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  1. Is there a place that I can go to see the schedule of when they play their games?
  2. I get why they wouldn't play a regular season game at the Coliseum, but why not their exhibition game? Those game never have a full house. Could be a lot of fun.
  3. Personally I think Donovan closer to 6’6
  4. Every shot I saw he didn't have good rhythm to it. He can probably work some of the kinks out of it but at this point in his career his bad habits will be hard to kick.
  5. For somebody that is a lifelong Nebrasketball fan, she should know that we do need a brick by brick rebuild. And yes we are not Iowa State. They've got a long history of success in Men's Basketball.
  6. Yeah that does makes sense I guess. I guess I'm still not convinced that Thor will be on the roster when the season starts next year.
  7. I don't care what the stats show, Amir was the much better player. His sickness really hurt his chance to get more playing time and then for whatever reason Miles barely played him. But when he did see the court it showed by making plays on the defensive end and some timely buckets. Thor just hustled.
  8. I trust in Hoiberg but somebody is going to have to tell me why he's keeping Thor and a guy like Amir Harris wasn't wanted.
  9. My money is on a school with a good golf program. Southwest or East
  10. Maybe it isn't Brady's choice to leave....
  11. Look at Sadler's initial staff when hired. Wes Flanigan is an assistant at Auburn helping out Bruce Pearl and Tony Benford got a head coaching gig and did pretty well at LSU as their top assistant and interim head coach. Doc had a good plan when he first got here which lead to a quality recruiting class. He just didn't get the assistant salary pool to retain Flanigan and Benford.
  12. Once again. Moos was likely in a program evaluating stage. That didn't just include Miles. He was likely evaluating Boehm's performance too. And just like they fired Miles they also took some of the responsibility away from Boehm. It's not hard to understand. Also yes hes' going to be more involved because of the amount of money that is being invested.
  13. I played in some basketball tournament that was a fundraiser for a sorority (several years ago) and our team beat Marcus Neal and another player (can't think of it now). I hope they weren't trying (probably not that hard) as our team beat them them in the championship.
  14. Yeah I knew there was a hotel issue but I thought with all the new ones up that wouldn't be an issue before. Never would have thought about the convention space. Thanks. But wasn't there just an article about them looking to build one?
  15. Would adding those extra seats mean the NCAA Tournament could be held in Lincoln?
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