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  1. Man, he can cover some ground in a hurry!
  2. Did he ever formally declare for the draft publicly before this tweet? That's all this may be...more smoke than fire. Time will tell though.
  3. Some blue shirts getting swapped out for red AFTER football season possibly?
  4. I was having a discussion on this with another Husker fan and we were both wondering the same thing.
  5. If it is Hoiberg, and I believe it is, how much work behind the scenes do you think he's doing with potential recruits or current commits/current rosters players? If it is going on those guys are keeping pretty tight-lipped.
  6. I've been thinking these guys are too soft and way too laid back for a long time. Body language and blown leads show it. Gotta have a "killer" or 2 on the team that can back it up. We don't. Tired of JPJ driving and expecting a foul instead of expecting to score. I get that he wants to draw fouls. That's fine and dandy but make your damn free throws! That crap don't play in the NBA my man.
  7. I scared my girls half to death and got in trouble with the wife when I became unglued and yelled at the TV when that sequence happened.
  8. I might dislike Wisconsin more than anybody right now. Between Davidson's flopping and psuedo injuries and Happ's extremely dirty play, none of which gets called, I can't stand them. The refereeing only makes it worse.
  9. I'll chime in on this subject since it's been on my mind as to why Roby doesn't appear to be living up to his potential so far this season. I believe some of it has to do with how the refs have called ticky-tack fouls on him. He's big and athletic as can be and when he combines that with playing "aggressive" (like we all want him to) he gets nicked for a foul. I think that plays with his mind and he gets too conservative and indecisive. Now, I'm not saying all the fouls aren't warranted as some are pretty dumb and obvious, but he's still trying to figure it out and I believe he will.
  10. Announcers trying so hard to say we're not as horrible as what we're watching tonight.
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