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  1. I think we are starting to feel some of the impact from Erstads last couple classes. But, I am a bit surprised that this team in general is not fundamentally sound. I thought that would be a staple under Bolt even with youth.
  2. Doc took some heat last year because of the defense. But those that are close to the program advised he did not have anything to do with the regression as he could no longer coach. Can anybody answer what exactly his duties were?
  3. Nobody can seem to answer who is responsible for the defense? I understand Hoiberg is ultimately responsible but who is coming up with these game plans?
  4. Fire all of them after this game. Let John Cook coach the rest of the season
  5. The only thing left for this year is Doc Sadler crying at a press conference. Sadly, it’s trending in that direction. Im guessing the only thing that may save Hoiberg at this point is having a bad football coach in North Stadium.
  6. Fire everybody. First to go is whoever is in charge of producing a defense.
  7. On top of that he may be the worst dribbler in college basketball and a D+ defender at best.
  8. The good news is Lat can hit 86/100 from 3 on the practice court with nobody guarding him.
  9. Well, Trev may have a pretty easy out if what I’m hearing is correct. He may be able to avoid a large buyout if that’s that path he chooses.
  10. Pop in the WIU, Tenn St, Creighton tape….sorry my man but this team is bad. Really bad. I don’t doubt that we will see some better play as Bryce continues to get his feet wet and Trey comes back. I even understand major shooting funks. But, we have too many players that think defense is optional. That’s no way to win in the Big Ten
  11. Yeah definitely didn’t say that…but go on. Reading comprehension is your friend.
  12. I could be wrong but I doubt Trev will want to be firing a football and basketball coach next year even with Frosts reduced buyout. Football will always come first. He probably is in no rush to fix a historically bad basketball program when he will likely be looking for a FB coach next year.
  13. You are surprised that some Husker fans think we will magically be better next year? There is quite a few in the fanbase that still say things like “who are we going to get that’s better than Scott Frost”? So that’s not surprising. But unless he throws in the towel Hoiberg is not going anywhere right now. So, I’d say he should start with 1. Recruit a real PG. 2. Recruit an actual center. Fill in the roster from there. Maybe Trev will force him to make some coaching changes. Matt A is likely not coming back. I couldn’t tell you what Doc and Gates do. I will give Loenser a pass because he just showed up to this shit show.
  14. I’m assuming Wilcher was only recruited to try and sign his brother. That didn’t work. Hopefully we send him packing at years end.
  15. Auburn-86 NU-64 Bonus: How many shots of Malort Will I take to get thru watching the game?
  16. Not sure on chemistry but perhaps a problem with his recruiting “tactics?”….it would be very on brand for Nebrasketball to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar and still have the worst roster in the Big Ten
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