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  1. Section_316

    2020 Zaire Wade

    Might as well offer his buddy Bronny Jr. at this point.
  2. Section_316

    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    He said he wants to commit before his season starts-- cant imagine many competing offers will come in for him between now and than unless Creighton strikes out on some guys and offers him? No one else will see him play before than.
  3. Section_316

    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    Akol would be a great get. Even at 6’6 he can give us really good minutes. Great hands, really really elite quickness off the floor, and really good basketball iq (think all the think Okeke sucked at)
  4. Section_316

    2019 Recruiting

    Jaylin is not returning to Creighton Prep.... they will have 2 guys from there 8 man rotation back (Faber & Akol)
  5. Section_316

    2018 Transfer Market

    Give me!!!
  6. Section_316

    Tory Miller -> Colorado

    is he good?
  7. Section_316

    Ed Chang -> San Diego St

    Chang could absolutely help us-- gotta remember last time we all saw him he was the best player in the state as a Jr playing on one leg in the state tournament. 24 months from that date is when he'd start playing for the huskers. I envision him being really really good (Much more upside than say Aguek or even Wingett) as a 21-22 year old
  8. Section_316

    2018 recruiting

    Do you think that guy could be Chang? With a year in the weight room and working on his shot? He's every bit as long
  9. Section_316

    Ed Chang -> San Diego St

    He has upside to be a really nice college player no doubt.
  10. Section_316

    2018 Transfer Market

    Id take either Isabell or Johnson
  11. Section_316

    2018 F Ed Chang (Papillion-LaVista)

    I think Chang would start for us next year with his length and shooting ability-- Im afraid the ship has sailed however? Saw Oklahoma State offered him his morning
  12. Section_316

    2018 Transfer Market

    Mooney would walk into a starting 2 guard spot. Easy add if he's interested. He would be a top 4-6 player from the get go & Allen would still be able to play 20-26 minutes a night. This would push Nana/Thor down the totem pole
  13. Section_316

    2018 Transfer Market

    Thanks for doing this... Hope we land a couple of players. We need it to re-stock for next year if people leave or for the following year when we could graduate 5-6 seniors.
  14. Section_316

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    TWM= The Winning Team
  15. Section_316

    In state kids?

    What grade is he? Seems like a few in state shooters would be really nice.