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  1. "Richard Pitino is a Jackwagon" on repeat all afternoon.
  2. Good to see that this everyone in the back row is standing on flat footed. No tippy toe 6'8"ers this year!
  3. I would love it if Teddy hangs 30 that night. His last points are a step back 3 over Donovan. Kent yells dagger. Teddy turns and as he gets back on defense he and Fred make eye contact and they both...
  4. This pandemic has really sucked. If I wanted to waste my early 20s I would've gone to Creighton.
  5. It sort of reminded me of when Roby showed off his hops the summer before his sophomore year.
  6. 6'10" and 220lbs is the same measurements Brandon Ubel had as a freshman. I wouldn't hate having a player like Ubes on the team.
  7. He's from the same academy that Anton Gill went to as well as new Husker Tre McGowens.
  8. Wasn’t there a football player back in the early 2000’s named Des Moines? I’m sure he spelled it differently but if I remember right he was a d lineman who had a big game against Iowa state
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