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  1. I think our offense will actually be the same if not worse. There’s always hope in the offseason but I just don’t see anyone scoring on this roster consistently. But I think the defense will be much improved. So it definitely gives you a chance every game in that regard.
  2. I'm with you on some of your points, but this is a stretch.
  3. We need Solich's forgiveness. This all started going downhill fast after his demise.
  4. Do Keisi and Bart have some kind of NIL deal going for him to get those projection numbers?
  5. Oh we have to we don’t have a choice. The football team might win more games than us this year if we don’t add another SG that can score.
  6. Based on our current roster, it's not looking promising.
  7. I honestly think if we’re at least a competent team this past year he chooses DONU. We need to show progress.
  8. Your point may ring true, but they have an established culture and we don't. Baylor committed to that more than anything based on his exit interviews that I've seen.
  9. I don’t get that account at all. It was a completely different account like a week ago now it’s some dude that says he’s a Creighton grad idk what’s going on with that guy.
  10. To add to you point, it’s not just An issue for our roster but for any team in college basketball. If you can offer one guy a boat load of NIL money to come play here fine, but those other guys that have already played for you should be increased too then to avoid animosity. What’s to stop CJ from saying “I stuck with you all year last year I want an increase too. This guy hasn’t even played consistently at a high level yet.” It’s uncharted waters with all this and money of all things can create issues. Baylor would undoubtedly be a great add. Idk where we’d go next year with him. Tourney? NIT? I don’t know. Maybe Hoiberg is thinking I’m on thin ice as it is I need to do whatever I can to win, which isn’t exactly a formula for success. You can look at it from many fronts.
  11. Football is one thing because of the sheer size of the roster and the money available, but for basketball and how close knit the locker room is and needs to be I think its important for most of the prominent players to be making at or near the same on NIL. Otherwise issues arise much like Miami. If transfers are coming in looking for amounts larger than what most of the team is making, you either increase the amounts of everyone to keep it level or just say thanks but no thanks. You’re creating issues otherwise. You can’t have a guy who knows nothing about the team come in making way more than the guys that have already committed to play for you and have been through the ringer with you. It creates disconnect before even stepping foot on the court.
  12. Agents are agents. He’s getting paid to make deals for his client. Let’s be real if he was a nice guy he wouldn’t be an agent
  13. His agent is a scum bag, so I’m wondering how much of this coming out is from his agent and how much is actually from him.
  14. Seeing a lot of Creighton or Kansas
  15. If NIL stays the way it is it will make college sports (specifically football and basketball) as a complete waste of time. There should be a cap that football schools with more money can spend on players to allow for that have-nots in basketball to at least compete. We're in a good spot in that regard, but at that point no one will be watching haha. When programs with more cash can start simply and openly buying players it's not even college sports anymore, and people will lose interest.
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