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  1. problem is we need him to be scary good in 3 months from now. or at least good enough to defend and rebound.
  2. might be the hardest roster in the league for him to actually get called up, but i guess you never know with injuries. sounds like he gets a 50k bonus plus 35k if he plays in g-league. not a bad deal.
  3. it's dumb they wouldn't have just added the seats in the first place. i'd rather have too many seats than not enough.
  4. Arop is looking pretty big in this picture, no?
  5. watching roby on espn2 right now. rough first quarter. crazy how much smaller he looks in this league.
  6. dallas is a team he can actually get minutes on. not a ton of depth.
  7. whelp, not going in the 1st round.
  8. i would guess he's down to his last strike, and he may get suspended an extra game. probably going to miss at least the first 2 games. if it had been something more serious than weed than he'd probably be cut loose for sure.
  9. with roby gone, interior defense is my biggest concern. y'van/cross seem to be at least a year away before they are legit starting bigs. we for sure have guys that can shoot the ball which should make us competitive in a lot of games.
  10. this article from last year says otherwise. have the rules changed again? https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/bs-sp-ncaa-new-rules-20180808-story.html
  11. so can someone confirm once and for all... if he does not get drafted he can come back? not that i think this will happen but you never know. it will definitely make things interesting if we get to pick 41 and roby's name still hasn't been called.
  12. i noticed this too. and looking very thin. not sure i understand the weight loss. his best chance to make it in the pros is to probably play stretch 4 around 230-240 pounds.
  13. is it really that much different than petteway? both guys left after their junior year. both guys went to the combine. both guys were getting good feedback. most thought petteway was an early 2nd rounder which is what we're hearing about roby.
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