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  1. Hoiberg did pretty well at ISU taking in kids that had previous troubles. Not sure how this kid fits in with the current roster but he can get buckets.
  2. Sadly, Adrian Martinez makes Taylor Martinez looks like Peyton Manning at this point. Not sure what happened for him.
  3. Maybe I missed it, who made you eat crow in regards to Miles and Erstad? Its perfectly understandable to claim Frost has been a huge disappointment and also understand that he could turn things around.
  4. We start out with Purdue next year. That’s a 50/50 game at best. Brohm will likely out class Frost again I’m afraid.
  5. Pretty slim chance they get a bowl at 5-7. Probably better to put this year to bed and pray this staff becomes competent in year 3.
  6. Scott Frost ball is getting old pretty quickly.
  7. This pace is what I have dreamed of. As we continue to stock pile talent it’s going to be fun to watch.
  8. Iowa St made a considerable jump under Hoiberg in year 2. Hopefully we see the same. This year was always going to be rough. Even if we retained Miles. I have had the chance to watch either game but based on some other folks I’ve talked to the action is good. Players just aren’t executing yet. Hopefully that comes with time.
  9. It’s the story as old as time with Nebrasketball. Have to have shooters. Hopefully recruits take notice that we need some influx of talent.
  10. Minnesota is atleast a decent team. Purdue was 2-6 heading into today and decimated by injuries. Frost might as well give his paycheck back this week because it didn’t appear he got off the bus with some of his play calling. To top it all off, we allowed a 3rd string walk on march down the field for the winning TD. Not a whole lot of good to say about the job this staff has done thru 21 games.
  11. But Riley! Unfortunately it appears Frost has more in common with Riley than he does being the savior of the program. Starting to look like we missed again. Not sure how many more misses the program can take.
  12. Mixed in with some Texas talent. We still need to be able to recruit the South and a guy like Bolt will definitely help. Erstad relied far too much on Silva and it didn’t pay off. So far, this staff is getting it done on the recruiting trail.
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