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  1. skerbball

    New floor

    Exactly! Reminds me of the last court design we had toward the end of the Big 12/beggining of Big 10. Gigantic “N”. Texas and Texas A&M also both had huge state outlines and Kansas had that gigantic Jayhawk in the middle.
  2. Was thinking about when Collier left. Don’t want him here now but a Husker Hoops Central blast from the past (and a name that I remember talking about on this board back in 2005-2006) : Scott Spinelli
  3. skerbball

    February and beyond

    One more week that was fun: December 28th 2016-Jan 5th 2017: Starting 3-0 in the Big 10 with wins at Indiana, at Maryland, and a double OT win against Iowa. Obviously know how the rest of that conference slate turned out..but at the time that was unexpected to start 3-0.
  4. “Us Always” shirts are back in warmups. Just like 2014....
  5. skerbball

    Who best knows Nebraska basketball

    Dave Brandon...the man that started this amazing site
  6. skerbball

    A sobering stat

    All this talk about getting drunk has me reminiscing about this commercial from our Big 12 games on FSN Midwest. And I think they showed this at least 30 times during a typical Nebraska game
  7. Andre “The Bouncer” Almeida. Vividly remember him getting that nickname by Mitch Holthus of Big 12 Network/ESPN+ during the Texas game in Feb 2011.
  8. Palmer just get a tech??
  9. By the laws of basketball this Illinois/Ohio State game will go into overtime since the Nebraska game is next on BTN.
  10. Nebraska wearing these in warmups
  11. Exactly 1 year ago today we beat #14 ranked Minnesota in Lincoln by 10. Let’s do it again tonight!! GBR