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  1. I was there when they said this and laughed. I honestly couldn't believe how triggered some of our fans were on social media after this happened. Sometimes our fan base just needs to lighten up.
  2. Lol they didn’t even have they’re 7 foot post player and arguably 2 starters and still kicked our ass. This team is laughably bad.
  3. And I’d argue he’s one of the best at it.
  4. I agree with what they said on 1620 yesterday, Creighton is more in win and survive mode with their depleted depth. They're down to basically 6 scholarship players. I doubt many of those fans are concerned about win margin.
  5. Last night we were putrid defending the 3. Thankfully GT was missing just as many as we were. Basically every look they had was decent. You're correct in saying we are pretty good at defending the 3, but we also defended it well against pretty bad teams. Last night was the first relatively decent team we played and they had pretty much any shot they wanted from the perimeter.
  6. On the other hand, the Jays shoot much better than any team we’ve played so far. Our advantage is depth. They have literally none. Run run run and hope they’re tired as hell by the 2nd half. If they’re making shots and we’re cold then just tip the cap and move on to Indiana (yeesh).
  7. His case for a waiver was a lot stronger than many of the waivers I’ve seen granted earlier this year. That’s a damn shame.
  8. Providence was without their starting big man and it looked like it hurt them, but man 8 for 35 from three and 8 for 23 on layups. Yeesh.
  9. Very true. I'm pretty sure it would've been on Miles to recruit him because I believe he had committed before HCFH was hired. I don't think he has much of a shot, but from the little of the first half I washed he was pretty lock down on a four-year starter in Simpson. Sometimes it's just nice to have that guy, but you're right I don't think that really matches what Hoiberg wants to do anyway.
  10. Say what you want about the team to the east but I do wish we would’ve recruited Shereef Mitchell more. Maybe it’s just my bias for in-state talent but that dude is a dog defensively.
  11. Iowa never looked like they wanted to be there all game and Depaul took advantage. At home nonetheless. Yikes for Fran.
  12. Depaul straight up toying with Iowa
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