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  1. I hope I'm dead wrong, but I just can't see this team making the NCAA tournament. You can't lose every conference road game and get in. They'd basically have to win out at home and that is going to be extremely tough to do. There are some winnable road games, but what has this team showed us that will change? I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Played against McCook CC back in the early 2000's. The fact that they have a legit Power 5 prospect coming out is just bonkers to me
  3. I wouldn't be shocked to see CJ start, especially since Gary has been hurt. But Gary was a starter last year and a big part of the identity of the team. I could see CJ being the 6th man and his versatility being utilized
  4. My guess on starters are 1. Coleman 2. Keisei 3. Williams 4. Gary 5. Mast
  5. I'm a huge fan of Allick, but he's not starting of Gary
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