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FSU (1-3) vs. Nebraska (3-3) Game Thread


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Unfortunately, we’ve let a golden opportunity go to get out of Orlando 2-1.  Oklahoma was very beatable.  2nd game was always going to be tough.  But 3rd game was always likely to be Sienna or FSU.  Now you have an FSU team with nothing to lose against an NU team that can’t seem to find a W.


Unfortunately, with the way the schedule sets up.  You’re looking at a very real possibility of Nebraska barely eeeking out 10 total wins.  We’re going to have to play reallly good basketball just to head into conference play in January 1 game below .500.


Fail to beat FSU/BC and there’s a very real possibility we go in our January games at 4-9 and the likelihood of not reaching 10 wins is high.


We’re 6 games in and there’s already a very real possibility of not reaching 10 wins.  Our next two games are BIG in us being able to reach 10 TOTAL wins.  That sucks having to say in year 4.

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