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  1. He's got the instincts and timing royalfan was mentioning.
  2. Thor has that, too. Maybe they teach it better on the other side of the pond.
  3. The internet makes that much less of a hurdle to overcome than it did a decade ago.
  4. Are we sure he's that good an NBA prospect in the first place? He can dunk and is a decent rebounder. Roby had better numbers than he did though. And he might be the worst free throw shooter I've ever seen. He's got the frame to be solid. Not sure he has the skill.
  5. Who's the kid from Northwest that visited Wyoming?
  6. As much as I like Ray, he never really got to the level of those 3. All of them had at least one season shooting better than .400 from 3. Ray never got above .350. His freshman year he was .349, but only had 43 attempts.
  7. Isn't streaming on the internet the exact opposite of carrier pigeon?
  8. It won't be on ESPN, if that's what you mean.
  9. Alright, well... Also, that means we still only had two guys that could shoot like that over the past decade. And one of them was only hear for a year.
  10. So, it's been a decade since we've had one, then?
  11. Looks like Jayce is the one visiting. https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/status/1119311858656321536?=20
  12. Well, they did play together in Indiana for four years... But twitter tells me he's visiting NC State this weekend.
  13. Well...it was supposed to be this season that just finished... And I think for the first part of it we had it.
  14. Nana confirms. https://twitter.com/nbasfuture/status/1118606351398260737
  15. https://twitter.com/HuskerHoops/status/1118592346696888320?s=20
  16. I've listened to and read so much stuff lately I don't remember where I heard it, but they said when they have big guys, they want them to defend and finish at the rim and that's actually what does. With a few more pounds, he might actually be really good at it.
  17. If he could somehow find a way to land this one...
  18. https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/status/1117904592111427585?s=20
  19. Listening to the podcast, it sure sounded like it was a done deal...
  20. I remember reading on that Cyclone Fanatics thread they were scared Hoiberg would swoop in on this kid.
  21. this is why I kept my tix the last couple of years at the Bob. I wanted priority at PBA, which ended up happening. Now, 10 years later, it might actually be paying off...
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