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20 hours ago, thrasher31 said:

This sounds to be mulcahy. Which makes sense. Still have a scholly and with the ulis situation in the air, could be a chance? At minimum something to watch. 


There will likely be a trickle of transfer guys here soon with some guys graduating from their school in the most recent session. 




So ulis situation is longer up in the air in my opinion. I doubt he suits up here at all. There's going to be some guys enter here soon, and hopefully mulcahy is one. 

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On 4/26/2023 at 10:32 AM, Art Vandalay said:

Sallis going to Wake, so we will see who Fred goes after now

Hunter is playing some really good ball right now. I knew he had all the skills needed except a jump shot. So far he is shooting it great, a lot more consistently than I thought he could. Will be interesting to see if he can continue it. If he does he might get close to living up to his high school ranking.

Wrightsell, not so much

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On 6/29/2023 at 4:21 PM, HuscurAdam said:

Adrame Diongue just committed to Tim Miles at SJSU. He must've wanted more guaranteed playing time than he could get at the P5 level.




Adrame fouled out in 4 minutes against North Dakota State last night. It's his 3rd time fouling out in 7 games this season.


And San Jose St won by 13, so it's not like he picked up 3 fouls late trying to put the other team on the line to extend the game.


So I don't even know how you do that. How does one even pick up 5 fouls in 4 minutes of game time?

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