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Chadron St. vs. Nebraska Exhibition Game Thread


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13 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

I work with a guy that played the point for Chadron, he told me to take the Huskers & lay the points…

i used to work with a guy who would always brag up his grandson as a pretty good player, and back when he was a sixth grader they were hoping he’d be good enough to get a scholarship and get his dad an assistant’s job to Chadron State. But, now he’s got offers for football from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa Stste, Baylor, Penn State, Alabama, Kansas, Kansas State, and Duke, so I think Chadron State might be out of luck.

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10 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

Hmm.  Chadron just started practice a week ago.  Tonight they are playing an exhibition against Briarcliff in Sewer City. Eight new players on their team.

Other than their starting center weighing more than Derrick they're remarkably unimpressive https://chadroneagles.com/news/2022/10/19/csc-mens-basketball-team-to-play-cornhuskers-sunday.aspx

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Okay, our reserves are where our dynamic athletes are.  Some quickness and hops out of our second group.


I also do like the clear emphasis on defensive effort.


This team will definitely be a defense-to-offense team.  I can’t see us scoring consistently in the half court until we get rolling with offensive sets.

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2 minutes ago, Nighthawk said:

Bought one 24 oz from consession stand.  Probably only one I'll buy this season.  Just for the novelty of it.  Get a chuckle over some of the comments.  "At those prices". They must not go to too many concerts. 

8 bucks isn't that bad though. Last time I was at the CWS which was three yrs. ago a 12 0z. coors light was 6 bucks.


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