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  1. Well said Norm From everything I've been told makes me believe that Donovan wanted to play for the Huskers but wasn't quite sure that the new staff wanted him. While Hoiberg didn't necessarily want him but honored his commitment because he was a highly ranked city kid who just suffered an injury.
  2. First off, why should any grown man be harsh with an 17-18 year old kid trying to make a big life decision? Second, if you think that Hoiberg and this staff were all in on getting Donovan and 100% innocent in this situation, then I have some Nebraska Ocean front Property to sell you.
  3. I'm not disputing persona that Donovan has put off on the court. What I found interesting/funny is that when Donovan was committed there was not talk of him being uncoachable and everybody seemed to be all in on him and excited that he was going to Nebraska. But the minute he decommits the wolves come out. And as I stated above, Donovan hasn't changed the entire time. He's actually improved his demeanor on the court. Good on Davis for not being a Diva....but was that expected when he committed?
  4. Lol, this is so funny. Everybody loves him while he's committed but as soon as he decommits he's back to a diva and uncoachable. Meanwhile he's been the same person the entire time.
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