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  1. Wichita St lost 2 sophomore starting guards to transfer. Four total players. Damn
  2. I had forgot how terrible of a FT shooter he was at WNCC. 98/183 is embarrassing. He was 5/15 his last game in JUCO
  3. I hope I’m wrong on Cross but I’m praying we recruit over him. Unless he takes monumental strides, we arent going To go very far if he’s a starter or main contributor
  4. Mooney was an alpha and those USD teams were better than OK. And he was coached very well. Much different than WIU from what it sounds. I hope this kid is great if he comes here. But I agree with you—I’d much rather have Whitt.
  5. I want to say he was 1-9 vs NU last year and scored like 2 points. But he scored 20+ on Billy
  6. How good is he? Those Western Illinois teams were terrible
  7. For writing purposes, that was probably the easiest way of saying it. Tim’s group really did a fantastic job with these.
  8. Not private if you pay the annual fee. Dinner included, not open bar. There was no pattern on dates, even when Tim was doing them. They were on Thursdays but it was based on the coaches schedules. I think there were a couple times we had 2 in one month and multiple times we skipped a month. When Tim was doing them, we typically had 4 during the season. We had 3 this year.
  9. It’s not monthly. This year was 3 times during the season. Doc spoke at 2 of them. This year was pretty boring. Not anywhere near as fun or informative as when the previous staff did it.
  10. So you are saying he’s like a bigger version of Cam Mack out there?
  11. This kid looks like he should be a nice D2 or D3 recruit
  12. I loved Glynn but I would not put him in that category. He was not good at driving and dishing. And he struggled a lot from a confidence standpoint. He was tough from a physical beating standpoint though.
  13. We desperately need a tough, playmaking PG. We haven’t had this type of kid. And Wisconsin thrives with kids like this. Disappointing that he’s not coming to Lincoln
  14. I believe he’s unofficially visiting Lincoln on Saturday?
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