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  1. TheGov21


    You can't blame him for wanting to go to Louisville. Gets to be on a successful team, a legendary coach, and a system that you think would translate to his skill set. However just like when Matt Hill went to Texas, Louisville is going to bring in top notch talent at the same position each year. By not carving out a niche early, he got left behind. The rumors of him transfering to Nebraska will be there, but I don't see it. I've said for the longest time that I think he'll transfer back to UNO. Allow him to go to a place where he can play right away and have the best success. I was surprised that he was rated as high as he was when he was a senior. He was a good shot blocker, but he struggled so much offensively. He couldn't score with his back to the basket and didn't have a jump shot.
  2. The move to Peru seems like an odd one on the surface, but makes more sense when you hear Behrens talk about it. They have improved facilities, and since they an upper level NAIA school they can offer more financial aide than the GPAC schools. When you add in that it's a state school and they have lower tuition rates. Then you add in that it's close to Omaha, Lincoln and St. Joseph Missouri and he has some population bases to go after. Behrens will likely target a lot of North Omaha kids who because of the above reasons could financially go to Peru rather than other options. He likely is going to have some good success there and could built that into a promotion in the future. I think Tim Miles is showing coaches that you can get a Power 5 conference job by working your way up the coaching ladder. If Hanson ever leaves UNO, Behrens cold be their next choice. Also another thing to remember is that Behren's kid is going to be a freshman in high school next year. And from what Eric said on 1620 is that they always don't have the best on court relationship. Coaching him at the high school level may have been too much for Eric and that's another reason to go the college route. Look for his kid to end up at Prep instead of Central too.
  3. TheGov21

    Brey bolting South Bend for Cal?

    The only job that would worry me about Miles leaving is Notre Dame. His catholic faith and his comments in his first press conference are the reasons. Hopefully it's just me being overly worried. I don't see him going to Wisconsin. I don't think Alvarez would go after a Nebraska coach. Could be wrong again, but I don't see him doing that.
  4. There was also a tweet Hawkins replied to eluding that he wasn't going to play vs Baylor
  5. Not surprised by any of this. Sergej wasn't developing and likely wasn't going to play. Wagner came hoping to get a chance to carve a niche into the team but that bad ankle facture set him back and he'll likely try at a lower level. Unlike most, I'm not surprised by Hawkins. Don't like seeing a lot of roster turnover and wish him luck. But I was never really impressed with him. Yeah he hit a big three vs Ohio State (I think that was the game) but he looked out of place in my opinion. But I never saw somebody that would challenge to start. Best of luck to him.
  6. TheGov21

    Craig Smith to South Dakota

    Losing coach Smith is gonna hurt, but I'm happy for him. Everybody is bringing up his recruiting success which should not be forgotten. But let's not forget that Smith was the assistant that did most of the scout work to prepare the team. I believe that's really going to be missed. I know everybody wants Miles to find a ace recruiter (and I know it's the Jimmy's and Joe's) but finding somebody with good Xs and Os is also important. But hey maybe Harriman can step into that role.
  7. TheGov21

    Finally Not OT: Creighton

    Greg McDermont has had good success everywhere he was before Iowa State. For whatever reason he didn't seem comfortable at the major conference level. I think he felt more comfortable at a Mid Major program, thus the move to Creighton. It will be interesting to see how he does post Doug. But internally he wasn't a huge fan of going to the Big East. Also I'm sure he really wanted to win the Big East and get to the Sweet 16. That way if they struggle for the next three years and he gets on the hot seat he could fall back on that. He doesn't now. I really see Creighton having to hire a new coach in 5 or less years.
  8. TheGov21

    Buzz Williams to Virginia Tech

    Heard that too, curious if BC hires a 72 year old coach with health issues
  9. TheGov21

    Nebraska 19-12 Vs. Baylor 24-11 Game Thread

    Did they say he fouled on the dunk attempt? I can only assume based on the poor officiating so far Nope - a supposed push on the perimete. Gotcha...thanks
  10. TheGov21

    Nebraska 19-12 Vs. Baylor 24-11 Game Thread

    Did they say he fouled on the dunk attempt? I can only assume based on the poor officiating so far
  11. TheGov21

    Nebraska 19-12 Vs. Baylor 24-11 Game Thread

    Have to watch the game without the volume....what was the last foul call on? Before the Rivers foul
  12. TheGov21


    I guess it bothers me because I don't see any other team incorporate it into their stuff. And I feel that's something Rutgers or a program with lesser traditonal and overall success would do. Like I said, this may be something that I'm worring too much about.
  13. TheGov21


    Has anybody else noticed that whenever the University uses the word Big as in Go Big Red they use the Big 10 logo (B1G)? I understand when the University switched confereces the first year doing stuff like that. But now we are in year three and they are still doing it. I don't know about other people but it drives me nuts. Am I making too big of a deal about it?
  14. TheGov21

    Adidas' tournament uniforms

    Isn't Nebraska in the picture on the link? I thought that was them towards the end on the right? Nah, it was Indiana. Hoosiers, but some people thought it was Huskers Oh I gotcha. Now I remember Indiana wearing them in the Big 10 Tournament. I have a feeling with the upward trend the program is on, Adidas will likely start paying more attention to Nebrasketball. Also will help that schools like Notre Dame (Under Armour) and Tennessee (Nike) are leaving Adidas.
  15. TheGov21

    Adidas' tournament uniforms

    Isn't Nebraska in the picture on the link? I thought that was them towards the end on the right?