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  1. I hope he gets a favorable ruling. One of my favorite players on this team and his presence on the boards will be needed this year.
  2. You may want to wait until year 5. I'm afraid even if we somehow correct our issues, that year is going to be pretty brutal. @Oklahoma @Mich St Ohio St All back to back. And then we also have Mich at home. It's going to be tough sledding that year. Hopefully Lincoln Riley decides to take the Cowboys job after this year.
  3. Clemson too high IMO. Swap them and OU. OU looks to have found a defense which is a scary thing. But, I still don’t fully trust Hurts when he goes up against a good defense. Have to give Lincoln Riley credit. He recognized issues with his staff and went out and got well regarded DC.
  4. D Coordinator is just one of the problems. Not theeeee problem. Our offensive line is a disaster. Development at almost every position group has been minimal since last year. People bringing up 0-6 is laughable. We had no business being 0-6 last year. The Colorado, Troy, and NW games all should have been wins. That was just the beginning of the red flags. Hopefully they can right the ship. Because they aren’t going anywhere. But, there are a lot of cause for concern at this point.
  5. It’s early but many would be singing a different tune if Frost had not played here. He needs 5 years, but it’s been bad. Really bad. Fleck made a big decision to fire his defensive coordinator after I believe the Nebraska game last year. They have been on a roll since. I can’t say I trust Frost to make a similar call. Frost saddled himself with some very inexperienced coaches and I think it’s coming back to bite him int he behind.
  6. Mods is this acceptable? Internet tough guy is going all Pelini. Also, lol at blaming Riley for this shit show. This is Frost’s program now. He needs to own it. He like his team, looks clueless right now.
  7. Frost has a long long long long way to go.
  8. Thanks....it would be huge if we could get him eligible to play this year IMO.
  9. I've been out of the game for awhile. Any word on Stevenson getting a waiver to play this season? Or is that just wishful thinking? I think he is going to be a very important piece of the puzzle. He can provide some help on the boards for a team that will be needing it.
  10. Sounds like Bolt is a done deal. And Jeff Christy should be joining the staff.
  11. And I would gladly take him. Not sure if we could do better than Childress.
  12. Maybe not the Supers...even though I have seen that stat thrown out multiple times to discredit Big Ten baseball. But, you have to get to the supers to have a chance at the CWS. Having more Big Ten baseball programs make the CWS would definitely be good for the conference.
  13. Disagree. 1. Never Creighton. 2. It only helps Nebraska to have other Big Ten schools make it to the CWS and Supers. With that said, maybe a Creighton run will add some pressure on Darin showing that it can be done in this state. And Creighton is far more difficult job.
  14. Yeah I didn’t say we there was no talent at all. The young talent remains to be seen. We have been down this road before and “young talent” end up having marginal careers. Remains to be seen if Erstad/Silva can develop guys like Gomes, Chick, Schwellenbach.
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