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  1. rwhiston

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I’m waiting for Ryan Anderson to write a song about it
  2. rwhiston

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    We now have 9 non-conference games scheduled (assuming we play Council bluffs University) Our non conference breakdown includes 2 Big East schools 1 ACC school 1 (or 2) Big XII schools maybe 1 Pac 12 school Which on paper looks competitive. We still will probably schedule 1 or 2 more non-con games how should we schedule our remaining games? I wouldn't mind seeing a mid-level A-10 or AAC team, or even a reunion by bringing in CSU or Utah St.
  3. rwhiston

    2018-19 Husker opponents

  4. rwhiston

    Jordy Gone

    We don’t need Tanner or Brady to be Aleks Maric, if we could get one of them to be at a Brandon Ubel like level for 8-15 minutes a game that would be great. While Baptiste might be the best available big, I’m not sure how helpful he can be if he’s here in December. I don’t know if he’ll be allowe to practice with Nebraska if he’s completing course work for Vandy. Hopefully there’s someone in the Juco or International ranks we can find. Bench is our biggest question mark moving forward.
  5. rwhiston

    Jordy Gone

    We need to find a Ffriend.
  6. rwhiston

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Shields and Webster are playing against each other on ESPN 3 right now.
  7. rwhiston

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    I like Nana. The guy works hard and I think has the desire to not only be successful but also see the team succeed. If Nana can master the 3 and D role, it would fill a huge void for us. Amir I think will play some, but the step from high school hoops to Big 10 basketball is big and freshmen during the Miles era haven't had a big impact. I would love to see Thor be used in a similar style as Manu Ginobili has been used as a members of the Spurs. Someone who can be a spark plug off the bench and act as a change of tempo. From the limited film I've seen on Thor I think his game and Manu's game are very similar.
  8. rwhiston

    Amir Harris is N

    Maybe slightly OT but is #10 not “retired”?
  9. rwhiston

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    NeBrewster pipeline is back on!
  10. rwhiston

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    This makes me think it’s Pitt. Which would be too bad
  11. rwhiston

    Dachon Burke is N

    That’s gotta put a lot of people at ease that Cope and JPJ have been in the convos. I think we’re gonna be ok team
  12. rwhiston

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    I see this as progress and that he’s definitely not ruling us out. I really don’t think he wanted to decommit but his inner circle encouraged him to explore other options after Kenya left. With that said Pitt probably can guarantee a starting position and more playing time as a freshman. We gotta get a new recruiting coordinator and that person needs to make Xavier the top priority!
  13. rwhiston

    Next Assistant Coach

    Another crazy hot take, but what else is there to do on April 25th. If D-Wade retires, would Miles use the connection they've made thanks to Gabrielle Union and hire Wade to be the assistant? Obviously Wade has shown he can still play this playoffs but a full season is a lot of work. I'm sure the Heat have plans for him in a cushy front office position where he could a. live in Miami b. make more money and c. not work as hard. However, wouldn't it be great having D-Wade coming into living rooms selling kids on the Big Red.
  14. rwhiston


    Maybe we could get the Johnnies at home this year. I wouldn’t mind a team like Seton Hall or Georgetown. Obviously DePaul wouldn’t suck
  15. rwhiston


    That’s assuming Morrow will be playing and not out for the 7th game in a row with a “foot injury”