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    atskooc got a reaction from HuscurAdam in Transfer Kerr Kriisa -> West Virginia   
    I would appreciate it more if you had called Bob Huggins an a-hole.
    But that's just me.
    And a lot of other people.
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    atskooc got a reaction from HB in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    I'm pretty sure the internet is killing newspapers more than anything else being the culprit.
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    atskooc reacted to 49r in Transfer Portal 2023   
    ...yes I understand that there are multiple years' worth of top 100 recruits out there...I just thought the writing was funny and it reminded me of The Simpsons clip.
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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in Transfer Portal 2023   

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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    Last year we had 7 scholarship players who had D1 experience on the roster, 4 of whom played at UNL the prior season. Those players had 17 combined years of D1 experience.
    This year we have 9 scholarship players who had D1 experience on the roster, 5 of whom played at UNL the prior season. Those players will have 23 combined years of D1 experience.
    2022-23 D-1   2023-24 D-1 Griesel, Sam 4   Tominaga, Keisei 2 Walker, Derrick 4   Josiah Allick 4 Bandoumel, E. 3   Gary, Juwan 3 Gary, Juwan 2   Ahron Ulis 3 Tominaga, Keisei 1   Williams, Brice 3 Wilcher, CJ 2   Mast, Rienk 3 Breidenbach, Wilhelm 1   Wilcher, CJ 3 Keita, Blaise 0   Keita, Blaise 1 Kojenets, Oleg 0   Lloyd, Ramel 0 McPherson, Quaran 0   Lawrence, Jamarques 1 Lloyd, Ramel 0   Rice, Eli 0 Dawson, Denim 0   ** OPEN ** 0 Lawrence, Jamarques 0   ** OPEN ** 0  
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    atskooc reacted to Art Vandalay in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    Still seems odd that it’s luck when we win but other teams are not lucky when Walker has 8 TO’s or we shoot like crap.  I get it we always expect the worse but we were a decent team last year. Even a bad call vs Purdue (how’s that not bad luck) from the NIT. We beat Iowa twice, that means we were the better team.
    I stand by the fact we were very unlucky last year.
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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in Transfer Javian McCollum   
    Post 16,044 with an all-timer.
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    atskooc reacted to Norm Peterson in Transfer Javian McCollum   
    It's fluid. You need to add Allick as a possible add. We may have more spots opening, so we might be able to take more than 2. I certainly would like to see a HS kid like Dunlap be one of them. I'm not Wrightsold. I'm thinking either McCollum or Sallis, but maybe some other PG drops in our laps. Meanwhile, I would be down with adding Allick.
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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in New Herbie Husker   
    I re-engineered it

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    atskooc reacted to uneblinstu in New Herbie Husker   
    It’s fine. Only thing for me is why not just put the basketball on the finger already up? Looks a little weird to be holding up both hands with pointer fingers extended. 
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    atskooc reacted to HuskerFever in Rienk Mast is N   
    Yeah, but Wilhelm is a spectacle.
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    atskooc reacted to jimmykc in Rienk Mast is N   
    And somewhere Richard van Poelgeest is smiling.
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    atskooc reacted to cornfed24-7 in 2023 Wing Brady Dunlap -> St John   
    The greatest trick the Huskers ever pulled was convincing recruits other schools didn't exist. 

