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  1. The results have been terrible. But, Nebraska football is a blue blood and we just retained a coach that has had 4 losing seasons in a row and really now hope for the future. Chances our the athletic department will be buying him out soon. With the above, I don’t believe Trev will be very interested at making a basketball move any time soon.
  2. I’m still dumbfounded at what just happened. We had our fair share of chances but the reffing was as bad as it gets. Let’s start with 1. No call on Verge, that’s a call every time. 2. Foul on Breidenbach for over the back when it was a clear tie up. We were up 4 at that point with the arrow going our way. 3. The out of bounds call on Walker. Mind you, the original call was Nebraska ball. There was no evidence to overturn the call. In fact it was clear as day it was off NC St
  3. But don’t worry, Scott Frost believes it’s just a specialist problem. That’s it.
  4. Scott Frost somehow inventing new ways to lose games. 3-9 doesn’t get you fired at Nebraska. Being a brother and Nebraskan won’t save him next year.
  5. He may have, but again…I’m not comparing Hoiberg vs Miles. The Hoiberg ERA obviously hasn’t gone as planned thus far. Im sure there were more guys in the fold at the time for Miles. I really don’t remember. In my opinion we did not have a good core for the future and the players/recruits we did have, have not proven to be high major players. But, I think Miles knew he was out that last year. Either win with the senior team he had and land another P5 job or falter and be fired.
  6. I just reread my post and don’t see Hoiberg mentioned anywhere. I did not compare the two. Hoiberg could lose his remaining game at Nebraska and I’m not sure what that has to do with Miles recruiting tanking at the end of his tenure. But hey, if you think Miles was on the right track with Jervay Green(NAIA player) Amir Harris(avg 0.6 pts this year) Mika Woods(shooting 29% this year) Brady Heiman (S Dakota bust) and Akol Arop(playing 11 minutes for Kenpom #326) more power to you.
  7. I have no idea how much it would have changed had Moos gone all in on him but there was no future with the way he was recruiting. I mean, Jervay Green was his prized recruit. He’s what…playing NAIA ball now? Brady Heiman can’t even get time at S Dakota. We were not recruiting a Big Ten roster.
  8. Is he though? I mean if so he’s an average one. That’s sweet he can hit 88 out of 100 in practice. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate to the games.
  9. What’s concerning is that wasn’t a fluke. Okay the ball that went 3 feet in the air and swished was a fluke. But, almost all of the other 3’s were wide open. Like they had 2 seconds to stand there before any Husker was in the vicinity. Like what the F was that on the defensive end
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