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  1. Free beers at Barrets? Sounds like a pretty awesome retirement to me
  2. And if the Lakers get Korver.....
  3. Gotta love the off-season...when we're already talking like Mack is a better PG than a four-year starter. Glynn will be missed next year.
  4. I disagree. This is solely because this is Hoiberg's first year. The non con slate will get better with time. This is definitely not the norm. And when it comes to home-and-homes sometimes you just gotta roll the dice and bite the bullet if it means two or three true away games. Just because Creighton is the closest comparison they recently had the home-and-homes with Oklahoma and Gonzaga, and another with Arizona State coming up. All 3 they had to go on the road to first.
  5. Agree to disagree I guess. I just hate Michigan. And I want my boys from Holdrege and Kearney to keep winning. P.S. all of the other B1G teams crapped the bed already. Highly doubt one B1G team making the supers is really going to shape perception. But to each their own.
  6. Who's everyone pulling for tonight? Give me a roster with 8 Nebraska boys over Hail to the Victors any day.
  7. Woj: Sorry Ed you're just not going to be a jump shooter in this offense. *Hauser brothers transfer* Woj: Let me see that jumper Ed.
  8. That's completely fine for fans to not like the NBA. I'm honestly not a huge fan either. It's another thing to share that feeling with the kid on Twitter because he didn't make the decision to stay at your school another year.
  9. Turning this one on for the work commute home cip.
  10. That's literally the article both of them just referenced.
  11. Those fans only care about how successful Nebraska is and are completely selfish. They couldn't care less what these kids do with their lives afterwards, as long as dear ole Nebraska U gets W's.
  12. To compare Roby to Pettaway in regards to NBA-ready intangibles and overall potential is almost an insult to Roby IMO. His stock is glaringly higher than Pettaway's was.
  13. The staff is in motion to replace his minutes with the guys they're going after (and also signing). They know what's up.
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