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  1. Tried zone on a few occasions this season, and it has made our regular defense look stout.
  2. Right, its not really the call I'm arguing, its why is that guy from that position even trying to make it.
  3. If I'm the official 2 feet away and the guy 50 ft away tries to overrule me, i would ask him what he was smoking.
  4. I think the loudest cheer i heard tonight was some guy a couple rows in front of me when Verge hit the layup with like 5 seconds left to hit the over.
  5. I dont know if I've ever seen so many official huddles trying to figure out what the hell they just called in a game.
  6. If you come in trying to dunk on somebody's head, you better be ready for the consequences of them not wanting said head to be dunked on.
  7. Mayan post up call was beyond ridículous. Then Edey posts and elbows Walker in the head on next possession posting up, no whistle.
  8. He 100% would've been guarding Frazier down the stretch, and that could've made a big difference.
  9. Verge with probably would've been at least nit in '20 if the postseason actually happened
  10. First 4 minutes & last 4 - very nice. Middle 12 -
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