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0-7 or 1-0?

0-7 or 1-0?  

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  1. 1. Would you rather be an avid fan of an 0-7 NCAA tournament team or a 1-0 tournament team (over the past 50+ years)?

    • 0-7 tourney team
    • 1-0 tourney team

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0-7 without a doubt.  We now have bragging rights to futility.  No Tourney wins, no conference championship in 101 years, the best facilities in basketball, 1 winning record in the last 5 years, a basketball administrator whose record in 13 years is abysmal, a head coach who kicks ass on Twitter but not so much on the court, but, the silver lining to this gawd awful cloud?  A fan base including everyone here that still supports this cluster f*** no matter what.


I'm not running out of patience, but I'm running out of time.  I won't live to be 150.....

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7 hours ago, jayschool said:

I'm happy for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and all the other underprivileged people who somehow scraped up enough money to send their kids to Northwestern. 


hahaha. given how much she can access, that's practically the local public school for JLD. She could afford an entire wing at the Sorbonne. Or at least, her family could.

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