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  1. Idk I think the allure of playing with this brother is going to be hard to pass up. But who knows.
  2. They played on the same AAU team. Lloyd played in 4 less games so totals don't mean as much, but I feel like the averages Shlotzberg put up is enough evidence to show that he's undervalued, especially in comparison to what Lloyd what put up. https://www.theseasonticket.com/stats/team_instance/5987955?subseason=726284&tab=team_instance_player_stats&tool=4386383
  3. How quickly we go from liking to hating recruits on this board lol. I agree. Ben looks like a shooter, while Lloyd is more of a drive first type with his body/frame. Both are good prospects imo. Ben is definitely undervalued in the rankings.
  4. Other than Bryce, who are those shooters? I'd think this is the biggest area of concern.
  5. If I were Warren, I'd be on the phone with the teams that feel burned after this Texas/OU move. Primarily Mizzou and A&M. See if either would have interest in joining the B1G along with Kansas. Edit: That would require forward thinking, so forget it.
  6. Both the McGowens mentioned in their podcast they plan on going to the draft next year so I doubt we’d see either of them after this year. I don’t know how much Bryce will want to stay in college without his bro. Strikes me as someone who wants to start developing his game immediately in the G-League. Thus, hoping for a great season for both this year.
  7. Robin is paid to be an optimist. I take everything he says with a grain of salt. Typical Husker media scarlet colored glasses.
  8. It's definitely a recruiting violation and hence the wrist slap sanctions, but they definitely didn't receive any type of competitive advantage from what they were doing because, like you said, the assistant coach was faking taking money in exchange for fake players to help the agent out and give him some clout. It was very dumb and Creighton deserves the sanctions they got (most self imposed in the first place) but you're correct it's not like they're paying all these dudes like Will Wade and Sean Miller openly are/were. It makes for a great t-shirt in Lincoln tho haha. Reality is, no Creighton fan here in Omaha actually cares about any of this.
  9. Someone doesn't like Omaha lol. Enjoy Superior, NE. Sounds really fun there
  10. Too many facts on a message board Jacob that’s not allowed sorry. You’ve been banned 24 hours.
  11. These excuses still don't amount to winning only one conference game with the increased talent we have from last year. That's just me though. It's all about the W's.
  12. The Pitt fan base said as much when he decided to transfer from there.
  13. I was mad with the jam packed scheduling at first, but you’re right now it’s seeming like we’re choosing to do this rather than the B1G is making us. As players it’s gotta be awesome to just worry about games and not so much practice. And Fred’s basically coaching an NBA type schedule now so doesn’t really seem like he cares. The only issue is the fact that we’re not very good.
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