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  1. We know less about this upcoming season that any season in our history. We have 1 player returning that if things go well, won't see the floor unless in mop-up duty. I wanted to see others thoughts about what we may expect going forward with this year's team compared to last year. Last year was supposed to be our best, most complete team we had in 20 or so years. I didn't turn out that way, but we have already discussed that plenty. Moving on... PG: Glynn Watson vs. Cam Mack: While Glynn was a good/great player for us that last 4 years, he was still wildly inconsistent with his shot and didn't finish well at the hoop. I remember watching a game late in the season and Glynn finished a drive with his left hand. I looked at my 14 year old son, and we both said "He finished with his left!!!" in amazement. He was soooo right hand dominant it limited him greatly. We will miss his overall defensive game the most, as he was great at it. My hope is that Cam will equal or exceed Glenn's offensive capabilities from the start and be worse on defense. PUSH SG: Thomas Allen vs. Jervey Green If Green lives up to his billing, this should be an upgrade. I liked Thomas's game and he was progressing well, but he was fairly small for a 2 and that puts a slight ceiling on his overall game. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE GREEN SF: JPJ vs. Dachon Burke JPJ was our alpha dog and he brought it most every night. While great, he just wasn't very efficient. Whether that was due to the Tim Miles system or not is beside the point at this time. Dachon has received good to great reports from most of last season. He's supposedly a good defender and it's my understanding that his game is somewhat similar to JPJ, but he has less length. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE JPJ PF: Copeland vs: ???? (Cheatham) There is a clear advantage to Copeland. We missed and will miss the size and overall game of Cope. Cheatham is supposed to be a good/great defender, but that is at the 3, not the 4. Hard to know who will play the '4' on this team at this point, and only put Cheatham there of out need. ADVANTAGE COPELAND PF: Roby vs ???? (Stevenson) I loved Roby and his game, but always felt like there was another level to his game. Would have loved to seen what Roby would have done this year under Fred. Oh well. We will really miss Roby on the defensive side of the ball. He was great defender playing out of position. No idea who will be playing another big on this team. Not sure Cross or Draogo will be ready to start the year, so I put Stevenson in there for this hypothetical. I like many things that Stevenson should bring to this team, just not sure where he will play. Most likely at the '4' if Cross or Draogo are somewhat ready. BIG ADVANTAGE ROBY Bench: This is where it get's interesting. PG: Amir Harris vs ??? (no clue who our backup point will be. I'm guessing it will be Burke or Green when Cam need's a break. ADVANTAGE BURKE/GREEN SG: Amir Harris vs. Samari Curtis It's my hope that Curtis will come in and be able to play some decent minutes. We got the state of OHIO player of the year!! I'm assuming that he will be able to come in and log Amir Harris type of minutes next year ADVANTAGE CURTIS SF: Nana vs. Kavas Nana started the season pretty well (first 10 games or so) and then was a pretty big disappointment. Couldn't shoot, didn't ever feel comfortable handling the ball. Kavas is a dead-eye sniper from deep and if he shoots 40-45% from 3, he will play a key role and good minutes on this team. BIG ADVANTAGE KAVAS PF: Heiman vs Cross Brady needed a redshirt year and we all knew that. He just wasn't ready. He played OK to start the year, but in Big 10 season, he was another liability. We know very little about Cross. Is he really 6'8", or 6'6"? Looks like he can handle it a little and has decent range. Will be interesting to see how the season plays out. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE CROSS PF: Borchardt vs Draogo Loved the effort , heart and intensity of Borchardt. Another complete unknown with Draogo. If he can match what Borchardt did for us, I would consider that a win for this team. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE BORCHARDT MISC: Thor vs Thor Thor should be better this year, although I hope we don't need him. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE '19/20 Thor We don't have as much proven front line talent, but the hope is that we are a much deeper team. I didn't mention Arop, Banton, and Walker who should make our practices better with more high-level players on the scout team. We should find out a little during the Italy trip which is HUGE for this team this year. Sorry for the long rambling post. Thoughts.....
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