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  1. Watched him play today. Nice looking player. Kid will be a beast by the time he’s a senior. Millard North is loaded. Damn!
  2. Will be interesting to see the extent of his injury today in CB. Appeared to be knee Nice event though
  3. Hope he’s ready to get after it on defense
  4. I will be curious how they view Cross. Can he be a Niang type?
  5. The previous staff thought Green had NBA potential.
  6. UNLV lost their coach so the chances are pretty good Ntambwe will be eligible
  7. Similar quickness to Nana...and probably similar ballhandling skills. though Nana can likely jump higher
  8. I would guess that his offers will improve dramatically now that he’s opened up his recruiting. The prior staff really liked him
  9. He’s really good. That would be a huge get for us
  10. I think you need good role players to fit in with dudes. Especially 2 guys that are this strong offensively that will be playing in an offense that would showcase their skills. Grill was offered by Texas Tech, who is in the sweet 16 again this year. So, yes...i think Grill definitely is.
  11. Id take both Grill and Scheierman
  12. How’s that relationship with Pollard? I’ve heard some say it’s not the best
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