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  1. Great example from our captain Sheesh!
  2. Wait a minute, Did I watch the same game as these people? We lack any semblance of talent. All the cohesiveness in the world won't change the fact that we are horrible. I think I'm more upset that I'll have to listen to these excuses all year. Okay, we're bad, but we're good people. Sheesh!
  3. Fred is so good cooling the players down after their stupid mistakes. Gets a lot of practice. By the way, that's the only thing he does even remotely good.
  4. Bridenbach huge disappointment! Has taken over for Mayen with shouldn't dribble the damn ball.
  5. Wow! Why are Nebraska men's sports so pathetic? No fanbase should have to endure this. Come on!
  6. I'm going to give him one more year. I think he will adjust better to the speed of the Big Ten. Also, I think this year's team will move the ball better which in turn will benefit Keisei.
  7. I think I read that they are charting taking charges in practice. I think more emphasis is being put on the little things.
  8. I totally agree. Though the rest of the team made them look better by comparison.
  9. I'd be careful using Griesel and quicker in the sentence, though. I agree that Ramel is not very athletic. Point guard will be a weakness this year. Come to think of it, each position will be a weakness. One positive: I do believe we will play hard and as a team this year. Obvious upgrade over the last 3 pitiful seasons. 1st Post: How'd I do?
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