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  1. I came in thinking this game was basically a coin flip, so losing isn't suprising or disappointing on its own But, the fact that we pretty well controlled the game for 30 or so minutes is what made this loss hard to take.
  2. Did they just t up copeland?
  3. Feel like im watching a basketball scence from Pleasantville. Waiting for Tobey McGuire to show up
  4. Huskers 77 Gophers 73
  5. Crush78

    Powder Puffs

    Agreed, its giving me a headache trying to watch
  6. Crush78

    Powder Puffs

    Ok, then i think they need to consult with somebody what turquoise looks like, cause that aint it.
  7. Crush78

    Powder Puffs

    First Florida St in the B1G/ACC Challenge, now Okie St against Minnesota tonight. Keep expecting to see Willie McGee or Ozzie Smith in their 82 road unis on the sideline or something
  8. Huskers 80 Illini 72 12 conf wins
  9. Huskers 76 Tigers 70
  10. Huskers 82 Red Raiders 74 4 10+
  11. Crush78

    Jordy Gone

    Did Tarin Smith grad tranafer to UConn? I thought he was @ Duquense?
  12. Crush78

    An Omen...

    Same here, i definitely used it in the driveway, until the signatures and the logos were worn off