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Chadron St. vs. Nebraska Exhibition Game Thread


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3 minutes ago, Huskerpapa said:

Halftime.  Thank you to the student body, for showing up...not.

Lot of positives so far.  A few things I can rag on, but won't.  

Effort is there.  


This is definitely not a high energy game.  Crowd is pretty out of it. And as you say, the students are pretty much no shows.  Probably out enjoying the weather. 

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2 minutes ago, basketballjones said:

KT doesn’t belong on a D1 basketball court. Zero concept of spacing or Team Basketball IQ. Just an individual out there trying to make individual plays. 

If he’s not going to make 3’s…..just stick Dawson at the two and let him

use his athletiscm to defend.  Tominaga offers nothing. 

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16 minutes ago, Cazzie22 said:

Perimeter defense needs to improve.  Chadron was able to drive the lane and we don’t appear to have rim protectors.  On the plus side, there was ball movement and quite a few assists plus some offensive rebound put backs. 

Yeah don’t get me started. I’m not entirely sure what the theory/concept was there especially early in the 1st. Seems like we’re deliberately allowing straight line drives from the wing with the goal of helping up high from the post to take a charge. We’re gonna allow back side posts dunk after dunk, or the backside corner 3. 

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