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  1. Getting that vibe as well. They just dumped a bunch of money to make Rhule the 8th highest paid CFB coach in the nation with a solid assistant pool. I don't think he's too interested in paying another buyout and doing a new search right now. Pry will just rely on the offseason football hype to get through a subpar basketball season if it indeed happens.
  2. Our size this year has an opportunity to pose some issues for them. But they’ll be way more battle tested than we will by the time we play them with them playing possibly 3 or 4 ranked teams before coming back to Omaha to play us. Ladies will be fine. Needed a good test like this to see where they’re at. Need to emphasize defensive intensity going forward.
  3. Considering Matt Rhule did previously have success in the college ranks but flamed out in the NFL, I'm assuming you'd be ok with that hire? I'd be fine with it. I had Aranda and Kiffin above him, but definitely could get behind Rhule.
  4. More like 6th-8th range but I get what you're saying.
  5. It’s tough to gauge considering the lack of size of CSU. We attacked the boards really well, but one could argue that’s because we were just simply taller than all their players. The effort was definitely there tho. Gary looked really good. Sam had some great moments but some Summit League moments too. They need to shoot better than 23% from 3 to beat anyone with a pulse imo.
  6. I like the effort on the offensive glass, especially when it seems like all our guys are taller than Chadron States center
  7. And scorer. Two things that seem pretty necessary to have.
  8. Just listened to Bahe’s podcast. Seems like we might be improved by effort alone but it might not be enough to keep Hoibergs job. That’s year 1 stuff. Also Creighton is miles ahead which is obvious.
  9. I think USA Today went all in right after the Frost firing to get these public record metrics. Little did they know that literally no one cares among the fan base that Frost got fired, so the metrics and story aren't near the click bait they thought it would be. From the outside looking in, you have a native son getting fired 3 games in. For us, we all expected it anyway. And in regards to Hoiberg's metrics, no one cares regardless. I'm surprised they even looked into those in the first place. They just need to pass the eye ball test, show progress, and get close to .500 is what I'm assuming Trev is looking for.
  10. Great breakdown and points. Rewarding the .500 Power 6 schools would be dumb to me.
  11. I'm willing to listen to an argument for if you win your conference regular season you get an automatic bid rather than the conference tourney. But increasing to 128 would lose the allure IMO. Basically anyone getting in would be lame.
  12. Don't mess with the tourney whatsoever. If you think it needs to be altered I'm sorry but you're wrong. More teams would be awful. If you're not good enough to get one of the 36 at-large bids then you don't deserve it.
  13. Agree with your post in a sense, especially when it comes to the unknown like the new players we have this year. The issue for me, much like with Frost, is what has the HC done to make me think this year will be substantially different than the last? That can't be ignored. 9-50 in B1G play is not just bad luck. So I can understand being a realist in that sense. But in regards to the new players themselves, we have no idea how they'll fair in the B1G, so the hope is still very real.
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