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  1. If Frost has established a culture of losing, what has Fred established?
  2. I’d recommend going to Longwells before the game. Might help you get through it a little easier
  3. We are the worst coached P5 team I’ve ever seen. We have this record with a 1st round pick on our roster. Fred and Matty A (I don’t include the other coaches because it’s minimal what they are allowed to even do) have shown nothing in 3 years that should lead anyone to believe they have any idea on how to assemble a competitive roster
  4. We didn’t do anything with poor Fred…that’s 100% on him. He would’ve sucked in Ames if they would’ve hired him back
  5. Outside of Matt, the others arent allowed to do as much. Due to what I’d guess is outside pressure, Fred has sent Loenser out a little more. Gates will have opportunities after the season I’m sure. Matt is just a massive fraud. Fred hitched his wagon to someone that is better suited to assembling a fantasy basketball roster instead of putting together a team that fits together. I’d argue that outside of Bryce, he’s brought in nobody that would start at any NCAA tournament team in the B10. But hey, since he’s brought in some guys that were rated high coming out of high school, he has our star gazing fans eating out of his hands. Craig Smith, Kenya Hunter and Michael Lewis were easily better recruiters than Matty A. And all three have forgot more about actual coaching than Matty has ever known
  6. His dad was an All-American at Nebraska Wesleyan too.
  7. Hey now, don’t bring facts into the discussion
  8. Matt can’t really coach, so if you take away some recruiting from him he can’t help you anywhere else. He’s a joke
  9. Well, he’s basically fired the team every year since he arrived on campus. Our talent evaluation just is not good. Almost as bad as our coaches
  10. He is the worst head coach in the history of all sports at NU
  11. Tim made efforts to grow Husker Hoops in Omaha both with players and fans. I’m not saying we would’ve got either one, but both Sallis and Chucky had great relationships with Tim and especially Coach Lewis. Our current staff makes no effort to grow the Husker Hoops brand in the Metro. None. And outside of Traudt, we haven’t put much effort into a local recruit. We didn’t even try the Dix kid from CB-AL that had offers from Purdue, Wisconsin and Minnesota before signing with Iowa. Apparently he didn’t catch Matty A’s recruiting eye of kids that don’t like to pass, shoot very well and can’t play defense. It’s really just a continuation of Fred not recruiting locally. He didn’t really recruit the state of Iowa either. Give me Craig Smith or Darrien Devries. They will value local and building a program. Not roster turnover every season.
  12. If we put a lineup out that featured Teddy, Verge, Bryce, Wilcher and Lat we could see full on Battle Royal for who gets to shoot or touch the ball. That would be more entertaining than what’s on the court most of the time.
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