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  1. if he puts on muscle like his dad, he could be a aleks maric type center. maybe with a better jumpshot.
  2. he's very good. reminds me of brandon roy. he's a little thin though. hopefully he can add some strength before next season.
  3. what is the blueprint for this team being good next year? 1-3 - trey,bryce,dalano 4-5- lat and eduardo bench stevenson, walker, yvan, keisei, Wilhelm i don't see a huge improvement unless we add a legitimate point guard and a 3 and D wing this offseason
  4. no, but he'd definitely be one of the younger kids if he was entering his freshman year next year. ultimately it does not matter how young he is. he needs to get in much better shape and learn how to finish at the rim more efficiently.
  5. kobe played on the best team in the big 10 and at a slower pace. at the very least he will be more efficient than burke.
  6. whatever the case, he scored 18ppg at robert morris which is a very respectable program. with 2 years of training and maturing, i expected more than 12ppg and 50% FT shooting.
  7. probably the most disappointing player of this season. expected a lot more.
  8. i completely missed this pickup. been a lot in the news lately. this is a very good pickup. very efficient scoring point guard. kobe kobe teddy dalano y'van i'd say that's an improvement over our starters this year. bench is not bad either. could use 1 more solid guard. - thor,shamiel,lat, walker,cross?, akol?,
  9. Idk if fred actually did anything to upset him or if he just really didn't like the fact that we were only recruiting JUCO/transfers. But if he wants to play point guard at a power 5 school, it seems like there should be mutual interest.
  10. pretty sure he essentially announced he is done here. probably staying- y'van, thor, and the 3 transfers maybe- arop, cross, easley newcomers- teddy, lat
  11. I don't get why the Donovan Williams ship has sailed. He didn't want to come here because I think he assumed Cam would be starting for the next 2 years. Now we literally don't have a point guard. He could realistically start as a combo point/shooting guard from day 1.
  12. doubt he stays. y'van started all year and now you're throwing walker into the mix.
  13. they said he was sick earlier in the day. that would indicate this is probably not a heart issue. or at least you would think if you were having heart problems you wouldn't put that off vs having cold symptoms.
  14. they won't be able to transfer if they are quarantined... sorry i had to make some light of all this.
  15. i think it's very possible it's unrelated to coronavirus given how disastrous this season has been.
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