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  1. huskerbaseball13

    Jervay Green is N

    Sounds like he had quite the summer. We beat out some good teams to land him. He and Burke should be quite the tandem in getting to the basket. Would like another sharpshooter to go with Allen if possible.
  2. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    The good news is that Purdue was our last win. If we can’t get it done this weekend we are probably talking about Frost going 0-6 to start off his tenure. If we show up, and not start terrible like the last 3 games I think we can pull it off.
  3. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    To be fair, it’s impossible to quit when you don’t even get off the bus. That team didn’t want to play on Saturday and it showed immediately.
  4. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    And this team is breaking new records. I expected 6-7 wins this year. So the fact that we are struggling doesn’t surprise me. But, the fact that we still lackin on the fundamental side of things and the team gave up very very early in this game is concerning. I’ll be even more concerned if the depth chart remains the same for next week.
  5. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    I don’t remember. But you probably would since you have a weird obsession with me. Did that really upset you?
  6. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Frost needs to take some blame for this debacle. His team is once again not ready to play and doesn’t do anything well. The culture needs to be flipped no doubt but as Bo would say...this staff needs to point the thumb. We should not be this bad. I mean fuck..we have -6 yards rushing at half.
  7. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    We knew this team was mentally weak. But, Frost lost the team after two games. That’s saying something and quite worrisome. You don’t have to be talanted to have a team that still does the basics very well. This team does nothing well and that may not bode well for the future.
  8. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Having watched quite a few UCF games under Frost I feel comfortable in saying that he probably called the worst game of his career as a head coach thus far this past Saturday. I get the gameplan and what he wanted to do and fully understand that the staff probably has zero trust in Bunch but for the most part we failed to get the ball in our playmakers hands and called an ultra conservative game. We threw a total of 4 passes 10 or more yards down the field. Unless you have a dominant o-line(we don't) that's not going to work if you expect to run the ball. I think we will hear about a make up game here soon...so that should get us one win. Not sure how much we get after that. A bowl game is probably wishful thinking at this point. We have a long ways to go unfortunately.
  9. huskerbaseball13

    Anybody heard ???

    I have not heard much about Karrington and Nana but I have heard that the recent JUCO signing may be a pleasant surprise.
  10. huskerbaseball13

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Thanks..I'm still a bit fuzzy on these type of games. Does it count to your overall record but just not for metric purposes?
  11. huskerbaseball13

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    So the Southwest Minnesota game technically doesn't count am I right? I guess that's one way to avoid a "bad" loss over the Christmas break!
  12. huskerbaseball13

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    I could be wrong but I feel like it would be a miracle at this point if Vedral becomes eligible. Would be great news though. I can't fault Gebbia, I'm sure he want's to play and the writing is on the wall that Martinez is the future. Just based on Frost's past QB's and the QB's we have recruited Gebbia does not have the same skillset. Puts us in a bind, especially if Martinez goes down or struggles but the live reps he will receive should pay off in the future.
  13. huskerbaseball13

    Amir Harris is N

    I guess that depends on how you define major. A couple things I have heard about Amir thus far. 1. The coaches love him at the top in the 1-3-1 due to his length and athleticism. 2. A+ athlete. 3. Poor shooter. I think Amir will play...and probably play quite a bit down the road this year. I'm not expecting much in terms of scoring as I've heard he has quite a bit of work to do on his shot....but, I think he will be a key part in what we want to do defensively.
  14. huskerbaseball13

    Donovan Williams is N

    I admit I don't know much about Moos but curious your thoughts on this. Perhaps it was a bit short sighted to hire Ernie Kent the second time around but his hire at Oregon compared to their previous history was a success. Is there more to the story?
  15. huskerbaseball13

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    If we can find a way to win 11 Big Ten games with that schedule we will be sitting very pretty come March I'd assume.