him, I expect him to be an upgrade from Mack in terms of scoring and shooting. But, he won’t be as good of a distributor. I think Mack was pretty special in that regard so no surprise there.
  12. Stevenson is also more than capable of playing the guard position.
  13. I think that answers our “who is going to start at PG” question.
  14. His original posting did not have that part in the body but he did say on his Instagram message that he would keep his eligibility. He reposted adding that message In the body of the post which is smart because that’s what everyone was reading and didn’t see his message at the bottom.
  15. It may all hinge on how transfers will be handled. I don’t see him wanting to sit out a year. While the suspensions were warranted they were all pretty small in nature outside of missing curfew. Will he mature in the offseason? Not sure. If he’s serious about making a run at the NBA he will have to. I would love to see him on the court with a few guys that can put the ball in the hoop.
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