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Nebraska @ the Cambria College Classic Game Thread


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Wow - what a huge win. Would've been easy to fold when we let some chances for big innings get away early and then Vandy grabs the 3-1 lead. But our offense is not fun to pitch against. They get deep into counts, they square up mistakes, they're not afraid to draw walks. Good mix of HR power, gap power, and line drives. Good mix of rightys and leftys. I'm not a fan of the strikeout rates so far, but it's tough to argue with the results.


So happy for Shanaman after a few shaky outings. I was very concerned about him being the closer because of his control issues when the pressure ramps up, but if that's the dude we get in the late innings the rest of the year, I'll happily eat crow through June. And it'll get lost in the shuffle, but Olson was brilliant. To work through the early jitters was big. Then he gives up a couple of HR balls, but he doesn't give in or shy away from the moment. He keeps challenging them and coming after them. To shut down that team like that is impressive.


Vandy is for real. That team has played a killer schedule already and has a great record. Huge win for us that will pay dividends all the way through the rest of the season. And it wasn't a fluke. We were the better team most of the day.


To start the day, I was simply hoping to split vs Vandy and Ole Miss. Screw that. Let's get greedy and go 3-0 this weekend. 😁


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13 minutes ago, The Polish Rifle said:

Great pitching, if we can get that kinda pitching consistently then we’re gonna win some games - because the bats are for real…

Bolt said in preseason that they had the bats. Nice to see 15 hits off of the Vandy staff.


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29 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

Something not mentioned too much so far.... we've not had a single error all year.  1.000 fielding percentage.

We have 5 errors.  Not bad for 8 games. Matthews has 3, which is concerning.  Christo and Jessen have 1 each.

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