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2023-24 Husker opponents


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Noticed conversations in the current "2022-23 Husker opponents" thread about next year. So I started a new post.


Nebraska will host Creighton & play in Manhattan, the Little Apple, against the Wildcats (after this season's neutral site at KC vs KSU).


Feel free to add any news, I'll include as much speculation about next year's schedule as it develops:



Nov. 6, Lindenwood @ Nebraska

Nov. 9, Florida A&M @ Nebraska

Nov. 18, Oregon St. @ Sioux Falls, S.D.

Nov. 13, Rider (MTE) @ Nebraska
Nov. 15, Stony Brook (MTE) @ Nebraska
Nov. 22, Duquesne (MTE) @ Nebraska

Nov. 26, Cal State Fullerton @ Nebraska

Dec. 3, Creighton @ Nebraska 

Dec. 17, Nebraska @ Kansas St.
Dec. 20, North Dakota @ Nebraska

Dec. 29, South Carolina St. @ Nebraska







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Thus far


11/9 - Florida A&M at Nebraska 

12/3 - Creighton at Nebraska 

12/17 - Nebraska at Kansas St
12/20 - North Dakota at Nebraska

Nebraska MTE - We did this in 2021 where we played a game in Thanksgiving vs Auburn (crushed) and then got 3 home games. Could be the same deal or maybe it's 2 game home and 2 at a site.


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Schedule like K-State does. Pack the rest of the non-con schedule with cupcakes. Go 10-1 in the non-con, have another conference season like we did this year, and we're dancing as an 8-9 seed.  A strong non-con SOS is becoming unnecessary. We need wins and momentum. 


Here were some of our opponent's SOS's at the end of the regular season this year:

Penn State -    Non-con: 278   Overall: 21

Northwesern - Non-con: 295  Overall: 37

Minneosota -   Non con: 311   Overall: 33

Kansas St.  -    Non con: 310  Overall: 16

(Our non-con: 80  and overall: 15)


The list goes on. A 20 game conference schedule, plus a holiday MTE and a game against Creighton is plenty to have an SOS that won't hurt your resume. Just need enough wins. 

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38 minutes ago, millerhusker said:

Schedule like K-State does. Pack the rest of the non-con schedule with cupcakes.


The Doc Sadler approach to non-conference scheduling.


And the 2017-18 Nebrasketball team called. They want their NCAA bid.


I know the idea may change with 20 conference games. But you still have to win some of those.

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