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  1. OmahaHusker


    Like I said in another thread, it's the NET ranking that's keeping us on the brink. They're going to have to adjust something in the algorithm next year, because it puts way too much weight on win differential no matter who the team is you beat. If that didn't exist, we'd be pretty much done already with our awful RPI and non-con SOS.
  2. OmahaHusker


    I'm pretty sure that was tongue-in-cheek haha
  3. OmahaHusker


    Nebraska's best team
  4. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    And the fact the NET loves us. If teams are smart next year they'll just schedule crap teams and kick the snot out of them, because apparently that's all you have to do to stay in the good graces of this ranking system.
  5. OmahaHusker

    All Is Not Lost (off topic)

    This is so awesome. Congrats!!
  6. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska football 2019-2020

    Seems like a pretty weak statement. So we're supposed to believe they didn't follow up when officials in Cali wanted to interview him about a prior incident? What?
  7. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska football 2019-2020

    Agreed. Very dumb.
  8. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska football 2019-2020

    Looks like we're about to lose Maurice Washington
  9. If we did decide to go with Otzelberger at least we can continue the trend of our coach having a great friendship with McDermott. (sarcasm)
  10. OmahaHusker

    This Next One is a Must Win

    With PGs it’s hard for a coach to have you develop the “it” factor. We see it in a PG like Edwards. Great passer, great court vision, and above all, great confidence. Glynns inability to develop into a quality PG even after playing 4 years is more of a result of Glynn’s weak mental state than it is Miles coaching ability. I truly believe that if Xavier Johnson would’ve came here Glynn would’ve slowly developed into the 2 guard role and Xavier would’ve started by this time in the season. He has that “it” factor that can’t be taught by coaching.
  11. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    Oh ok I got what you're saying. My take is our fans are great because they show up in droves to sporting events. They're not greater personality-wise than any other fan base.
  12. OmahaHusker

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    I could be wrong, but I think this thread is more basketball oriented. It's a lot easier to label our fan base the best fans in the country for football because of the sell out streak.
  13. OmahaHusker

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    Ummm the ACC is absolutely better than the B1G these days. What do they have 5 national championships in the last 10 years? B1G hasn’t won a championship in 20 years. But you just said you weren’t admitting that the job here is better so I don’t really need to argue anymore.
  14. OmahaHusker

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    And all I’m saying is Wake still is a better job. We have a new arena and place to grab drinks after. Cool. Wake is located in a state that’s a hub for basketball talent with a tournament history. Yes the talented kids down in the Carolinas might think less of Wake compared to Duke and UNC, but at least they’ve heard of the team.
  15. OmahaHusker

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    But that analogy assumes we hold both to the same standard, which we obviously don’t. No I’m obviously not ok with F’s but do you honestly think the majority of this fan base will really be calling for Moos’s head if this team still doesn’t win a tourney game 5+ years from now if the football team is getting to B1G championships and beyond?