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  1. I'm very happy with the start of this year for our Huskers. If this year's team steal an unexpected win or two (Creighton would be HUGE!) and avoid more than a couple of disappointing losses (either against teams we could have beaten or blowout losses against teams we shouldn't beat), this season will be a success IMO. However, we will live on a razor's edge. Any number of things that would just challenge a team ordinarily could really devastate us. We don't have that many offensive guns in our holster so if Ray has an off night.... And our thin red line of talent could snap if Ubel or Talley
  2. Maybe the pep band could play the New Zealand national anthem during time outs?
  3. I am guessing the OP might prefer to have Tim Miles play a few 6th graders instead of Andre because they were so well coached when they were in 5th grade.
  4. I remember how I felt after the WF loss last year. This was a very nice change.
  5. First chance I've had to watch online via the BTN network. I like it.
  6. Speaking, as some were, of Tai Webster trying to explain where Nebraska is... While in Boston, sometimes referred to as The Hub (as in "of the universe"), some time ago, I told to an elderly, lifetime Boston resident that I was from Nebraska. When she asked where that was, I explained it was about in the middle of the country geographically. She remained puzzled and I began to tell her what states bordered us. Eventually, the only light that came on for her led to the exclamation, "Oh, you mean its land locked!" It would not at all surprise me if some of TW's family/friends knew more about the
  7. As a fundraiser couldn't we have anyone who DOESN'T want to use their stubs for a Runza turn them in as they leave the Bob and let anyone who wants an EXTRA Runza donate like a buck a piece to get one? The athletic program would be awash in cash! Then, the Coach Miles would be yelling at guys to SCORE that extra basket. Speaking of fund raising, is Twitter a corporate sponsor, yet? Somebody get on that it they aren't.
  8. Trying to figure out how to get my old post count back. Everyone else must have got the memo but me. Thanks for any help.
  9. I'd prefer to see him play myself. Partly because I think it gives us a better chance to be competitive this season than otherwise. Partly because I think it pushes the other guards to work harder for playing time and it gives Parker a little less of a load to labor under this season.
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