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  1. I remember watching some of the Creighton Clemson game last year. Stream quality was actually relatively good, surprisingly.
  2. No I don't think he would. But in that interview with Washut he never said he'd for sure come back either. Said something along the lines of "keeping all of his options open". So who knows.
  3. Reading between the lines of his comments, it seems to me he's not interested in raising his stock. As long as he knows he's for sure getting drafted by somebody he's leaving. The only way he comes back is if he's told he's not getting drafted by literally everyone. And it's not even a complete guarantee he comes back to us.
  4. I also heard that he had met with agents last weekend. Just didn't hire anyone yet obviously.
  5. Not to mention, based on Roby's recent posts on Twitter, it appears he isn't too fond of the NCAA not paying student athletes. I feel like the writing is pretty much on the wall with this one.
  6. The thing about second rounders is that you’re not guaranteed a contract. Now the likelihood of you not making the roster after getting drafted is unlikely, because the team obviously sees a role for you somewhere on their team, but it can happen. Now if you do make the roster and get a contract you will make millions, even as a second rounder.
  7. Who's to say, based on what we know about his mental state over the last couple years, that being "the guy" on the team doesn't actually hurt his stock? There's so many "what if's" in this situation, which is why if you know for a fact you're going to get drafted you go.
  8. I'd say he's a guaranteed early to middle 2nd rounder.
  9. Cornfed I'm sorry, and I love that everyone is on a high, but can we please stop talking about freaking Dwayne Wade coaching here? I mean come on....
  10. I would like @HoiBall to expand on those statements as well. Seems like everything isn't as completely certain as you're saying, although still highly likely.
  11. I need an explanation @HoiBall
  12. Why do I think that Goodman has a vendetta against us and actually knew about this potential ISU/Alabama news and just could not wait to drop it?
  13. I actually went to the game last night in Omaha. My buddy who has season tickets for the Jays said the NIT is a chance for the common folk in the upper level seats to make their way down while the doctors/lawyers/wine sippers/folks there solely to be seen typically stay home. It was a good time. Pry had about 6,000 there. Beers still $8 tho.
  14. He's already been an assistant for Fred at Iowa State so I'm assuming whatever role he had there it'd be the exact same thing in Lincoln. I don't know how much he was involved in recruiting at Iowa State but I'd think it wasn't much.
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