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Funniest hijacked thread in board history

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It's the off-season. I just read something that tripped a memory and reminded me of one of the all-time funniest threads in board history.


Must have been way back on the original, original board. I'm guessing 10-15 years ago. It started off innocuous enough. Something about basketball. But in the fine tradition of Husker Hoops Central, the thread got hijacked and it turned into people reciting the punchline of their favorite dirty joke.


Maybe we could resurrect that thread in honor of the off-season.  I'll start:


"Ten bucks, father. Just like downtown."

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A guy is out drinking with a friend and spills on his shirt.  He's afraid of his wife's response.  His friend says, don't worry, stick $10 in your pocket and say that some guy spilled on you and gave you that for dry cleaning.  He goes home and tells the story to his wife.  She asks, so why is there $20 in your pocket.  He says, that guy also crapped in my pants.

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