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Doane vs. Nebraska Exhibition Game Thread


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Well the hits just keep hit. Now Kesei is laying on the floor holding his ankle😶  but we have the lead and actually don’t look too awful for not playing anybody that will ever play together again. They still getting after it on D. Diane as made at least one if not two throw it up at the end of the clock and it banks in 3. 
Rice is very, very  smooth. Looks and plays much older than first time freshmen on a big stage. 
CJ with a nice no look dump down pass

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29 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

Got a months subscription for BTN+ today and will be able to catch all of our November games.


We won't be able to take much away from today unfortunately.


Go ahead and click "Unsubscribe" or "Cancel Subscription" now. You'll still have access through the full 1-month period, but won't be automatically charged at renewal.

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38-27 at the half. In my humble opinion we should have quite a few guys who can actually shoot the three with some accuracy. Didn’t start well but finished better. 
run a little bit if the bigs can keep up

D will be our true calling card. We are getting after it on that end

once again hope it is a fun year

my 58th of going to at least one game a year 

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6 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

Not going to lie-- Boogie looks like he's just out there going through the motions sometimes.  It's eerily similar to a few players from the early Hoiberg years.

I thought that early in the second half that he was going to go hero ball. but he pulled the ball out and ran some O.

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My take:


Boogie can play.  Can he play with everyone else?


KT plays thousands upon thousands of minutes of basketball this summer without a scratch and then gets hurt in an exhibition against Doane.


JL looks like a guy that will fill up a stat line without looking like he did much.


CJ had a solid game. Couldn't believe how big he looked compared to Doane's  players.


Rice. Love his potential.  He will get knocked around in conference play but will learn from it hopefully.


Sam needs to play.  Will not make as many plays as he did today, but he will make some.


Williams took one for the team and played the post. Might be best coming off the bench.


Diop:  Of course he gets sick when he has a chance to play major minutes gaining valuable experience.


Not sure how much our other bigs  would have gained in playing today other than game conditioning.


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8 hours ago, Bugeaters1 said:

The new Huskers.com blows ass. No stats or listen buttons on the site.


8 hours ago, roscoe said:

No stats but can listen



(For Future Games:)

From the Huskers.com Men's Basketball homepage click on the "View Story" tab 1698626767722.png to reach the "Game Page" which has the 'story' with links to the game information.

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4 hours ago, cipsucks said:

Kent has called a player from Doane a nephew of the great Nebraska player Chad Ideus, three times now.  Bang a rang.  There's hope for Dave MacFarlane to enter the HOF!


He was destined for greatness until a 5'11" kid from Hampton ripped away 17 rebounds against him.  He never was the same after that.  He would have led us to our first tournament win, but instead ended up being a shell of his former self, which caused him to help lead the walkout against Danny.  All because he played against Hampton.

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