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  1. Great game by Teddy, he has really turned it on over the past couple weeks and even more importantly seems more engaged with the team. He needs some help though, he would be even better if he didn’t have to do it all on the offensive end. That was Banton’s worst game of his Husker career and it came at a bad time. Even an average game out of him and we win.
  2. Not sure what’s wrong with him but we eventually need to find a way for Walker to start giving us 25 minutes a game. Ideally the other 15 go to Andre. Offense flows much better with Walker in the game. The good news is Lat got back in to double digits. He’s starting to look like the player we thought he could be.
  3. Should have been back to back! And we have seen some serious horror stories in that building. That place seems to suck the life out of teams.
  4. Walker was just amazing down low on defense. Monkey finally off our back.
  5. Best half of the year so far? Have to think so. Perhaps the team is turning a corner. Would have been nice had the Big Ten not forced a gauntlet on us.
  6. Out of all the Big Ten teams we are probably hurt the worst with having no fans in attendance. With that in mind, I hope they put a asterisk in the record books when we break the Big Ten consecutive conference losing streak.
  7. We have gone from wondering if we will ever see Nebrasketball win a tourney game to wondering if we will ever win another Big Ten game. 8 more chances this year.
  8. Up 6 with three minutes to go. Have to close that out. Unbelievable We now inch closer to setting the wrong kind of Big Ten records.
  9. Hate to say it because I think he has a lot of skill but Teddy needs to go. The juice is not worth the squeeze. He is not playing on the globetrotters although at times it appears he thinks he is. Arguably our best offensive player but I think in the long run the team is better off without him.
  10. Brother or no brother. McGowens wanting to come play for this garbage program is a minor miracle. Hoiberg needs to start handing out cash and doing it fast.
  11. We have scored 13 points in the last 20 minutes. Let that sink in
  12. Drago’s minutes down the stretch will be interesting. It seems Hoiberg has been reluctant to play Andre but his hand was forced last night because no surprise Drago was brutal on the offensive end. I don’t think we need Andre/Drago/Walker on the roster next year. And have to think Drago is the odd man out.
  13. Bolt and company have done a really good job on the recruiting trail. It’s a damn shame we can’t play any non con games this year.
  14. Yeah I’m not trying to blame Miles because this is Hoiberg’s baby now but I would agree that I understand the roster churn. If we are in this same position this time next year I will have some serious concerns. Hopefully the core group remains and Hoiberg and company get a full off season with them. His rebuild at Iowa St was not near as daunting. Having guys like Royce White and Melvin Ejim on your roster year 1 helps. Things clicked in year 2 there. We can only hope it does so for us in year 3.
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