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  1. Getting Andre and Lakes would be great for this team. Yes we don't know much about Andre but he's another body inside and hopefully can give us something better than what Yvan has so far. Lakes probably won't play a ton, but he's another shooter off the bench. Don't need him to put up a ton of minutes, but if he can come in and spot up and hit some threes, call it a win.
  2. A buddy and I got some nice lower bowl seats for the NIT game in Omaha when Nate Johnson hit the game winning shot. As the Blue team fans were leaving some old dude tried to shoulder me. Too bad I didn't budge when he hit me. I had several Creighton Prep kids in my fraternity that never cared about basketball unless it was against Nebraska and then wouldn't shut their mouths afterwards. I also can't stand John Bishop
  3. In football the Big Ten allows family to attend and that's it. I'm assuming basketball is the same way. Other conferences are much more lax. SEC says the limit to a certain percentage but there is no way Texas A&M is following that. They're stadium looks 90% full
  4. The black one with just the N on it is horrible
  5. Where did I ever mention that Teddy was the only player to have ever transferred multiple times and have character issues? This post is exactly what I was referring to before. Some people on here are so blinded by their fandom that they cannot accept that a highly touted local prospect would choose another school because they didn't want to play with someone on that current team (amongst other reasons too). PS, this happens all over the nation, not just Nebraska
  6. Why do people act so surprised that recruits don't want to play with Teddy? He's a good player but he's on his fourth team and has some "character issues." Especially with players like Donovan and Hunter who have options to play at big time schools?
  7. So that makes back to back top prospects in the state who didn't want want to play with Teddy.
  8. Didn't watch anything on him until he committed and my first impression is he seems to be the same type of player Max Murell was. Wasn't the biggest Murrell fan, but Breidenbach is making the same type of plays but at a much higher level of competition. Anxious to see how he does when he gets here.
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