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  1. i'm guessing coaches overlooked this because he shot 40% from 3 in juco. unfortunately he is not shooting anywhere near 40% from 3 at the D1 level so far.
  2. jervay was 53% FT in juco.------- 52% this season cam was 64% FT in juco.-------- 56% this season hannif was 72% career FT before this year.------- 56% this season dachon was 66% FT at robert morris.------ 59.5% this season yvan 55% FT in france----- 45% this season. we shouldn't be real surprised i guess... hannif is the only one that has really dropped off. FWIW southern utah is the only game we would have won from having better FT shooting, but the fact we are so bad at Free Throws is just a bad sign overall for the offense.
  3. 32/23/44 shooting percentages with 18 turnovers. i don't think there's a D1 team in the country we would have beat with those numbers. if we lay an egg against creighton this season is going to start looking like a lost cause.
  4. my thoughts through 6 games 3rd worst free throw shooting team in the country at 55%. get that number to 70% and we're scoring an extra 4 points per game and would have beaten southern utah at the very least and be 4-2. there's no answer to improve our defense with our lack of size. we just have to play fast and score a lot of points to win games. size/defense should not be as big of an issue next year. our bench is really bad except for cross. thor and kavas need to do more or they shouldn't be playing 20 mpg.
  5. surprised these athletes haven't gone on strike yet. it's bad enough they aren't allowed to be paid, but to not even know if you are eligible or not during the season is sad.
  6. FWIW there were a ton of shots that were in and out. i'm hoping this is the worst we play all year. Yvan was the 1 bright spot tonight. he could be a beast in a couple years. (just 17 years old) green and mack will get better. this was their first D1 game. shamiel could really help us if he gets cleared. this team needs some more size. dachon burke will have better games. i'm very confused how thor played more minutes than samari curtis. kevin cross was ok but has a ways to go physically kavas and cheatham will hopefully provide experience and scoring all year.
  7. i wouldn't say that just yet. we had one of the worst shooting performances i've ever seen (after the first 8 minutes), but that doesn't mean we will shoot this bad the next game.
  8. anyone else think samari curtis would play more? he was mr basketball of ohio. here's some other notable mr basketballs in ohio: zavier simpson, luke kennard, trey burke, jared sullinger, oj mayo, oh and that lebron james guy.
  9. problem is we need him to be scary good in 3 months from now. or at least good enough to defend and rebound.
  10. might be the hardest roster in the league for him to actually get called up, but i guess you never know with injuries. sounds like he gets a 50k bonus plus 35k if he plays in g-league. not a bad deal.
  11. it's dumb they wouldn't have just added the seats in the first place. i'd rather have too many seats than not enough.
  12. Arop is looking pretty big in this picture, no?
  13. watching roby on espn2 right now. rough first quarter. crazy how much smaller he looks in this league.
  14. dallas is a team he can actually get minutes on. not a ton of depth.
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