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    uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: ed 8, vol 2 - Villanova

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      Don't say you're suprised by this result, disappointed, sure, but not suprised. Nova's an excellent, experienced team.

    - The starting guards had terrible games. Watson is the best point guard on this team right now, how long until he moves into the starting lineup? I'd do it on Thursday. He's got some work to do defensively, but all around he's the best of the three.
    - Tai may be a good defender, but he can't shoot, and he turned the ball over a ton tonight. I'm not sure I'd have him in my top 8 right now.
    - Benny had a bad game as well.
    - This was a great education for the new kids. I loved how they responded early, but they have to learn how to keep that attention and energy throughout.
    - White, I think he's the real deal.
    - Shavon didn't play poorly, just not enough around him.
    - We're not going to see them have any success until they figure out how to take care of the ball and create some turnovers.
    - Villanova had 33 points off turnovers. One of the biggest factors in the game.
    - We got a glimpse early of how much hitting some outside shots opens things up. That will have to be a big factor for this team if they're going to have any success this year.
    - This team also needs to figure out how to get to the free throw line. If they're going to play as small as they are, that's going to be paramount.
    - I thought we'd see McVeigh earlier. I was a little suprised he didn't come off the bench earlier.
    - Still not seeing where Fuller will fit into this rotation.
    - Morrow is going to be an absolute stud. Thought for the most part he held his own tonight, even made some plays. Too bad he's going to be stuck at the 5 most of the year. If he could slide over to the 4, he'd be a nightmare.
    - Loved that they kept playing hard throughout. This will probably be one of the best teams they'll play all year. There's a ton they can take away from this one. I'm not that discouraged, other than the turnovers, with how this went, saw a lot of things that they can build off of.
    - I think this team is going to be very difficult to play down the stretch. Got some learning to do, but there are a lot of pieces that can play at this level, lots to be excited for.

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    Tai takes two steps before he dribbles every single time he touches the ball.  Every time.  He's been doing it for 3 years now and every time he gets called for traveling he looks stunned as if he can't fathom why they would make that call.  This is simply unbelievable in two respects.  First, it is unfathomable that a div 1 college player still doesn't know what traveling is.  But second, it is unacceptable that this hasn't been corrected by now.  This is a coaching issue.  There is simply no way that he isn't doing the exact same thing in practice every single day.  There is no way he just "starts" unexpectedly traveling every time he touches the ball only on game days.  He is in his third year in this program.  What are they coaching?  From day 1 it was apparent this is a huge issue for Tai, and not only has it not been corrected, it is now even worse.  This means he must be allowed to do it in practice over and over without repercussion.  From day 1 as a freshman, he should have been running gassers every time he travels until he stops.  Have to address these things in practice or they will not suddenly correct themselves in games.

    FYI, Tai Webster had only 39 turnovers last year.  Which is just 6 more than Walt Pitchford, and Tai had the ball a lot more for dribbling and such.  By comparison, Terran Petteway had 104 turnovers.


    And this is just the very beginning of Tai's third season so you can't really say he's been doing anything for three years. 

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    I should have included Shields with White.  That said, it didn't matter who shot for them you knew it was going in.  We DON'T have that.


    They shot 30% from 3 so not really. They generally are a good shooting team though.


    Overall they shot 50% or near that.  I would love for us to shoot that.

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    Having Benny and Tai on the floor at the same time will do us far more harm this year than good. They are both exactly who they were last year.

    They haven't improved and we won't either with them on the floor at the same time.

    At the very least Benny's shot looked decent. Tai...he's more likely to hit the backboard than the rim at this point. He goes full Chuck Knoblach out there as in pre game he looks decent shooting.

    I saw Benny shoot airballs.

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    We still need shooters, White looks to be the real deal and Shields is good 15 feet in.  McVeigh can stroke it but will struggle to create his own shoot vs quick teams.  Outside of that clank city from outside.

    Shields is hitting at 37% from 3. That's just fine and it opens it up for him to get into the lane. If he can maintain that level, it will be great for him and NU.


    I should have included Shields with White.  That said, it didn't matter who shot for them you knew it was going in.  We DON'T have that.


    I feel pretty close to that way when White shoots. I feel that way with Shields when he's driving. We just need more of it.

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    Family members were getting high on Webster after the exhibition and first game. I cautioned them that Webster may once again not be able to finish on his drives when we play legit D1 teams. Wish I had been wrong. He and Parker shoot about 35% or so on lay ups and their TO's in this game were simply embarrassing when they are in leadership positions. I say bring them off the bench for defensive purposes as needed. Otherwise unless they improve greatly they need to sit for the most part.

    I understand that Tai hasn't lived up to what we had hoped to this point. But at the same time, if you are going to call us out for getting excited about Tai after 2 exhibition games, couldn't the same be said about calling him out after one bad game vs Nova?

    I know that the last 2 years haven't gone as we have hoped for Tai. BUT, this season is early. Tai is actually a very good defender, and with his length can give teams fits. Where we need Tai is slashing to the rim and then making good decisions. Will he ever do this? Who knows. My hope is the coaching staff can get him to understand that when he does attack the rim, he has the option to kick the ball out. Tai actually is pretty darn good getting to the rim....the problem is he doesn't always finish well. As I stated in my first post, he has to learn when to get to the rim, and when to kick it out (reading the defense).

    As far as starting Morrow/Watson to this point, I disagree with most on this board. I have ZERO problems bringing those two off the bench. Here is why. Say you just go ahead and start them. Did they truly "earn" that position, or do you just give that to them because Tai and Benny struggled in a few games? Make these guys earn that spot. Plus, you are then telling Benny/Tai that their hard work for the past 2-3 years has moved them to the bench. Does this cause friction with the team? I would say no, but that is only because I think Benny/Tai are really good teammates.

    Not only that, but I think starters in a basketball game are the most overrated things in sports. Who really cares who starts the game? I want my best 5 on the court at the end of the game. I know some will say "Well we don't want to dig ourselves into a hole." But from what I remember last night, we got out to a 23-16 lead with that starting core on the court?




    I didn't intend to call anyone out nor did I post anything that anyone should reasonably take as being "called out". Perhaps my post could be considered one of those "micro aggressions" that I have heard about. If so, I send you my micro apology..

    Don't worry about it. By the time I got to read it, it seemed like nothing.

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