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  1. Oh... One more thing. We need a Sek on our team soon!
  2. Now all we need is a Redhac from the women's board.
  3. Nightmare fuel that would never happen: The 2025 Final Four! Featuring: Nebraska! Samford! Gardner Webb! And... Incarnate Word! The Revenge Of The Epitomes of Brutality on the biggest stage!
  4. Never hooped it up against a Husker cager, but my dorm floor's intramural basketball team once faced a squad of Husker gridders. Our big man fouled out in the first half and the skunk rule ended the game with 6 minutes left as we trailed 17 to 58. This was part of a 17 game losing streak for me among all intramural sports that spanned two academic years!
  5. Family Feud: Which month does a woman start to really look pregnant? Answer: September. Super Password: The password is "testimony." Clue: Epis... Episcopalian.
  6. I find it weird that they are still playing halves (instead of quarters) yet doing the foul reset every 10 game minutes. That might lead to awkwardness.
  7. NOT Eau Claire: 64 Lincoln: 66 What the hey! I think we have one more win in this run.
  8. "Ms. Weiss" 72 (Maryland's rejection letter to me) Bachelor's Degree 65
  9. Hooray for New Math! New hoo hoo math! It won't do you a bit of good to Review math, It's so simple, So very simple, That only a child Can do it!
  10. Woo, I tumbled badly! Too bad I can't down arrow myself!
  11. Is it a humiliating kick in the crotch after a meeting with your so called superior?
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