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  1. Honestly, and this is just my $0.02. I think it would make sense to hire Hoiberg before his son's game. The more National exposure the better. While he is sitting at the game, the TV may pop on him a few times and mention that he is the new coach for the Huskers. I think it would be a good thing.
  2. Rock Bottom? Not even close. Disappointing?? Absolutely!! These next two games at home will give us a good indicator of the toughness of this team. We need to win these next two home games and get some good mojo going. We have 5 of our next 7 games at home, so I'm hopeful we can right this ship. Last nights loss to me make the Minnesota/Maryland games tougher to swallow as we had those games won!! Especially the Maryland game as well as they are playing. And then to think had we just shot decent vs MSU we win that game....unfortunately, we didn't win any of them making last nights loss tougher to swallow as you have less room for error. Really hope we come out guns a blazin' on Saturday and get a much needed win!
  3. If I see it correctly, Okie State is up to #58 in the NET rankings....top 50 would be a Q1 win for us. They have beaten Texas at home and West Virginia on the road in their last 2 games. They play Baylor at home tonight. Would LOVE to see them get another win here. Seton Hall is sitting at #39 in the NET rankings. Too bad they let that road game at Marquette slip away (lost by 4). They are @Providence on Wednesday night. Would be a big bump with a road win.
  4. Good points on both sides. I have never had an issue with a person that likes Creighton. My one issue is the fan that loves NU football, and absolutely HATES Nebraska basketball. That never made since to me. And here's an example why. When Wilson Thomas and Matt Davison played NU football and NU hoops, how do you cheer fully for them in one season and hate them in the next? I guess it made zero sense to me. My other issue is this. I know a ton of people that back in the Nee days loved NU hoops. Then, NU got worse, and CU got better. They jumped ship and now can't stand the same team they used to cheer for...trust me, there are a LOT of these fans. Also, if you feel NU fans are a bit harsh on CU fans (like reading this board) I ask you to venture over to the Bluejay Underground. They have an entire thread called "Why I hate Nebraska Basketball." The irony in a lot of it to me is that in their 100 thread post so many complain about NU's obsession over CU, while they have a ONE HUNDRED THREAD POST going on Nebraska. The hypocrisy is unreal. Hell, I have no problem admitting I don't like CU and I enjoy seeing them lose. But for some reason they want to believe it is only our fan base that worries about them which is 100% from the truth. If you ever get on social media after NU loses to CU, their fan base comes out of the woodwork's like no other! Then you may not hear boo from them the rest of the season. As long as they get that local bragging rights (and I'm talking about the casual fans) then they are happy. I have worked with people that had NO idea anything about CU hoops....but they damn well knew if they beat NU. I personally like the rivalry. I think its good for both schools. It puts pressure on both schools to up their level of competitiveness. CU has clearly been the better team the last 10 years, but I think that can also be a good thing for NU as it needs to play keep up or you do lose some "casual" fans. The same can be said for CU. When Nee dominated the series in the 90's, CU went and got Altman, built new facilities and got the ball rolling. A lot of good can come from your local rivals doing well. Just my $0.02.
  5. Just to refresh our memories....what are the quadrant rankings? Would beating the #57 (Okie State) on a neutral court be Q1, Q2? Can somebody post how they grade out quadrant wins?
  6. GREAT WIN!!! I am not a "must" win guy at all in the early season, but that is definitely an "important" win! SO PUMPED!!!
  7. REALLY hope we can get a "W" tonight. And also would be HUGE if the B10 can do well in this challenge. The better the perception of the B10, the better chance we have to make the dance. Not as many "bad" losses and more opportunities at "good" wins. Plus, the National media loves the ACC, so would be great if the B10 can fare well in this. Already did well in the Big East challenge, so this would be a nice feather in our cap.
  8. I wasn't going to chime in and I love the discussion overall. I personally am not going to panic one bit. Not at all. Yes, we struggled last night and we looked stagnant at times. But I truly believe this team will be fine. I personally get sick and tired of the "jumping off the cliff" approach most people have after a game. Its basketball!!! Its going to happen, and let me warn you....it will happen again this year. We have such a football mentality in this State where all is doom and gloom with a loss. In basketball you get 30 games....we ain't winning em' all. TCU lost at home to Lipscomb last night...Nova lost at home to Furman...I could give you 10 more example just this year where the "better" team didn't win. Our history I think is what frustrates the fans the most. But I have seen so many people say "Welp, same as last year." We finished 4th in the B10 last year. Last I checked...not too shabby. Yes, ultimately we didn't make the goal of the NCAA tourney due to a "down" B10 season, but it shouldn't take away the fact that we had a pretty darn year last year and if not for that last 3 pointer that Kansas made against us, who knows, maybe last year we dance? I personally get so sick though of people throwing the team under the bus after a single game. We have 25 more games to prove ourselves and hopefully get better. Hell, had we shot decent from the 3 point line (a ton WIDE open) then we are right in that game last night. Unfortunately we went 5-23 and that isn't gonna get it done. I for one still think this team is going to do great this year. The key will be to steal a few tough wins and not drop games to teams we should lose too.
  9. I would think you would have NO problem walking up and getting tickets. Or you can buy them online. I went on Stubhub and some are going for as low as $6.99.
  10. I just love the fact that B10 is showing well in the non-conference. That is what absolutely killed the perception of the B10 last year which then left us on the outside looking in with a 4th place finish in the B10. I cheer for every single B10 team in the Non-Conf...the better the conference is, the more room for "error" come conference season. Better chance at quality wins, and less "bad losses." I for one am just happy the B10 is showing so well in the Non-Conference. A lot of B10 teams in tourneys this week and then the B10/ACC next week will be another great test for the B10.
  11. THIS...would love to be 10-2 going into Maryland. 11-1....gravy on top! @Clemson, @Minnesota and the neutral court games vs Texas Tech/USC/Okie State look to be the toughest "on paper" Would LOVE to get these two games in KC, come home to beat W. Illinois and head to Clemson undefeated.
  12. Per Robin has requested his release.....crap!
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