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  1. There’s definitely a buzz down on Canopy st. I’m working on one now
  2. Get Roby back in and hopefully we can stretch out the lead
  3. Love the change to the 1-3-1 Indiana isn’t shooting well or crashing the boards. Rebounding looks better tonight
  4. Roby doing his Foecke impression on the rebound/assist to Allen
  5. Everybody who suited up for Nebraska today has scored. Hope someone’s mom brought the sunny d and orange slices
  6. rwhiston

    Pepsi v. Coca Cola

    I would love it if they would have a souvenir cup that was good for the whole season. It’s sorta awkward wearing a big coat into games when it’s 50 outside and having to wait for the first media timeout to get a “refill”
  7. rwhiston

    OT: Places to eat in that Berg to the Northeast

    Railcar at 144th and Maple
  8. 1. JPJ doing some great things. I like how he’s now becoming more consistent at the foul line. 2. Thomas Allen is starting to turn a big corner and I can’t wait to see what he does in conference play. 3. Someone needs to get these guys some blackshirts cause the Defense is nasty in a good way. 4. Not a great night for Roby and Watson on the offensive side, but made up for it on the other end. 5. Costello’s 3 and his teammates’ reactions is what makes this team so much fun to cheer for. 6. Sioux Falls brought it tonight. We need to make that place PBA north or mini PBA or my personal favorite, the ATM. Great place to play when students aren’t on campus. Any chance Mr. Mors was there?
  9. rwhiston

    2021 F Matthew Mors Yankton, SD

    As long as we’re recruiting this kid. (Or even better if he’s on the team) we should try and play a non con game in Sioux Falls. Cool atmosphere and nice to see Miles get the hometown welcome. Hopefully they can do the same for Mors down the road
  10. I've lived in Omaha since 2011. Huskers last win against Council Bluffs State was in 2010. It feels so good to walk into work today and my blue bird coworkers weren't chirping. I made sure to walk in wearing my Husker basketball sweatshirt and dropped off a bag of 100 grand bars to the break room. I'm gonna enjoy this year folks and I hope we all do. #letemcry
  11. Watching on the espn deportes telecast via the app. I love how the announcer rolls the R on Roby!!!
  12. rwhiston

    Next 10 Games

  13. rwhiston

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Maybe it was the same place Iowa found all those lanky, ugly, white guys. Which was in fact Iowa
  14. Northwestern beat American University not to be confused with Nation American University https://youtu.be/elIyvmsU2eQ
  15. rwhiston

    Tickets: Anyone received them yet?

    Today was a good day