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  1. Would’ve never guessed that Yvan would make 2 FT’s with 4 seconds left to hit the overs. But I won’t complain.
  2. Nebraska - 79 McNeese St - 66 Non-conference - 60% Regular season 55%
  3. Couldnt they just fire Shitel and keep Sautter and another guy for less money??? Shitel is terrible
  4. I wouldn’t trade Arop for him either. We need some good chemistry guys on the bench. Arop provides that. And he will play hard and not demand the ball if we need him for limited minutes
  5. He looks naturally left handed in the paint and driving to the hoop
  6. Danny wasn’t always the most logical thinker
  7. That hurts. Time to put the full court press on Breidenbach
  8. Wasn’t Villanova on his final list of 6 schools?
  9. It would be difficult for someone to convince me that he wouldn’t fit well in Hoiberg’s spacing offense. In fact, I think his skill set should thrive in it. And in Creighton’s as well
  10. Let’s face it, we don’t likely know the entire story here. We probably know bits and pieces but we don’t know everything. On the surface, this is the type of scorer and kid that Hoiberg would typically want. The dude can obviously score and Fred doesn’t give two shits on whether someone wants to play much D as long as they can score it. So if you are in the camp that we lost interest, something caused this. Was his attitude that bad? Did he want promises from a recruiting standpoint? Did he lose interest in NU? There is definitely more to this story than what is out there. And I also think an
  11. So, why didn’t Creighton recruit Donovan after he decommitted? They are clearly searching for another guard in their 2020 class.
  12. Wichita St lost 2 sophomore starting guards to transfer. Four total players. Damn
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