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  1. I appreciate this analysis and hearing a view point from both sides. These are some good points and really does make me reconsider some of the aspects of this disease. I may still not think it’s quite as severe as some on this board, but it does make me think about things a little more. I’m not looking for any debates nor am I casting stones. I’m just pretty tired of Covid and 2020 in general tbh.
  2. I respect your opinion, but I refuse to get caught up in the “I know it doesn’t seem bad, just wait another couple weeks and see what happens” type of mindset. Social media and the media in general continue to warn of how bad it’s going to get and how the death rate is going to increase substantially. Still waiting. On top of that, is the 99.99% survival rate too low for student athletes? That’s whats so ridiculous to me. These are 20 year olds in peak physical condition. If you don’t wana be around them stay home. Not that hard
  3. Ok let me rephrase in saying that testing is much more readily available than it was. Also would you deny the fact that the death rate has continued to decrease despite the uptick in confirmed cases (due to more testing)? As well as the recovery rate continuing to increase? Seems like those are the most important statistics.
  4. This is all so ridiculous to me. If you wana stay home, stay home. If you wana go watch the game, go to the game. If you wana play, play. The hospitals aren’t even close to being overwhelmed. Nearly everyone is getting tested. Majority of people don’t show symptoms. Death rate continues to decrease. Recovery rate continues to increase. What the hell are we doing cancelling virtually everything still?
  5. We're going to see football of some kind this year. Might not be the Big 10, but the SEC is going to play regardless. Looks like I might have to pull out my old LSU CWS merch for this fall.
  6. I'm with Lamar. Let these athletes play if they want to play. Get busy living or get busy dying. Edit: This goes for both CFB and NFL. Actually any sport.
  7. Seriously bet he gets a Creighton offer now lol
  8. If McGowens isn’t eligible it’s gonna be another rough year IMHO
  9. Great length but also kind of clumsy. There's a real chance this kid can develop into a major player at the D1 level in the next 2-3 years, but there's also a reason Andre's rankings progressively tanked on 247 and Rivals. I'm a believer in this project though.
  10. I'm going to say Ouedraogo. I also think he starts despite what Robin said back in May. Banton McGowens Thor Teddy Ouedrogo First off the bench: Shamiel, Webster, Lat, Walker, Wood
  11. I hate myself for thinking this, but this recruit screams leaving after one year fill him with a 2021 transfer type of player
  12. Sounds like the staff knew for roughly two weeks or so that him coming here was looking bleak.
  13. Unless we’re a projected top 10 team I’d just forget about playing Duke, Louisville, or UNC.
  14. Hunter is 100% heading to a blue blood. Most likely UNC, but if Duke offers I've heard he'll pull the trigger immediately. Regardless, don't waste your time worrying about Hunter heading to L-town, unless he decides to transfer if he's playing a diminished role wherever he chooses.
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