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  1. I could see Brad Stevens going to this one. The Cs looked awful again last night.
  2. We might actually improve by 20% but our record could improve by 40% because of the unsettled nature of the bottom of the conference.
  3. You only need to look at any mock draft for 2021 and see that the Big 10’s talent level doesn’t match the teams’ computer ratings.
  4. As a Celtics fan I always like Shrew. Good interview, insightful.
  5. Efficient Teddy was a joy to watch toward the end of the year. He's got the game to play a lot of years in Europe.
  6. We should go all script. Something about our block letter font bugs me.
  7. He looks good, but the big question is what's the inflatable chef character at :50 of his highlight video?
  8. Bill Self to Sacremento in 5...4...3...
  9. Ryen Russillo on One Shining Pod said Roby was the standout of the combine. (58:20) https://www.theringer.com/2019/5/28/18643152/russillos-nba-combine-afterthoughts-rj-hamptons-college-diss-and-juwan-howards-culture-shock
  10. I distinctly remember listening to the Huskers v. Southern Utah in the early 90s and Danny Nee saying he thought they were on their way to becoming a basketball power. Also why in the world were we playing a road game there.
  11. Friend at draft combine says Miles and Roby talking. Hoiberg and Miles were also chatting.
  12. Let’s bump that to about 150 3pt attempts next year.
  13. Of the bottom 11 NBA teams in 3pt FG attempted only San Antonio is still alive.
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