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  1. That’s who he mentioned on the radio this morning. Fit over flash. Hopefully all the pieces fit together better this year.
  2. It was a grad transfer from Quebec. He’s not gonna rustle anybody’s jimmies.
  3. He mentioned a guard from SMU on the radio today
  4. Gus went to 4 different high schools and picks an AAU team at random to play on each weekend. Early money is on him not finishing his career in Madison.
  5. Kobe, Lat, Lakes, McGraw and… Shamiel? https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdi1ZHTLaAG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. Man, I always liked that guy. Thought he could have fit in great in a Hoiberg system.
  7. Sure, that's another one. There are more ways to frame his tenure here than you'll find at Hobby Lobby.
  8. You can frame the Miles era in any number of ways so figure whatever argument you want to make.
  9. OR you keep both and say he had the two best seasons the program had this century.
  10. I hasn’t heard that. Yeah, that will definitely be a formidable crew.
  11. Are they moving over there too? Or did they buy out Husker online or something?
  12. He’ll still be covering Husker sports, it sounds like. Reading between the tea leaves, it sounds like he’ll be joining the new On3 site.
  13. Absolutely. Don't necessarily expect it, but it's not that hard to imagine.
  14. He's bounced around a bit and is basically a role player, but is very much still in the league. That's a pretty good gig if you can get it.
  15. It feels unseemly because we're not used to the idea that we can pay players to join our college team. Amateurism is gone. Frankly, it has been for a while. This is what comes with that. What it will look like and what form it will take I expect to evolve considerably over the next few years as everyone adjusts to this new reality and more guardrails get put into place. The waves are big right now because the splash of the rock into the pond are fresh. They will enivitably calm down as the market gets clarified and settled. NIL has turned into pay-for-play, which is not what what the original intent was, but that was the enitivable result from this change. Those that figured that out the fastest will have the biggest short term success. But professional teams have dealt with this part that I quoted for a long time. Just because a guy is getting paid a lot of money doesn't mean they are guaranteed to stop being a team player. They're going to get paid to be the best player they can be and help the team win. That will be part of the expectation. There will be locker room inequities in terms of whose NIL deals are larger than other players. That's not new either, it's just new, or maybe it's just out in the open, to college sports. And even if they are "in it for themselves" it'll be in their best interest for future career opportunities to do the little, winning things.
  16. This is how the game is played at the moment. It's just basically pro sports. Anybody who's college sports centric may get a lesson that money paid out does not guarantee results (something we should know by now given the performance of our high profile coaches...).
  17. Of course it is. The NCAA is already making adjustments. With Emmert stepping aside, they've already said they're looking at making sweeping changes. One way this could work itself out is that the schools get to pay players and you get the big boys splitting off and those left behind adopt a more similar model to what people are familiar with in college athletics. Whether it's the NCAA, Universities, collectives or the athletes, this thing will change and evolve constantly over time. Now it's be come business, which means it will be a two way street. Those making the payments will be employers, that comes with rules and regulations. There will be breeches of contract and lessons learned the hard way, probably on both sides.
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