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  1. Palmer was only averaging like 4 points a game at Miami before he came here. I believe that Banton is our best player on this roster as of now and has the most NBA potential due to his frame. In regards to practice........I remember when Nick Bahe would say on the radio, and on his podcast as well, that sit out transfers and redshirt players always seem to perform well at practice because you have no assignments other than recreating players of another team. You don't have to remember anything defensively. You don't need to worry about schematics. Just go out there and ball and give a good look for the starters. Basically what I'm saying is, much like football, I'm trying to avoid all reports from the media and just let my eyes do the evaluating haha.
  2. He literally said he doubts there's 5 JUCO players better than him haha. It's honestly not that big of a deal, but I'm just mentioning that there definitely are lol. Teddy is also playing the same dudes Jervay played against, and he was also putting up crazy numbers. Washut is paid to hype these recruits up for us, but I'm taking all of his ridiculous stats with a grain of salt.
  3. Then you haven't watched Jay Scrubb highlights. That dude is NBA ready.
  4. He's already played in a game so he can't this year. There's an exception when it comes to claiming a medical redshirt if the injury occurred early in the year (not sure on the exact number of games) but since there's been no injury and we're already into January he wouldn't be able to.
  5. Was at the Creighton Marquette game Wednesday night.
  6. If you go to the 46:30 mark you'll see Jervay get burnt by Stewart. The ensuing possession it looks like Green is frustrated he's not getting the ball. Then Cam makes a move and turns it over and Green is even more frustrated. Then the issue on the bench occurs and you can see Green is clearly distraught. I agree with the previous poster based on what I'm seeing I could Jervay and Cam not seeing eye to eye.
  7. He's already getting interest from Ohio State, Alabama, and Virginia Tech.... I mean this wasn't some Summit League talent like people are inferring. The only reason he has exclusively low major offers right now is because of how early he committed and his injury.
  8. Thankfully we went with the kid that's one ejection away from getting suspended from JUCO basketball the rest of the season. I'm sure his attitude is much better for the locker room.
  9. The lack of hustle plays is what pissed me off the most. Why is no one getting on the floor for loose balls? We aren’t good enough to only be tough some of the time. What the actual hell
  10. You're telling me if a 4-star kid from Omaha decommitted from Creighton our fans would be above tweeting at him "GBR"? Give me a break lol.
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