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  1. I can't believe Kobe did this interview or answered some of those questions. I have never seen something quite like this. Even though we assume it's very truthful, not a good look on Kobe's part. While it's nice for us fans to get that inside perspective, he has probably broken quite a bit of trust within the team/staff. This has the makings of the modern-day version of the 96 season. Also, I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to give a free pass to what the players and coaches have let slip through the cracks either. That has to be addressed also. Long story short, this is an awful look for so many reasons.
  2. I was aiming that more at basketball teams in general. There is an over-reliance on man defense in my opinion.
  3. Agreed, we switch out of zone way too quickly. I thought Miles did that with the 1-3-1 a lot. One or two bad possessions and coaches want to go back to man. What about the 70 points given up in man?! Stick with it for a whole game or 2 and see of it works better. We've lost 13 or 19 playing mainly man.
  4. Nothing shocking with this statement, but as we sit at 0-8 in conference, it is baffling as to how bad of a job FH has done with in-game coaching...5 GD conferences wins in almost 3 seasons, and he/we find another way to lose a very winnable hone game.
  5. I also agree with you regarding the pieces we have plus newcomers...they could be very good, just gotta somehow get that consistent roster at some point!
  6. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/nebraska/2013.html If he could get this group to 15, he would've cracked 10 I believe.
  7. This isn't meant to diss anyone, but for those who see promise with the pieces we have, plus those coming, I see little evidence most of them return. We'll probably have 7-8 new parts next season. Rinse and repeat.
  8. I'm 37, and I had the great fortune of going to the Orange Bowl to watch our last national title. On that trip, my brothers and I vividly remember our dad saying to enjoy it, because we may never witness this type of run again. We were thinking, no way! We always play in New year's bowls and for national titles. Man, was he right...
  9. Anton Gill, Tai Webster, Shavon Shields, Terran Petteway, Andrew White, James Palmer Jr, Isaiah Roby types?!
  10. We are improving, but we need more than 1 reliable guy (Walker is a freaking beast). Bryce is making Palmer and Petteway look like efficient scorers. Also, I'm hoping that we can keep most of these guys for next year. We gotta start getting a more stable roster or we can expect more of what we've got these 3 years under FH. I'll end with a concerning question. We are 15 games in. What do we do well? To me, that's alarming at this point in the season.
  11. Apparently we're the only team that can get called for Technicals on dunks
  12. I would disagree that the conference was really bad in 17-18. Those conference rankings are typically determined by the non-con, which is over by the middle of December typically. I don't put much stock in them. Hell, Michigan made the NC game that year. We should've danced, and probably make the Sweet 16 that year.
  13. They hit a school record 17 3s in their last game. They move the ball well and are fun to watch. Most of their games stream on MWC free streaming service. It's nice to have a 2nd team to pull for!
  14. No, this isn't a 9-man rotation that gets you your first NCAA tournament team, but they were the last 9 guys to do something on our team, which is really sad considering that 4 of them were Doc's recruits. This right here is one of our biggest issues. So, what did these 9 guys do that no one else has since (unless I am overlooking someone)? Here's a hint: It is one of the main reasons, IMO, that we are in this sad state as a program.
  15. I feel that the biggest problem without getting in-state kids is that the majority of our players from the last 20 years probably had no clue about Husker basketball. They have way less invested in Husker bball than we do before they step on campus. I would think having players who grew up as fans would help with kids actually being 100% invested in the program, allowing us to get back to having some kids who START and END their career here.
  16. Don't forget however that Palmer, Watson, Roby, Allen, and Copeland were all 4 or 5 star Top 150 guys. And the year before that, we also had top 50 4* Anton Gill to go with them. Hell, Nana was a top 150 guy. Miles brought in as much talent as Hoiberg IMO.
  17. I've been a diehard since the 90s (37 years old), and remember being at the BOB during Sek and Ryan's senior year watching them go 2-14 in conference, thinking that year was rock bottom . I even attended senior night, another loss, but I still loved their fight. I've been to countless games at both the BOB and PBA. I often drive from Fremont to 5-10 games per year. For the first time ever, not including games I've had a legit reason to miss, I shut it off once we got down 31-18. It was apparent tonight wasn't happening. I'll still tune in, but until I see a team that cares, I won't hesitate to shut it off going forward.
  18. I should have known as soon as I read the preseason article relating this team and the 1996 NIT team and how that team fell apart, we were in trouble. Only differences...they had way more talent and took longer to fall apart.
  19. 1st and foremost, this is not a post to say that Tim Miles should be our coach and that Fred Hoiberg was an awful hire. I was as excited as anybody about getting Fred even though we were getting rid of one of my all time favorite coaches. Having said that, it is a bit disturbing when looking at statistics for this season, San Jose State is in the top 15 in 3 point percentage, and we are hovering in the 300s. And its not like our strengths of schedule are that different at this point of the season. Our offense often looks more stagnant than it did with Miles. I can recall lots of times where we would complain about a lack of ball movement. But with guys like Verge, Teddy Allen, and even Bryce McGowens, there is not any more ball movement than we witnessed under the Miles regime. I don't think any of us would have thought that this is where we'd be under 3 years of Hoiberg. Do I think he's a great coach, absolutely. However, how can you be 6-41 against P5/6 schools and have a job or at least feel the seat warming quickly. Did the NBA mentality follow him back to college? There's no lottery pick waiting when we miss postseason again. I am just at a total loss of words...
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