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  1. I want Sallis N in the worst possible way. My concern is that our coaching staff isn’t giving high school recruits any reason to feel that they are a priority in the program.
  2. If I’m a high school player that’s planning to graduate in 2021. What will my impression be of the Nebraska program if they use all (Or most) of their available scholies on juco and sit-out transfers? I agree our depth for next year looks promising and I have no doubt Fred at Coach A will find some good transfers sitting on someone else’s bench. However, I have concerns if we’ll be able to build long term trust and relationships with high school players and coaches. Especially in this environment where Nebraska high school basketball seems to being going through a bit of a renaissance. We can’t use the excuse that the cupboard is bare in our neck of the woods.
  3. It looked like this was coming sooner than later. I like a lot of the things Fred and company are doing, but I’m not sold on their approach to high school recruiting yet. Donovan was so excited to play here and now we’re showing him the door like we’ve earned the right to turn down 4 star homegrown talent. It would make me sick to see a Wisconsin roster in 2021 with 3 players who are from a 3 hour radius of Lincoln. I’m sure the coaches have a strategy and it probably is better than mine, but right now I’m disappointed.
  4. How many of us are nerding out tonight. Akol’s intro was awesome!
  5. What’s more impressive is he posted this pic of him and Drake. I hope Drake shows up courtside at PBA. Gives Hoiberg a shoulder rub and then makes Fran lose it.
  6. Fred has really embraced the Hoopin’ Herbie look. In all sorts of colors. Sure would be cool to see these in stores
  7. Anyone else read a little bit into the fact Nebraska used Shamiel in the non-con promo. Here’s hoping we get to see him play against those teams
  8. Probably had to make a call to make sure the check would clear
  9. Watching a couple highlight videos, this kid reminds me a little of Ja Morant. Not afraid to drive inside, has some good handles and can shoot. The ball is going to move this year at PBA!
  10. Based on Yvans pictures I think that kid has seen a gym or two. I’m hoping there’s a little friendly competition between the two this summer in workouts, conditioning and practice that elevates both. I don’t know who’s in charge of bigs with the new coaching staff but these two guys together seem like a great project for Gates
  11. A couple names to throw out there. Not sure if there is interest on either side but someplace to look. 1. Antwan January he’s a 6’11” Illinois decommit from Cali. Looks like a decent rim protector. 2. Valdir Manuel originally committed seton hall then went to juco. Committed to St Johns then decommitted when Mullin left.
  12. While we’re at it let’s look at 6’11” 220 lbs sophomore Cheikh Mbacke Diong. Avg 6 points and 6 rebounds
  13. Anyone else notice that it feels like we are going head to head with TCU on every front court player we pursue? Is the recruiting equivalent of the NIT regional semifinals?
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