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  1. This is just my $0.02. The reason for optimism for me is numerous things. Teddy Allen is a player. Out of boredom the other day I went to YouTube and watched some of his WV highlights. He dropped 20+ on KSU and OU who were solid teams. He has a knack for putting the ball in the hoop. The announcers of the game were calling him "Teddy Buckets" As long as he can keep his head on straight, I think he will truly flourish in Hoiberg's "freedom" offense. Kobe King. If he's eligible you are talking about a guy with D1 experience that averaged 10.5 PPG in the B10. That a
  2. Very true. Makes my prediction feel safer :)
  3. I am going to say with GREAT certainty that he will not stay at one school and may transfer more than once.
  4. This was after the Illinois game.... Christopher Heady @heady_chris Fred Hoiberg says he's not sure if Cam Mack will play on Thursday or Sunday. "He's feeling a little bit better but he's still pretty run down."
  5. They tweeted after the Illinois game that Mack could miss tomorrow's game as well as Sunday? I know he is sick, but man, that's a long sickness. Mono? We need Mack back!!
  6. I apologize if this has been brought up. Robin in his weekly chat deal mentioned there may be news soon of an immediate impact recruit. Which could then give us a different look on all of the lineup projections for next year. Will be interested to see the news!
  7. Are you implying that with time players can develop and improve? So in your doom and gloom look into next year, we may want to slow down a bit and see which guys make the same type of jump that a player like Thor has made this year. Especially the 3 we have practicing all season long that will join the game roster next year. Or the way Palmer greatly improved in his year off? :)
  8. This. Last night was a great example of what the team is capable of. The defensive game plan by Doc was nails! As I stated in my original post in this thread, if we can just make the "simple" shots we will be in games. Fred's offense will get them to where they need to be, and Cam will find them. Cam Mack is a STUD. He does things other guards we have had simply couldn't do. That back door pass to Thor late in the game was flat out beautiful! Fun game! Always great to beat Iowa! GBR!
  9. Norm, you mentioned our top roster of Roby, Allen, Palmer, Copeland and Watson. Which I agree about all of them. You are "concerned" as our sit out transfers numbers weren't great. You do realize James Palmer Jr. averaged 3.7 points the year before he came to NU correct? Copeland averaged 5.4 points before he came to NU. Point being. NOBODY knew Palmer and Copeland would do what they did at NU. It's easy to sit here and say "Look at how great they were!" Who's to say that a new system, a year extra of work in their sit out year can't have the same
  10. Didn't want to start a new topic. G. Tech's PG Jose Alvorado is out tonight it looks like. https://www.ajc.com/sports/college/jose-alvarado-return-date-being-pushed-back-for-georgia-tech/5vYiVIcs9iUp1FegkWSRXL/
  11. We've asked you to leave before, but it doesn't mean we don't want new posters here at HHC.
  12. You can always learn things from secret scrimmages, but take them with a grain of salt. Duke only beat NW Missouri State by 6 points in their exhibition. Coaches try a lot of different rotations, sets, etc...I think the best thing from them is getting to play a game against different guys than your teammates. Plus you can use them as great teaching moments. We gave up a ton of offensive boards which is clearly going to be an issue this year. So you can use this as motivation to continue to work hard in that area. The nice thing for our group is we will technically have 6 games
  13. I read somewhere that Wichita is going to be one of the biggest teams in the country. WSU will be solid this year. 3 starters back from a 22 win team and Marshall can coach! This was a good PHYSICAL team for our boys to play against. Great learning/teaching tool for our coaches.
  14. Honestly, and this is just my $0.02. I think it would make sense to hire Hoiberg before his son's game. The more National exposure the better. While he is sitting at the game, the TV may pop on him a few times and mention that he is the new coach for the Huskers. I think it would be a good thing.
  15. Rock Bottom? Not even close. Disappointing?? Absolutely!! These next two games at home will give us a good indicator of the toughness of this team. We need to win these next two home games and get some good mojo going. We have 5 of our next 7 games at home, so I'm hopeful we can right this ship. Last nights loss to me make the Minnesota/Maryland games tougher to swallow as we had those games won!! Especially the Maryland game as well as they are playing. And then to think had we just shot decent vs MSU we win that game....unfortunately, we didn't win any of them making last
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