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  1. Too many facts on a message board Jacob that’s not allowed sorry. You’ve been banned 24 hours.
  2. These excuses still don't amount to winning only one conference game with the increased talent we have from last year. That's just me though. It's all about the W's.
  3. The Pitt fan base said as much when he decided to transfer from there.
  4. I was mad with the jam packed scheduling at first, but you’re right now it’s seeming like we’re choosing to do this rather than the B1G is making us. As players it’s gotta be awesome to just worry about games and not so much practice. And Fred’s basically coaching an NBA type schedule now so doesn’t really seem like he cares. The only issue is the fact that we’re not very good.
  5. Not saying Miles shouldn’t have been fired. He had his chance. That being said tho in his defense we lost Dre Davis (8.5 PPG, 3.4 rebounds and has started every game at Louisville as a freshman) and Mika Adams-Woods (7.3 PPG, started majority of games last 2 years at Cincy). We had some decent players ready to come into Lincoln.
  6. Cam Mack’s speed and passing ability would give this years team issues. Fortunately for them tho he’s more of a head case than Teddy.
  7. If we go 0-20 I honestly think Hoiberg will just leave. Like just get up and walk out. That would be 37 straight conference game losses hahah.
  8. The Cope injury really sent that whole thing into a real downward spiral. I still vividly remember that moment, and still believe we could’ve salvaged that season if that injury wouldn’t have happened.
  9. We’re not going to land 2-3 players of Bryce’s caliber each year, but if we’re able to mix him with other players that we develop we’ll be able to compete. What you really need is a healthy mix of great players that you know will leave early (like Bryce) along with 3-4 year guys that understand the system and culture to really flourish in college IMO.
  10. He should shoot with reckless abandon from 3 when he’s in IMO. His release is so fast. Don’t hesitate just pull.
  11. Thanks for making your way over. I've enjoyed both of my trips to Madison and have said multiple times to my buddies that if I didn't graduate from Nebraska, then Wisconsin would be the school I'd want to attend as an undergrad. Most of us have thick skin and can only laugh at the current state of our athletics program. But we know that at least in basketball things are trending upwards. My question is why in the world would a team like Wisconsin not make fun of us to no end at the moment? Not only did we think we were going to enter the conference and take it by storm in football
  12. I honestly think it's for optics. At least show that we're trying to get him here and didn't give him the cold shoulder or something.
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