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uneblinst's postgame chatter: vol 16; ed 23 - Illinois

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24 minutes ago, Silverbacked1 said:

That seems to be how the Big is officiated.  Just play like you want, hit, grab, push, just dare the refs to call something,.


Then when they do, raise Holy Hell at the officials and let the crowd also intimidate the other team and ref the rest of the night.


I think how they call the game in this league has really hurt our teams in the post season.  You try the things that they let the players do during the last what 20 games and then different crew says nope… calls everything and suddenly we (Big 10  teams) can’t change.


Not only the affect of being shocked at fouls actually being called in the first round; it also forces you to recruit differently at the expense of getting more skilled players.  You can have 8 really good players on your roster and a team that could make a run in the tournament, but if you aren't big enough and physical enough you're going to end up 7-13 in conference.

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2 minutes ago, FredsSlacks said:

with online gambling being legal in most of the country now, i won't be shocked when more tim donaghey type scandals happen.


the foul on wilcher and hoiberg were flat out embarrassing calls and decided the game.

The no call when Shannon continued his rape spree with 4 seconds left needs to be mentioned here

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41 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:

Huskers played better than most thought.  Proud of the fight tonight, playing 8 on 5.


NU needed to make their bunnies and they win going away. But, they didn't and allowed the refs to sway the way the game was called. It's on NU next time to get it done. LFG


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36 minutes ago, REDZONEDAN said:

I’m proud of the way we played tonight.  Thought a lot of things went Illinois way (cough cough refs).  We play like this on the road the rest of the season, we’ll definitely win 1-2 of them. Do that and win our remaining home games, we’ll be dancing.


Totally concur. Very proud of my Huskers. LFG


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Notes from UNL


*Nebraska improves falls to 1-2 in overtime games. Tonight was the Huskers’ second straight OT contests
*-Juwan Gary posted his fourth double-double of the season and 7th of his career with 12 points and 11 rebounds.
*-Nebraska went a season-best 14-of-14 from the foul line
*-Keisei Tominaga had a career-high 31 points, topping his previous career high of 30 against Penn State on Feb. 5, 2023. It was his fifth game of 20+ points this season.

*-With his five 3-pointers, he moved into the top-10 list of NU’s career chart with 149, passing both Tyronn Lue (145, 1996-98) and Cookie Belcher (146, 1997-2001). Tominaga’s five 3-pointers tied a career high set five previous times, most recently against Purdue on Jan. 9
*-Nebraska had an 11-0 run to overcome a 10-point deficit and take the lead in the final seconds of regulation. It was NU’s 17th double-figure run this season.

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20 minutes ago, brfrad said:

I'm old enough to remember a game in the '90's against Missouri where we were absolutely hosed.  Much like tonight.  That Nebraska team took it out on the teams in the Big 8 tournament.   I hope our guys do the same.


That was the year at Missouri when we got totally hosed, and Mizzou went undefeated in the Big 8. Nebraska won the '94 Big Eight Tournament that same season, defeating Mizzou in the 2nd game, even. It was a sweet victory, too. No homer ref-calls to push 'em over the top. GBR


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