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  1. Jugular

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Kid has some deep range. Something we desperately need
  2. Jugular

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Isn’t that most HS players outside of the 5-star kids?
  3. Jugular

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    Turgeon sure as hell doesn’t run a clean program either
  4. Iowa - 81 NU - 69 3
  5. It’s definitely a tough loss and we had our chances, I definitely agree with that. But there are so many people that act like we are on the same level as a KU or MSU and that we are superior to everyone we play. Look at 3 of our best teams in our history and some of the losses we had those years. It’s a good thing we didn’t have message boards or twitter back then! 1990-91: Lost by 17 @Colorado (5-9 in conference) Lost at home to unranked OSU by 13 Lost by 20 at unranked Missouri Lost to unranked Missouri by 8 in B8 title game 1992-1993: Lost @USC by 10 (they were NIT team) Lost 109-80 to SW Louisiana in Hawaii (they were 17-13) Lost at home to KSU by 2 (6 seed) Lost @OSU by 5 (5 seed) Lost @ISU by 3 (8 seed) Lost at home by 10 to OSU Lost to KSU 47-45 in B8 Tourney 1993-1994: Lost at Appalachian St by 9 (16-11 record) Lost at Colorado by 5. (10-17 record) Lost at home to Mizzou by 16 (ranked 24) Lost at home to unranked OU by 3 (didn’t make NCAA) Lost at unranked OSU by 18
  6. NU - 66 Maryland - 64
  7. J Coco is a good one that hasn’t been mentioned. It’s on Leavenworth just west of UNMC. I also recommend Mark’s in Dundee. Really depends on what part of town you are going to be in. Timber in Countryside Village is good—same owner as Railcar I believe. Most of the steakhouses mentioned are fine. I probably prefer Drover and Brother Sebastian’s the most. If if you want the best burger around, go to Block 16. I tell anyone coming to town to go there.
  8. Jugular

    Hearing that several Huskers are ill.

    Feel sorry for the guy that has to drive them
  9. Jugular

    2018 PG Tyrese Haliburton -> Iowa St

    Hes got to be playing about 35 min/game...he played all 40 in one of their games earlier this season