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  1. Remembered this convo about Jay Scrubb from back in January and randomly came across this new highlight vid of him on twitter. Wow.
  2. Kobe King wasn’t exactly missed by the Wisconsin faithful either, considering they went 9-1 after he left. I do have faith that a new offense will help him utilize his strengths more freely tho.
  3. This is actually way more entertaining than you would think. The live fan interaction during the games on youtube is hilarious.
  4. Definitely see him going any route to make money, overseas or G-League or whatever.
  5. I've stated many times before that I have nothing against CU. But I also understand if you hate them. It's a rivalry. I'm more calling out your reveling on the injury of student athletes.
  6. Oh come on that was not a defending CU statement. When did I say I thought they were elite? You guys can have your opinions about calling other programs out while we lose 16 straight and win a total of 7 games with awful defense and a dysfunctional roster. I can have my opinion that I think that that's so embarrassing that we look kinda dumb talking about it. The beauty of message boards.
  7. We have plenty of our own issues to be dealing with before we start telling other programs how truly good they are or not haha
  8. Completely agree. This may sound bad, but I don't really think "fit" and "team chemistry" when I think of Teddy Allen either. Hopefully the young man proves me wrong.
  9. You can say the team has "improved" since UC Riverside and Southern Utah, but losing 16 straight isn't exactly the improvement I was expecting.
  10. Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t take too much out of it until national analysts come in and vote.
  11. The fan future cast on Rivals means absolutely nothing. And the only recruiting analyst that’s picked Nebraska for Sanogo and Whitt is sunshine pumping Washut. I would take all of those with a grain of salt at the moment, until national analysts come in with predictions.
  12. I think NBA scouts are more concerned about Markus Howard's size than anything. He's only 5' 11".
  13. Oh ok I misread that. I honestly think Mack is going to end up just going overseas somewhere. I could see him just wanting to improve his game while making money.
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