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  1. Nebraska players have just left the arena
  2. Around 7:20 tip. Minny/Northwestern just getting over
  3. 6 years ago today. No Sit Sunday. Remember how good that felt...it’s going to feel even better when Fred is taking this program to the big dance and winning game(s) there!
  4. Get to bed early Saturday night. Springing forward for a BTN big noon Sunday game in Minneapolis.
  5. I’m going with A. Because let’s be honest...next year when Nebraska is battling it out in close games for a NCAA tournament berth there will be lots of yelling. Hopefully yelling and screaming in celebration! And when we get that NCAA tournament win you’ll have to explain to the kiddo what crying tears of joy means....
  6. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/game?gameId=290550158 2009 Texas A&M game. Steve Harley ran like a maniac and saved the basketball on the baseline. Ref out of position called him out of bounds. Nebraska loses on a buzzer beater. That 2008-2009 team was inspiring to watch.
  7. As a 4 seed. We only shot 11% from downtown that night. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/game?gameId=310752724
  8. Pretty sweet design. Not really a huge fan of the added “fnbo” next to their logo (seems busy) but hey money talks. Or maybe it means something different like.. “Fred’s Nebraska Basketball Organization.”
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