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unelinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 18: at Purdue


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1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

When is CJ Wilcher going to join the fray? (Not the band) but the struggle to get some Wins on a team with little margin for error. 

Yeah, this is a tough one.  I thought CJ would have elevated (no pun intended) his game this year.  Perhaps he has a bit on the defensive end; but certainly not on the offensive end.  Missed bunnies, failure to consistently hit open look 3's and generally looking out of sorts has been the theme.

It is surprising to me because he appears to have worked hard at reforming his body in preparation for the year.  At this point, the issue may be between his ears.  Starting a game like last evening, missing an open lay up, has to be getting to him.  

We need him, and I am hoping the light clicks on for him.  Perhaps allowing him to come off the bench for a few games would shake off the gremlins?  Gotta do something. 

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CJ needs to find a spark. He looks like a deer in headlights. Passing up open 3's to dribble into traffic and miss a contested shot or turn the ball over ain't cutting it right now. Have Lawerence start in his place and let CJ come off the bench. Just frustrating watching the young man continue to struggle every game.

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