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  1. Last 3 NIT champs have been 4 seeds...
  2. One of my best friends is an Iowa St Alum and fan and the more I see his program succeed the more I think Jamie Pollard would be a great fit at Nebraska. He makes great hires, midwest guy, his daughter runs Track/Cross Country at Nebraska. Also how frustrating was it watching Halliburton and Jacobson win the Big XII tournament.
  3. Now I hope we go out and win the whole NIT just to rub it in Moos' face. l think he's handled this situation the last couple days pretty poorly. Miles has outclassed him every step of the way.
  4. Hopefully Husker Nation shows up today in Chicago. Would love to have some crowd support at the game.
  5. My apologies to anyone driving 680 in Omaha when the final buzzer sounded. Loved listening to KP and Jake on the call for the last 4 minutes. I can get behind calling this group the Magnificent 7!
  6. I love my wife. She brings home the bacon. She’s a SDSU grad and an Otz fan but I love Otz
  7. Sipp has a history of taking shots at guys when they’re down or on the way out. Never been a fan. There’s being critical and giving commentary that paints a fair picture, but he tends take the low road. Always thought our guy Rosenthal was the better journalist and writer
  8. The dude he’s posterizing in the picture is Zane Meeks
  9. We probably should be worried about John Cook poaching Roby just as much him leaving for the NBA
  10. There’s definitely a buzz down on Canopy st. I’m working on one now
  11. Get Roby back in and hopefully we can stretch out the lead
  12. Love the change to the 1-3-1 Indiana isn’t shooting well or crashing the boards. Rebounding looks better tonight
  13. Roby doing his Foecke impression on the rebound/assist to Allen
  14. Everybody who suited up for Nebraska today has scored. Hope someone’s mom brought the sunny d and orange slices
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