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    Is it time to start Roby?

    I honestly have no clue what the coaching staff is doing. Do we even teach our players how to post up? Do they know how to seal off the defender for either a post entry or clear out the backside for a pass over the top. Every player at this level should be able to post up. I notice that St. John's had their guards post up Glynn effectively last night. I don't think it matters at this point. We have no offense that is recognizable. Jordy should be fighting for position on the block and no where else. The reason he tried to dribble as because he got the ball 17 feet from the basket. Use the big body and post someone up on the block!!
  2. NU Follower

    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Living in Iowa, I fully expect Iowa State to be down this year. If NU doesn't 'win' the secret scrimmage I'd be really disappointed. Iowa will also be much better than Iowa State. ISU is ranked that high in the pre-season based on their performance the past 3-4 years. It wouldn't surprise me to see ISU's kenpom ranking be greater than 85 at the end of the season.
  3. NU Follower

    Next Years Starting 5

    I don't see Watson and Allen playing together much. That would be a small backcourt. PG: Watson / Allen / Taylor / Gill SG: Palmer / Nana / Gill SF: Copeland / McVeigh / Roby / Taylor PF: Roby / ?? / Copeland / McVeigh C: Jordy / Okeke I still see one glaring hole on the team and Hans would fill that nicely and if Copeland isn't eligible first semester, that hole is even bigger. I like having both Allen and Nana getting minutes, but allowing them to transition to college ball off the bench. I'd like to think all starters will get 20-30 minutes and the back-up will get the remaining 10-20 minutes. I like the looks of this team. If we can get Hans, I would hold the last scholly for a transfer or bank it.
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    Patting myself on the back a little....not sure why it took Miles so long to see it. From November 29th (following the Va. Tech game):
  5. NU Follower

    Our Starting Lineup 4 weeks from now

    I did see a lineup in the first half of the V-Tech game that I thought might our most effective lineup later in the year. It was Watson, Webster, Horne, Roby and Morrow. Now, Horne and Roby have to get better, but it leads to a lot of versatility in offense and defense (once Horne and Roby get some experience). This group was only together for 2-3 minutes, but I thought that grouping could be really good by the end of the year.