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    atskooc reacted to aphilso1 in Sam Griesel vs. Creighton   
    That's not the point.  The relatively small number of people that care enough about basketball to attend a state tourney are not your average Nebraskans.  
    If you want to know what kind of impact Sam had statewide, then ask a barber in Valentine what he thinks of Sam.  Ask your cashier at a Milligan grocery store.  Ask a waitress at the North Platte Applebee's.  Or a barista at the Sidney Starbucks.  Do you think those people would say they were impacted by either Sam or Creighton?  I don't.  And that's my point, that neither of the options have had a statewide impact on Nebraska.
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    atskooc reacted to hskr4life in Your National Champion Bluejays   
    If you, as a referee see there was a foul, you have to call it.  Criticize the way the rest of the game and the way it was called (or not called) vs a correct call.
    Where do you draw the cut line for swallowing the whistle though?  2 seconds, 5 seconds? Up 1,2,3?  If players knew they could get away with anything that last 30 seconds it wouldn’t be good.  
    Players did decide that game.  The player fouled and then the other player hit the FT for the foul.  
    Now with all of that being said, I would be mad pissed if that’s how we lost an NCAA game.  That’s just part of being a fan.  
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    atskooc got a reaction from 49r in What are the AD expectations for Fred next year?   
    It has for some time. 
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    atskooc reacted to AuroranHusker in What are the AD expectations for Fred next year?   
    "Sit down, Norm!" was truly a Husker fan favorite... as long as NU won the ballgame, that is. 
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    atskooc reacted to HB in Forecasting 2023-24 lineup   
    Not at all how it works.  Matt Davison (not "Davidson") is an employee  of 1890.  It is not "Davison/1890".  The Peeds own it and fund a bunch of it.   People with Matt paranoia or disdain overstate his role.  There are numerous people involved, at  multiple levels (both paid employees such as Joe Selig, and volunteers who help with the asks). 
     While they want  to broaden the donor base, like anything else, a few big hitters are giving lots of money.  Some are more inclined to support basketball than others.  1890 and those involved know who those folks are (you can see some of them in the Nicolson seats at PBA).   When those asks are being made, specific players are discussed, and what it might take to get them.  These conversations are not directly involving Fred or Trev, and can't.    Yes, there are funds being raised for just basketball.   No, Davison can't just unilaterally decide to choose between a football and basketball recruit.   Say, for example, a  couple of bigs currently on the east coast have expressed interest in transferring.  And they are established, really good bigs (stay tuned).   People (way beyond Matt) know what it might cost, and the feasibility of raising it.  Let's say a certain bigshot gave $50k for the basketball collective last year.  Someone is talking to that bigshot now saying "we need $100k now.  We can get player X but need the money."  
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    atskooc reacted to 49r in What are the AD expectations for Fred next year?   
    If my, personal, expectations for Fred's next season is what has been holding this program back from achieving the greatness we all so richly deserve, then I offer you all my humblest apologies.  Clearly it is my responsibility and I haven't taken it as seriously has I should.
    I will try to do better in the future.
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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in Forecasting 2023-24 lineup   
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    atskooc got a reaction from Nighthawk in Minnesota (8-21) vs. Nebraska (16-15) Game Thread B1G Tournament   
    My kids have a choir concert tonight. 
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    atskooc reacted to Nebrasketball1979 in Minnesota (8-21) vs. Nebraska (16-15) Game Thread B1G Tournament   
    If Wisconsin shoots 50% again in the BIG tournament, I will tattoo Bucky the Badger on my....
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    atskooc reacted to BugeaterZ in Minnesota (8-21) vs. Nebraska (16-15) Game Thread B1G Tournament   
    Hope they song better than their dad 
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    atskooc reacted to hhcmatt in Game Day Essentials: Game #32 vs Minnesota   
    #11 Nebraska Cornhuskers (16-15) vs #14 Minnesota Golden Gophers (8-21)
    ** BIG TOURNEY **
    Date: March 8th, 2023
    Time: 8:00 pm
    Arena: United Center
    Broadcast:  BTN
    Minnesota Info

    Head Coach: Ben Johnson
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Conference: B1G
    Nickname: Golden Gophers
    Mascot: Goldie the Gopher
    Shirt Not to Wear: Gold, Maroon
    Line: Nebraska by 5.5
    Typical Rotation Depth: 7+
    KenPom rank: 222
    A couple of Famous Alumni: Kevin McHale, Bobby Jackson
    Blaise Keita is a game time decision  The last time Nebraska defeated the same team three times in the same season was Rutgers in 2016 A slight home court advantage for Fred Hoiberg and Nate Lenser who were both part of the Chicago Bulls operation before joining the Huskers Nebraska won the first meeting at the Barn in OT behind 22 from Derrick Walker, 18 from Juwan Gary, and 17 from Sam Griesel.  Jamison Battle paced the Gophers with 20 while Dawson Garcia had 19. Less than two weeks ago, Nebraska won the rematch in Lincoln thanks to a fast start. Sam Griesel led the way with 19 while 6 Huskers finished with double digit scoring.    
    KenPom Analysis: It's bad. However like Nebraska they tend to defend without fouling.

