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  1. We’ve now flipped a roster twice. Next year will see even more. At some point we need to look at the coaches as well. Basketball can be turned around quickly. That’s my biggest complaint. But also my biggest hope
  2. Good info. Do you think he looks less athletic/explosive? I think he looked leaner last season.
  3. Well, he spoke VERY highly of Lat. He’s struggled terribly since the first couple games. Thor has been rough. I wasn’t expecting much from Shamiel and he’s been somehow less than what I was expecting. Not sure why they let him shoot jump shots. Teddy has been OK, but what did he shoot on FT’s in JC last year...90%? His footwork on his shot seems odd compared to last year’s film too. Hell, he looked leaner and more explosive in JC too. Look at the film...he had an actual JUMPER last year.
  4. We just really don’t have shooters. Why they let Shamiel even shoot a 3 is beyond me. If I’m betting on a scholarship opening, it’s his. He’s not good. He needs to carve out a role as a defender but doesn’t appear to want to do that. Unless Lat is hitting 3’s, he doesn’t provide much. I think getting Walker back will help Lat. After sitting in on Hoiberg’s zoom chat, I was really hoping for a lot more from this team shooting-wise. I’m sure it can improve, but we’ve seen a pretty good sample now.
  5. I said “values” recruiting local kids. Like believes we have the talent in Nebraska to build on. Just because they had a zoom meeting recently does that mean we are putting the full court press on Traudt and are one of a handful of schools that are recruiting him the hardest. Chucky probably fits better at Wisconsin than he does in Lincoln. Wisconsin year in and year out puts out tough teams. We definitely don’t. But getting a kid like that in your program can help build that mindset. Cole Payton had offers if he wanted them. He’s just a throw back. He gave his word and commitment to
  6. Based on the interview, we weren’t listed as one of the schools that were recruiting Traudt the hardest. He hasn’t trimmed a list down. I don’t know, I’d be busting my ass off recruiting a local stud that would fit perfectly in our offense. We didn’t effort real hard on Chucky and I’d sure as hell want a tough PG that competes his ass off. Until we start recruiting guys that our opponents think: “that’s a tough SOB” we will continue to suck. Fred chose to “keep” Williams but the writing was on the wall when they saint actively recruit him. They didn’t really recruit Murrell. I’ve hear
  7. Bolt seems to be the only coach in Lincoln that values recruiting local kids
  8. Would’ve never guessed that Yvan would make 2 FT’s with 4 seconds left to hit the overs. But I won’t complain.
  9. Nebraska - 79 McNeese St - 66 Non-conference - 60% Regular season 55%
  10. Couldnt they just fire Shitel and keep Sautter and another guy for less money??? Shitel is terrible
  11. I wouldn’t trade Arop for him either. We need some good chemistry guys on the bench. Arop provides that. And he will play hard and not demand the ball if we need him for limited minutes
  12. He looks naturally left handed in the paint and driving to the hoop
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