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  1. Section_316

    2019 Recruiting

    Would you post this if we had a front court of Roby Jacobsen & Copeland w/ Morrow and Jordy coming off the bench behind them? I think that would be a top 3 front court in the league.... Keeping bigs has been a bigger problem than recruiting them.
  2. The missed goaltend to start there run (cut it from 10 to 8 ) and than the missed shot clock violation that would have given us the ball back down one score were both egregious misses and I believe both could easily be reviewed??? Sad night for the huskers down the stretch and a sad night for the refs. Thought the first call on palmer on the break was garbage. SHould have easily been Coffey's 4th. Thought Roby's 5th on the rebound scramble was incredibly soft for the game being on the line loose ball type of play. Whatever- on to creighton. Two HUGE GAMES coming up in the next 8 days.
  3. Section_316

    2018 G Xavier Johnson - Decommit to Pitt

    Respectfully disagree 2-4 years of XJ >>>>>>> 1 year of AW. XJ could have been a jersey in the raptors dude here if he keeps developing.
  4. Section_316

    PF Elijah Thomas - TAMU Transfer

    Hes a dirty dude. Can't wait till Zion dunks on him.
  5. Section_316

    2018 G Xavier Johnson - Decommit to Pitt

    Bohanon couldn't breathe down the stretch last night with Johnson on him. His demeanor & speed are both incredible. I am sick that we lost him.
  6. Section_316


    Wow-- what great minutes yesterday! He had a serious impact on that game. Got me thinking-- The dude played ONE minute in ONE game as a sophomore-- is there any chance for an appeal and an extra year of eligability given to him? Gosh, I wish it was. He has gotten SO much better and has legit size!
  7. Section_316

    2019 Recruiting

    Is there any chance try to and possibly win any sort of appeal regarding an extra year for Borchardt? He played one minute as a sophomore?? Seems like he should have a chance to win an appeal over one danm minute?
  8. Kinda crazy a football player can play in 4/12 but a Baseball player plays in 1/60 or a hoops player plays in 1/35 he loses a year.
  9. Section_316

    Roby will be back. Book it

    This thread is silly- 6'9-6'11 guys can get drafted based off one one game in March & some good workouts. If he goes 17-8-5-4-4 in a first round win-- he will be on EVERYONES radar. Season is LONG. NBA doesnt need want the most consistent guys- they want the most upside. One year North Carolina won the national title and there highest drafted player was there 6th man who averaged like 8 & 4.
  10. Section_316

    Glynn Watson jr

    He will get one of the loudest senior day ovations in recent memory from me. So proud of how he stuck around, gutted through some slumps, and always competed. He could legit be an ALL B1G player this year if he stays as aggressive on both sides of the floor.
  11. I wish we had a Biggs type, albeit without the attitude issues, on this team. Someone on the bench to go get a bucket or drive and create. Remember when he torched Craft all night long haha that was so awesome
  12. Was just coming here to ask this. I wasnt able to attend so my biggest question was: How did Amir, Nana, and Tanner look?
  13. Either of these two would be my choice as well. Probably AW3
  14. Section_316

    2020 PF Ben Carlson

    God I wish we had Morrow
  15. Section_316

    The rotation this year

    Nana is going to have to give us some really good minutes. And rebound his ass off