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  1. Favorite beer: None: I don't like any beers Favorite Spirit: Vodka when mixed with a fruit juice Favorite cuisine: Probably Japanese Favorite NBA team: Don't watch enough NBA to care Favorite athlete of all time: Kelsey Griffin "Vacations" or "trips"?: Vacations Beach, mountains, big city or theme park?: Big city Missed your calling?: Don't get the question Bitcoin or nah?: Nah Fred or Frost?: Fred
  2. Naturally, today I've got a rooting interest for Northwestern to upset Louisville.
  3. Halftime score: 27-24. Go Huskers!
  4. I'm listening to Matt & Jeff. It sounds pretty loud in the arena! There is 2:38 left in the first half, and we lead by 2 after a missed UTM three. Missed Husker shot.
  5. Masters/PhD (Northwestern): 69 Bachelor's (Nebraska): 66 4
  6. Yay, I leapt to the 63rd percentile on the overalls! Obviously, I'm far from the leaderboard, but... At least my students had some fun with descriptive statistics from HHCC 19-20 and I finished grading their first drafts yesterday!
  7. Only grad school rejection 62 My bachelor degree 55
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