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  1. Well that was fun. We should play Iowa State there every year.
  2. Tallbaby21

    Rarefied Air

    Shelvin Mack lighting it up this year in the league, too.
  3. 1. Loved the way Glynn took the challenge against Powell tonight. 2. Our defense is going to be good and it will travel.
  4. Could only stay for the first half but I have two thoughts: MVS ran more offense and seemed better organized than I've seen from SWAC teams in the past they were just really, really bad at basketball. Our zone really features long bodies that can cause problems. That said I worry about Roby at the point picking up a silly foul here and there.
  5. Tallbaby21

    OT Doc Vedanya

    Hard to believe Doc would change his name and get caught with a Russian spy but I’ve seen that face too many times during 6 minutes offensive droughts for it to be someone else.
  6. Tallbaby21

    Day and Time Contest

    March 24 Noon.
  7. Tallbaby21

    Nebraska is like Missouri. Flat and Farms.

    We are flat and full of farms no shame in that. The problem is comparing us to *shudder* Missouri.
  8. Tallbaby21

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Hearing similar rumors. He wouldnt leave the #2 recruiting class would he?
  9. Tallbaby21

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Slow play it and see if Hoiberg or Donovan get canned at the end of the NBA season. If they aren’t available and you don’t have the stomach to go after Pitino then extend Miles.
  10. Tallbaby21

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    These refs are doing their best to ruin this third OT.
  11. I’d like to see how close Roby got to the all-defense.
  12. Tallbaby21

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Pass the eye test but only 1 good win. Friday looms large.
  13. Tallbaby21

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    At least we’re not East Carolina.
  14. Tallbaby21

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Things arent going great today but at least we’re not Pitt.
  15. Tallbaby21

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Will be eager to see how this helps Marquette. As for paying players, I know it’s against the rules. But the rending of garments by administrators and coaches who get rich off a system due to unpaid labor is laughable. And yes I still love college hoops.