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  1. When is the last time Nebraska had a red lane? Ever? I can’t recall one in the last 20 years.
  2. If anyone is interested the Cal spring game is currently airing on PAC 12 Network Bay Area (channel 381 on Spectrum in Lincoln). Another encore starts at 3 AM.
  3. But little did you know that 5 days later we would go into Missourah and knock off the Tigers on the road in front of a huge Big 12 regional viewing audience on ESPN+Plus with Fred White...
  4. Painfully it was regular ESPN
  5. Exactly! Reminds me of the last court design we had toward the end of the Big 12/beggining of Big 10. Gigantic “N”. Texas and Texas A&M also both had huge state outlines and Kansas had that gigantic Jayhawk in the middle.
  6. Was thinking about when Collier left. Don’t want him here now but a Husker Hoops Central blast from the past (and a name that I remember talking about on this board back in 2005-2006) : Scott Spinelli
  7. One more week that was fun: December 28th 2016-Jan 5th 2017: Starting 3-0 in the Big 10 with wins at Indiana, at Maryland, and a double OT win against Iowa. Obviously know how the rest of that conference slate turned out..but at the time that was unexpected to start 3-0.
  8. “Us Always” shirts are back in warmups. Just like 2014....
  9. Dave Brandon...the man that started this amazing site
  10. All this talk about getting drunk has me reminiscing about this commercial from our Big 12 games on FSN Midwest. And I think they showed this at least 30 times during a typical Nebraska game
  11. Andre “The Bouncer” Almeida. Vividly remember him getting that nickname by Mitch Holthus of Big 12 Network/ESPN+ during the Texas game in Feb 2011.
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