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  1. They can win with what we saw from them in the first half. They'll lose a lot with what we saw in the second.
  2. There's only 5 or 6 of these games a year. Lots of teams get left out from year to year.
  3. Don't have tickets nor BTN+, so just going off what I saw on twitter. They didn't lose so thats already an improvement over last year.
  4. This is where my head immediately went
  5. Don't have tickets nor BTN+, so just going off what I saw on twitter. They didn't lose so thats already an improvement over last year.
  6. Tickets on the secondary market always go down he closer you get to the date of the event.
  7. Between getting dinner ready and trying to put the baby down. I was only in and out on this one.
  8. I like that. I've been calling for that for years.
  9. I believe he has one more year since one of his JUCO years was the covid season. The portal will always be a part of the equation. Just the way of the college sports world right now.
  10. We'll see. You're also going to have Wilcher, Kieta, Kiese, Lloyd, Dawson, Gary, Wilhelm and others have eligibility after this season. So if you see solid growth from that group over the season, the drop off may not be as sudden as many fear.
  11. I've seen bad teams have great exhibition games and good teams have terrible exhibitions games. It's a fools errand to make any judgments about any team in games like this unless a key contributor gets hurt or something. It'll all get sorted out over time and as they get more comfortable playing with each other. In the limited footage I've sen of the the game, we have enough guys to play and win some games in the Big Ten. Probably not enough to compete in the top half, though. We'll see. I think there are some nice building blocks, though.
  12. Another season is here, which means a new season of the chatter is, too! I had to take this year off from season tickets and don't have the streaming platform this game was on, so I didn't get to see anything of this one. How'd everything look?
  13. I picked Wilhelm. His recruiting ranking tells me it should be him.
  14. I read you, and I don't think that those terms are as black and white as a specific number of wins or losses or end of season placement. I think it's quite a bit more opaque than that.
  15. Any word on if the Colorado game will be streamed at all?
  16. It's more about setting a precedent than it is about knowing what the metrics were. If USA Today hadn't done it, the local papers would have. They put in FOIA requests, too. The thinking is that if they can keep this private, what else can they keep private in other situations? It doesn't have anything to do with whether the fans care about what they were.
  17. Not sure it's a concrete result. I think it's more in line with what @nustudent laid out. The results on the court/field are similar when comparing Frost and Hoiberg, but I think that's about where the similarities end. I think Fred actually has a chance to right the ship. I never had faith Frost had that ability.
  18. Don't try to fix something that isn't broken. Don't need to change the format at all. It's perfect how it is. Well, almost perfect. Instead of two of the play in games featuring #16 seeds, I'd make those four games for the last four at large spots. Auto berths into the tournament should get to play on Thursday or Friday.
  19. Were we looking for the surprise player nobody is expecting?
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