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  1. Those teams mentioned pass with a purpose, with an intent to create open shots for their teammates. Unfortunately, the last 3 years we've had players that need the ball in their hands (Mack, Teddy, and Verge) which kills any kind of offensive flow/rhythm. Hopefully this new recruiting approach creates a more team-focused style of play which leads to more open shots.
  2. Agreed, but Bohannon was the point man that ran that offense. Keisei will never have that role.
  3. Not to be a downer, but until he can put up numbers like that in games with a Husker uniform on I'm down on him.
  4. And that's being generous. I feel like both Green and Dotzler are projects with potential, but Creighton was willing to take a chance on the local kids knowing that they likely won't need either for a couple years. I could see both making their mark as sophomores or juniors.
  5. The only issue is his height for a guard at 6' 1". Would need him to have a growth spurt unless he's running PG.
  6. Dotzler is good, but didn't think he'd get an offer from Creighton. Must see room for growth with him. Doesn't hurt having the family connections.
  7. They pulled Grant Sherfield to run the PG position for them, who if you remember was the dude that hit the late 3 to beat us when we played Nevada in Lincoln. Hopefully Blaise is ready for Tanner Groves
  8. You do realize we're the laughing stock of college basketball nationally, right? That doesn't really mean much to say no one cares about them in comparison to us.
  9. Bryce tried to be the focal point many-a-times and we still looked bad.
  10. Big East is trying to add KU and Gonzaga. KU's football program is literally killing them. With a basketball power like that, the SEC/B1G is willing to grant you a lot of wiggle room. And they still don't want to touch them. That's tough haha.
  11. 1 Sam Griesel 2 Blaise Keita 3 Emmanuel Bandoumel 4 Juwan Gary 5 Ramel Lloyd Jr I like Griesel, but the fact that he seems to be ranked first by the majority is also an issue. On a good P6 team he's a contributing piece, not your go-to guy. I'm not expecting much of anything this season, but hoping to see more effort than previous years.
  12. Iowa State still had Izaiah Brockington last year. I just don't see a player like that on this roster. Bandoumel is the most similar, but the Big 10 is a lot different than the American. Hopefully his game translates.
  13. They may be more sound defensively and more cohesive as a group with the better chemistry aspect, but they're still not going to be very good. Maybe this year can be a nice building block into the next, but if it gets ugly again that will more than likely be it for Fred.
  14. Scheierman is a great passer and shooter, but a very sub-par defender. FWIW.
  15. I think our offense will actually be the same if not worse. There’s always hope in the offseason but I just don’t see anyone scoring on this roster consistently. But I think the defense will be much improved. So it definitely gives you a chance every game in that regard.
  16. I'm with you on some of your points, but this is a stretch.
  17. We need Solich's forgiveness. This all started going downhill fast after his demise.
  18. Do Keisi and Bart have some kind of NIL deal going for him to get those projection numbers?
  19. Oh we have to we don’t have a choice. The football team might win more games than us this year if we don’t add another SG that can score.
  20. Based on our current roster, it's not looking promising.
  21. I honestly think if we’re at least a competent team this past year he chooses DONU. We need to show progress.
  22. Your point may ring true, but they have an established culture and we don't. Baylor committed to that more than anything based on his exit interviews that I've seen.
  23. I don’t get that account at all. It was a completely different account like a week ago now it’s some dude that says he’s a Creighton grad idk what’s going on with that guy.
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