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  1. if we get mack, the backcourt has potential to be as good as last year. pg- mack, harris, thor sg-green, burke sf- cheatham, davis front court needs some work though. brady, akol, maybe roby?
  2. so many things wrong with what you have said here.
  3. based on his quotes today, it sounds like he is leaning towards leaving right now. said he would be okay with going in the 2nd round if it's the right fit. though that doesn't really make sense because you can't pick which team you want to go to.
  4. so as it stands right now... harris, mika, thor burke, green, trueblood, costello nana, karrington roby,akol brady
  5. so potentially no returning starters if roby goes pro. not good.
  6. is he even a d1 player? he has no other scholarship offers.
  7. i think the only way he goes pro is if a team 26-30 tells him they are going to draft him. there's no way he goes in the top 25. and if he gets drafted in the 2nd, he'll be stuck in the g league. i would guess he comes back. he has a lot of room to improve on the numbers he put up this year.
  8. his demeanor is almost exactly the same as frosts. pretty weird.
  9. the more mich st wins, the longer this will take. don't expect to hear anything until monday at the earliest.
  10. i've heard the announcement could be made as early as tomorrow with press conference likely monday/tuesday.
  11. would be nice if we could be on the right side of a kenya hunter situation where a new assistant could bring in a player like xavier johnson from day 1.
  12. i think it's a bad sign that he didn't just wait a week to see who the coach was. he could have entered the transfer portal a month from now.
  13. this was mine. 3 nba players. conklin who was ahead of his time as a big man that could shoot. and dourisseau who fits in as a slasher that can play D and rebound.
  14. jon gruden and tim miles in vegas would be fun
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