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  1. Fred knows what he’s doing. He’s not getting rid of kids unless he knows he can upgrade. This is what it means to be a big time program. Nebraska is now a destination
  2. 1. Fred has had amazing success with Canadians 2. Can we get his name correct in the title please?
  3. I would think being from the northeast Matt A has a pretty good feel for this guy.
  4. He was really trying to get an offer when the whole calabraska thing was happening. Was close with Gebbia and kjj
  5. So much misinformation in this post. Barnes didn’t pay a dime for that facility. Please only share facts you know
  6. This. Maybe hopped across the line a time or two
  7. Tom is a pretty good player, but Hoibergs offense at Iowa State did not have many small guards. With the exeception of an all American point guard in Monte Morris Fred likes length that can shoot. Not that he wouldn’t have taken Thomas, but we won’t see a lot of guards that look like him going forward.
  8. Big mistake on his part in my opinion. Although, one could think that Fred wasn't overly impressed with his film and the kid sees the writing on the wall that playing time might be tough with the dudes Fred will bring in.
  9. It's also the media members. It's just not the callers, it's the people running the talk shows/writing the articles. Trust me I know plenty of Clones fans and they are very upset (quietly though because they want to make you think they are happy with Prohm when deep down they would much rather have Fred but can't admit it because they have to act like they are happy with the guy they are stuck with).
  10. And who's to say he wasn't hand picked by said decision makers?
  11. I assume you have no idea who he is. I’ll let the ignorance pass
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