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  1. 2 or 3 have been desperation at the shot clock buzzer. Plus 2 or 3 2s are the same
  2. Crush78

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    It was the shoes. Went back to lavender & had his best game in a long time
  3. Crush78

    When it rains it pours

    Probably explains the switch to Harris in the 2nd half @ Purdue
  4. Huskers 62 Gophers 69 4
  5. Crush78

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    He needs to go back to the lavender shoes, was playing way better when he was rocking those.
  6. Crush78

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    Cash resources, yes. Emotional & mental investment, not a chance. People in the department are not getting hired or fired here because of the basketball program. How bad would the ad have to screw up with the basketball program to get canned at Nebraska?
  7. Crush78

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    If we are rolling in football, the basketball team could be absolutely dreadful, and it wouldnt matter to the athletic dept. It would be bonuses, contract extensions & kudos for everybody in administration
  8. Every game i talk myself into "they cant look any worse than last game", and every game im wrong
  9. Huskers 52 Boilers 71
  10. Wtf Glenn? That step back sucked! Get him on the bench, i cant watch him anymore!
  11. When is the last time anybody caught & shot in rhythm? No confidence in any shot
  12. Get watson off the floor, his confidence is destroyed.