    Player to watch: C Dawson Garcia
    Garcia has two double-doubles this season and they're both against Nebraska as he's been able to dominate the boards. Defending him without fouling will be key for the Huskers
    Player to watch: F Jamison Battle
    Minnesota's leading returning scorer is a threat from both levels; shooting at a career low percentage from 2 and 3
    KenPom most used lineup
      PG SG SF PF C Pct 1 55 Ta'Lon Cooper
    6-4  195  Jr 24 Jaden Henley
    6-7  200  Fr 1 Joshua Ola-Joseph
    6-7  215  Fr 10 Jamison Battle
    6-7  220  Jr 3 Dawson Garcia
    6-11  230  So 26.8
      2 55 Ta'Lon Cooper
    6-4  195  Jr 4 Braeden Carrington
    6-4  195  Fr 10 Jamison Battle
    6-7  220  Jr 21 Pharrel Payne
    6-9  255  Fr 3 Dawson Garcia
    6-11  230  So 13.9  
    Others to watch
    Morehead St transfer PG Ta'Lon Cooper has struggled with his shot in the B1G;  6'9" 255# Pharrel Payne is a rim protector, can pass, and is an inside bucket; has become more of scoring threat Joshua Ola-Joseph is a high-energy 3 man; converts at a high percentage inside the arc Freshman Jaden Henley has worked his way into the starting lineup and brings a ton of size at the 2 Dartmouth transfer guard Tarus Samuels has fallen out of the rotation Freshman shooter Braeden Carrington has struggled against high level opponents  
    UNL Game Notes
    Probable starters for Nebraska
    5    Sam Griesel    G    6-7
    30  Keisei Tominaga    G    6-2
    10  Jamarques Lawrence - G  6-3
    0   C.J. Wilcher    G    6-5
    13  Derrick Walker    F    6-9
    32  Wilhelm Breidenbach    F    6-10
    12  Denim Dawson - F  6-6
    15   Blaise Keita C   6-11
    12   Sam Hoiberg    G    6-0
    33  Oleg Kojenets    F    7-0
    35  Henry Burt  F  6-6
    24  Jeffrey Grace III  G  6-3
    3   Quaran McPherson   G   6-3 - Out for the Year
    4   Juwan Gary  F  6-6 - Out for the Year
    25  Emmanuel Bandoumel    G    6-4 - Out for the Year
    2   Ramel Lloyd Jr.  G 6-6
    31  Cale Jacobsen  G  6-4
    Hoiberg/Griesel/Walker Presser
    Emphasizing that it's one game at a time. Blaise Keita could play and Hoiberg was hoping they could throw him out on the court
    The Skinny: 
    How much fight does Minnesota have left? Will this be a battle the entire game for the Huskers or will a quick start steer the Gophers towards ending a disappointing season?  Nebraska needs to win this game to try and secure a spot in the NIT but with 4-5 wins necessary to make the NCAA tourney, the Huskers will want to conserve energy as much as possible. Will be real interesting to see how both teams start out.
    It'd be nice to have Blaise Keita in this one given the size of the Gophers though despite the size they aren't a strong rebounding team. A few minutes just to get his feet wet for potential future games would be optimal here. Oleg needs to play better than his last game vs Minnesota where he racked up 3 fouls in 6 minutes. 
    Look for Nebraska to have space in the paint as Minnesota will have a man following Keisei wherever he goes. As long as the Gophers don't get hot from outside, Nebraska should be able to handle them. Let's keep the good times rolling.
    Prediction: Nebraska 79 - Minnesota 68

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