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  1. bball23

    2017 SF Teddy Allen -> WVU -> Wichita St

    Leaving WV....will NU look at him?
  2. bball23

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Per Robin has requested his release.....crap!
  3. bball23

    Kenya Hunter

    And there it is....my "source" was dead on (sadly!).
  4. bball23

    Kenya Hunter

    Sounds like Kenya Hunter has taken the job at UCONN. Not good.
  5. bball23

    Karrington Davis is N

    What I like is that his team in Florida had like 8 D1 players and 4 of them were top 100 kids. So he had to bring it everyday in practice. And facing good competition every day can only help with the speed/athleticism he will see at the D1 level. Maybe he can be our next James Palmer!
  6. bball23

    Hate Will Never Win

    As if I didn't love this team enough already, they go out and do this. I'm proud of the young men, Coach Miles for standing up for what they believe in. I know you can say to "ignore" it, but unless you are in this situation and deal with us, who are we to judge? I for one am happy when people use their platform in a positive way. The players message is "Hate Will Never Win" doesn't mention the guys name that does the video, doesn't directly mention sex, gender, race...Evan Taylor said "Love one another" NOTHING wrong with that message, and I'm damn proud these players are on our team!
  7. bball23

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Add Washington as well.
  8. Lunardi's logic is what bothers me. On one hand he will say "Well, they don't have any "bad losses"" but for NU, "No good wins" So a double standard, as we really don't have any "bad losses". Then he will mention that if ND can become healthy they have a shot to get considered? A team that has lost 7 straight games. So if they lose like 10 straight, then get a few guys back they can work their way in? By that logic, do we get more credit for beating a full strength Minnesota team? Or losing to St. John's when they were full strength? Or losing to UCF with Fall was still playing? Of course not. We just gotta keep winning and see what happens. Tons happen in conference tourney's as well that can help/hurt us. If we keep winning, we will work our way in.
  9. bball23

    Time to eat a little crow

    I have been and always will be a Miles supporter. As long as he is coaching the team I have been rooting for over the past 30 years, he's my guy! If he would do something to break the rules or get us into NCAA violations then I would have a hard time supporting him. I just don't understand why people piss and moan all the time about coaches. Leave that to the A.D. and let him make the decision. Yes, we pay to go see them pay, but you don't have too. We all get frustrated at times, but I can guarantee you it isn't from a lack of effort on our coaches part. They put in a TON of time. We show up on game days and think they should do this, or do that. NONE of us know what has gone on all week in the training room, practice, film study, grades, classroom issues, etc....We watch a game a few times a week and all of a sudden think we are experts.
  10. bball23

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Any way to "sticky" this page and keep it up top?
  11. Double BYE and its not even debatable (IMO). If we get the double bye, that means we have won a good share of games to end the season. Not only that, some on here want the chance to get another win with a lower seed. You are also taking the risk of a late "bad" loss. If you get the double bye, you have a "better" chance to play a better team and not even risk the "bad" loss. Lets just keep on winning!
  12. It is impossible to predict at this time how many "wins" is the magic number. We have to remember that all of the other "bubble" teams have 8-10 games left as well and will lose their fair share. Its easy to look at schedules now and say "Well they only have 6 losses right now, none are bad, 1 is good." Well, 10 games from now that same team could have 12 losses with 2 more "bad" losses, etc....Last time I checked all of the other P5 teams have all of their conference games left as well as conference tourney. Meaning, every single night, teams are winning/losing games. And since we are in conference season, 1/2 of each conference is losing games every single night. Let's see if we can get the win tonight and move on.
  13. bball23

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Minnesota's loss dropped them to #100 in the RPI last night. According to my CBS site, we dropped from 66 to 70 last night. GOTTA win this road game tonight!
  14. Well, let’s hope the rumor isn’t true. But where there is smoke....
  15. Purdue is very, very good. You have to hope NU can make a TON of 3's to stay in the game early. Your hope in games like this one is that you give yourselves a chance the final 4 minutes of the game. I just think this one is going to be tough to overcome. I hope I'm wrong, but Purdue is an Elite 8 type team. I am excited to see Husker Nation panic on social media as they do with every single loss we have. That's always fun. Especially in a LONG basketball season. (sarcasm should be noted in this post)