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  1. The Bill Moos hate on this board is so strange to me. So the guy gets hired in October 2017. Clearly his focus was on the football team. Riley was going to get fired. Moos in statements said that he would "wait till the season was over to evaluate the football program." While this was happening he worked behind the scenes to secure Frost. The Saturday after the season finale he fires Riley. Meanwhile in the basketball they come out of nowhere and finish with one of the best win totals in school history (poor schedule) and still don't make the NCAA tournament. Moos makes his expectations clear to Miles. This year was suppose to be Miles best team (despite poor roster management) but they implode after Copeland injury. After the regular season Moos puts out a statement that he will evaluate the basketball program after the season. Similar to Frost he has been working behind the scenes to secure Hoiberg. Once the NIT is over, Miles will be fired the next day. Sorry for the Oral History, but I just don't get the outrage. His expectations have been clear to Miles. If a guy is consistent with his not commenting on job status till the season is complete, what do you want him to do? If he's not making public statements or support about one program, why another?
  2. Does Moos make tweets similar to this about football? I could be wrong (and call me on it if I am), but I don't think he does.
  3. My comment was about someone saying that they don't want to hear about us not getting in state players because if Miles if fired than Donovan would leave (I've long thought that he was not as firm of a commit as people want to assume on here). I'm not "advocating that we do what Miles was doing" I want a coach who can recruit Big 10 caliber players and keep them. I don't care if those players come from Nebraska, California, Kansas, Texas or Illinois. But if you build a program that is having consistent NCAA tournament appearances, the local kids will come. It's not like we've had an abundance of them.
  4. There have been rumors that he'd be leaving North Star since his freshman year. Whether it's to go to Southeast where his brother went, or down to Kansas City or up to Wisconsin or to IMG Academy. I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. With all due respect. We don't need a head coach that can recruit Nebraska. We need a head coach who can get Big 10 level talent here and get to the tournament. You do that and it makes it pretty easy to get the worthy in state kids to stay.
  6. Hes a late bloomer. He was a swing JV player last year. Most DI schools have all their commits by the start of the season. That’s why he may be reclassifying.
  7. Other than his hair and height, you can't compare the two. Hill was your traditional back to the basket post guy. Hill was 6'10 while Josiah is 6'7. Josiah is more athletic and has to face the basket. Hill was much stronger. Josiah also is a better shooter and can play out on the perimeter. That being said, Hill was still a better prospect.
  8. I remember when Doc got hired he talked about wanting to play with mainly 5th year seniors and that was the way Nebraska could compete against other Big 12 schools. He did that initally but when he couldn't retain his assistants, he couldn't maintain that plan.
  9. A few things to share about the article. Yes there is some talent there, but most of the players listed are playing in the Summit League or scoring two points a game out in the Mountain West. Would those guys be better than Thor? Yes, but if a Big 10 school is trying to beat out UNO, SDSU or South Dakota for recruits than that is the problem. Mike Daum is a stud, but he turned himself into the player he is at SDSU, not at Kimball. The same could be said about Hahn. Tristan Simpson is having a good career at South Dakota, but he wasn't a Big 10 caliber player. I'd say the only players Nebraska really missed on were, Akoy, Patton, Thomas and Thurman. But for various reasons. Akoy wanted to go play for a Blue Blood program. That's why he went to Louisville out of high school. Patton was a huge project that Creighton took a big shot at, Thomas was a whiff and Thurman had grade issues that caused him to go to UNO rather than a bigger school. While I get that Nebraska has some talent, it's not necessarily talent that is going to win the Big 10. Get the guys that are good each year and find the diamond in the rough type.
  10. Man I sure hope this was sarcastic. I know that everybody worships TO, but his reign of hiring coaches is less than ideal. Pelini was fired, Miles will likely and there are some calling for Erstad to be gone too. I get that he was a tremendous football coach. But let's leave it at that.
  11. I realized that...... just saying I like it but it doesn't have the mid court circle.....
  12. I like this version of Herbie, but where is the circle at center court?
  13. It's ok, we are all in a pissy mood. And it's well deserved.
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