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  1. You either have mis-heard or are hearing what you want to hear. Gary and Damon have been very complimentary of the Tim’s staff and the work they’ve been doing in Nebraska/Omaha.
  2. He would help. Pretty high ceiling if he works hard.
  3. This is going to be very difficult. There just aren’t many P6 coaches that move to other P6 jobs unless they are fired. Unless you are KU, UNC, Michigan and a select few others it just doesn’t happen very often.
  4. If you have a starting position available a grad transfer becomes a little easier to get. If Jordy leaves in April or May it would’ve been much easier to find one for this season.
  5. If Green is on campus, he will start. He’d start this year. I’d say Green, Burke, Roby for sure. I think Harris would start over Tom Allen too. And then you pray that you can find another big to sign late that’s either JUCO or a grad transfer. A solid bench of Tom, MAW, Brady and hopefully an improved Nana.
  6. Thats what was implied. Which was wrong
  7. In my opinion, last year was better and it’s not even close. We finished 4th in the conference and we were in the discussion for making the tournament at this time one year ago. Beating Creighton this season was nice but outside of that we don’t have a lot of positives. I would gladly trade that win in exchange for not collapsing the last 6 weeks.
  8. He’s going to private school. Both parents went to a private college. If he wanted to to walk on they could handle it.
  9. In a position to walk on anywhere? What do you mean?
  10. He definitely wasn’t pushed out the door and they were not anticipating him leaving
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