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  1. I was told by a high school coach that this kid is the real deal. Said he's the next Wes Wilkinson. Not stylistically, but just major college kid coming out of GI.
  2. Wouldn't shock me if Arop is gone. He committed to Miles and was kept on as a courtesy as he's not a fit with what Hoiberg wants out of that position. There were opportunities with a small roster for him to play more and he didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if he's told to look elsewhere as they can use up his roster spot with someone else.
  3. Frost also came in hard a couple of weeks before signing day when he'd been committed to Wisconsin for a long time. Donovan told Hoiberg no because he saw the writing on the wall...... Yeah two for two sure...but way different
  4. Playing devil's advocate Riley and his staff spurned his brother and there wasn't interest till Frost was hired. So it's a little different.
  5. This is a very good assessment of Donovan and why he doesn't fit into Nebraska's offense and another reason why Fred didn't really put too much effort into keeping him. Sure some are going to say that Donovan still had an offer and all he had to do was sign or that Donovan was at the Husker games and showing up at Hendricks. But I know with 100% certainty that Fred ghosted Donovan for quite a while leading up to his decommitment. You can speculate based on social media all you want, but it's 100% true. The key is Donovan moved on and is looking at schools that fit him better (as Art stated KSU, Okie State and Texas) and Fred and Nebraska have moved on to guys who they feel are better fits. Both parties seem fine with it.
  6. Roster construction was more of the issue than perceived playing time
  7. Cannon is more of a recruiter than a strategic coach.
  8. I wonder what the impact of no conference tournaments or NCAA tournament does for coaches who were on the hot seat. Like Shaka Smart, the Okie State coach, etc
  9. I'm just wondering if they kept Nebraska in the locker room to play it safe. Things checking out well with Hoiberg and that they passed along to the arena that it was safe for the team to leave. That's just the hope
  10. I get trying to gut it out to coach the team. I get that. But this was not a good decision. Somebody should have stepped in.
  11. I've seen plenty of people thrive at Boys Town and then within a a couple of weeks away revert back to their old ways. Let's hope for Teddy's sake it helps being closer.
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